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Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad

If you're following our favorite trend as of late (mason jar recipes), then you've probably seen a few that we shared here on the blog already! My personal favorite is the Mason Jar Berry Cake Trifle, but the Mason Jar Pulled Pork Salad is right up there with it!...

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Mason Jar Berry Cake Trifle

Mason Jar Berry Cake Trifle A few weeks ago we shared a mason jar salad recipe with you! This week, I wanted to share something a little sweeter! This is still a dessert, but certainly a more healthy option if you're trying to avoid the heavier sweets after dinner or...

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Quick Cash Today, 6 Ways You Can Too!

How to Come Up With Quick Cash!   Over in the Barefoot Budgeting Facebook Group we talk lots about ways to save, earn money.  Inevitably discussion comes up about a few of the quick cash ideas I'm sharing below.  Don't be mislead, there is much more potential...

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Pulled Pork Mason Jar Salad

Pulled Pork Mason Jar Salad Hey Barefoot Budgeters! We talk a lot about saving money and couponing in our Facebook group, but I wanted to share some meal planning tips and recipes with you as well! After all, we are saving money on ingredients to make tasty meals,...

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Meal Plan & Prep June 4, 2017, It’s not the norm.

Meal Plan & Prep June 4th, 2017   This week I'm just not into it, yet this week I need to be a little more organized than most. My father in-law passed away June 1st and with upcoming services and burial we won't be around much.  My husband also has a...

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Meal Plan & Prep May 28, 2017, I’m Back!

Meal Plan & Prep May 28, 2017, I'm Back! Did you even notice or miss last week's meal plan? I sure did!  O.K., so I had meals prepped last week and a rough idea, I just got busy with our May Birthday celebration and catching up around the house, so I never...

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Attempting Another Meal Planning n’ Prep May 14, 2017

Attempting Another Meal Planning n' Prep May 14, 2017 Here I am, still at it. I'm working my butt off over here trying to think of ways to bore you to pieces with my meal planning woes and attempt to drive down my time spent cooking and shopping!!!  Did I ever tell...

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