10 Reasons to Work from Home as a Lipsense Distibutor (SeneGence)

Top 10 Reasons to Work from Home 

Lipsense Distibutor (SeneGence)


Before I get started telling you about the 10 GREAT Reasons to Start. Let me tell you a little about why I decided to write this post.  Barefoot Budgeting is a frugal type blog, I know and you’re all like what??? Lipsense cost what? However, check out the review on the product and the value of what you get for your money!!

Second, I am a strong believer in making your dreams happen and this company fits the bill for many, especially work at home moms or part time working moms.  It not only has tremendous income potential and rewards, but also allows for time with friends, family and meeting more great new friends!  Now to the Top Ten!!



  1. You can do this while still working your current job and other responsibilities – part time or full time! YOU set the hours!
  2. You will earn your own money!  You determine how much you want to make!
  3. You are your own boss!  You determine WHEN and WHERE you want to work (phone calls from the beach while barefoot sounds like a dream)
  4. You can work from home – Unless of course you’re into office drama!
  5. You will meet many wonderful women, Mom Bosses Like YOU!  and grow wonderful friendships with other Distributors!
  6. FAMILY FIRST!  You can work around your life not struggle n juggle to make time for one!
  7. It’s affordable!  Only $55 will get you started! (there are FREE options too!!)
  8. It’s your business, and you can write off your business expenses!
  9. You will buy your own personal product at the distributor’s discount!
  10. You can sell to anyone in the United States!  No territories!
  11. BONUS:  Earn FREE Product for Yourself and IT’S FUN!!!

Now, you ask, how do I find out more, sign up and start earning!  Oh, and I did say FREE sign up distributor options?

Meet Megan.  Megan is our Barefoot Administrator and our very own exclusive Lipsense Distributor here at Barefoot Budgeting!  She’s also keeping busy over in her Lipsense Facebook Group.

We’ve been working together for over a year now and have known one another for well, Megan’s entire life! (yup, she’s my cousin!! Family First, remember.)

lipsense senegence distributor wahm work from home distributor

Megan has a good sense for business and coaching, helping you succeed in this endeavor and if anyone isn’t going to waste a penny on nonsense, it’s her!

I’m absolutely comfortable leaving you in her hands for this journey!  Scroll to bottom of post to find out how to meet Megan!

ps.. she has an adorably fun side too!

Find Megan on Facebook Here

Via email @  Wakeupmakeupmd@gmail.com




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