Changes comin’

Changes comin’

smart simple sensible sassy silly changes in 2019

For Real, I have been mulling this idea around for quite a few months now and well, Barefoot Budgeting is about to have some changes. We’ll still share here allllllllllllllllllll kinds of great ways to save and even more great ways to earn. I promise, I’m still the voice, your voice behind the words.

So, what’s changing you ask? Well, the name. OH lord, give me strength. Many years back I had a free blog and a name that was not niche specific to budgeting/saving, it was more about how I live, how I save and helped others earn extra. It was a super novice attempt but more importantly, it was ‘real’ and had potential to grow and change with me. I feel like I am stuck in a budgeting niche with the blog’s name today. I want to be in a personal growth niche that puts emphasis on financial well being while having fun, being real. Still smart, simple, sensible with a whole lot more sassy and a dash of silly added in.

Meet Part of the Family, My daughter and the men in her life at Poshy Navy Mama

The stories, aka posts as us bloggers call them will start changing right here with this post. There will be tons of the usual and super simple, smart, sensible ways to earn and save too. The stories will be including more personal reflections, more of what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at Barefoot Budgeting (as we know the name now) in my personal life and my blog life.

You’re going to start seeing more… drumroll please.. from my family, my real life. I know this is boring for many, however a huge change for Barefoot. There will be videos too. Some informational, some just to hang out, some from my family (crazy, weird and adorable as they are!) From my blog friends you’ll hear about how they’ve succeeded in blogging and made a decent living doing so!

bodhi and dharma
How have I not shared pictures of my furbabies Bodhi and Dharma ?! tsk tsk

Freebies, oh yes my cherubs .. there will be freebies and lots of them. Do you enjoy coloring? Well, I hope so cause we’ll be offering all kinds of free coloring downloads to start with. Freebies on the horizon wilI be mini courses too, oh yes and I’ve been working on these secretly behind the scenes, so I think it’ll be a pleasant surprise when it hits. Almost forgot, we’ll be doing contest/giveaways too!

coloring page freebie
Teensy Tiny Sneak Peek

I’m going to add in a resource page for y’all too. Included you’ll see courses I’ve taken to help me achieve my goals, links to places where I regularly save and earn from and well, maybe (probably) just some fun quirky stuff I love cause sharing is caring, right?.

Oh yes, there’s more! ~ I’m busy putting finishing touches on a course that will change your financial life, WAIT.. this course can and will be able to be applied to all aspects of your life. TRUTH! This course is something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now and put great thought into this best course offering for both my Barefoot followers as well the the new branding. This played a great role in how I decided to make so many changes. This is still part of my retirement strategy too. You’re going to love this, I promise it will make your dreams come true!

free course

The more personal aspect. Well, I’m on track to early retirement in 2020. That being said, I believe we all need to keep busy in some ways. Travel hasn’t been my thing but home projects, gardening, pets, backyard poultry has been for 20+ years and I’ll be able to do more of that to share with you once I retire from the traditional workforce. In the meantime I’ll be starting to practice with videos this coming year and more ‘personal’ experiences of how I reached an early retirement goal. It isn’t all sunshine and daisies so prepare yourself.

Came across this photo shared on Facebook and it spoke to me loud and well, then it shouted! Thank you for the inspiration to make changes Barefoot Five!

I love you all to the moon and back for hanging in there with me. I’m checking stats regularly and seeing what you ‘really’ love most. We’ll focus on those areas more cause well I really do care what you love learning about. In the meantime, yup… the change thing again… there will be twists and turns in the way we share. You’ll get to hear more voices to add to the flavor here. I do hope you’ll stick with us for this adventure into freedom of life, mind, spirit, finances.. freedom to be funky, free, uninhibited from conventional barriers. Cause nobody’s got time for building walls in my life.. only time for building relationships.

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  1. Holly Bird

    So excited for you and the changes! It is always exciting to change things up and I love your blog so these changes are just going to be icing on the cake!!


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