How To Set Up A Pinterest Account

Are you behind the times on Pinterest? That’s okay, lots of us are! Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks, but it can be a little confusing at first, especially when you’re learning to set up a Pinterest account. In this article (and video), we’re going to cover the basics of starting your Pinterest account and a little bit of what you can do with your account!

How To Set Up A Pinterest Account

A couple things to remember right off the bat: use a password you’ll remember, and connect with Facebook for ease of logging in in the future! Additionally, when you connect your Pinterest account to Facebook, you’ll be able to find and follow your friends for more great pins!

The best part about Pinterest is how completely customizable your feed is. Instead of seeing random pins all the time, you’re able to follow people (and boards individually) to customize your feed and fill it with pins that interest you! When you first start your Pinterest account, it’s a good idea to follow a few pinners and boards that are relevant to your interests so you’ll have a good starting point for your home feed. This will give you lots of things to pin and get the creative juices flowing. Additionally, it’ll be a good starting point for creating boards to organize your pins. It’ll give you an idea of what kinds of boards to create and how you want to organize.

You can also use Pinterest for shopping purposes! For example, if you’re looking to buy baby clothes, Pinterest is a great resource for doing just that. You’ll find many pins that have been pinned directly from Etsy listings for various things: baby clothes, jewelry, clothes, etc. and the pins will lead you right to the point of purchase so you don’t have to search forever! It’s a great way to find some deals and score some really cute items!

Remember to use the search bar for any topic that interests you so you can find pinners, boards, and pins that you like!

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