How To Sell Printables On Etsy

Have you ever thought to sell printables on Etsy as an extra source of income? Selling printables is easy to do and can be a great way to earn extra cash for bills, debt, or even the Christmas fund! In this post, we’ll talk about how to sell printables on Etsy, various styles of printables, and there’s a video full of tips and tricks at the bottom – so keep reading!

Learn how to sell printables on Etsy to make money every month to help pay off debt, bills, or add to savings!

What is a printable?
A printable is a piece of content someone can print either for free or by purchasing the file to print. Common types of printable are: planners, meal plans, art, inspirational quotes, birthday invitations, wedding invitations, and anniversary invitations.

How much should I sell printables on Etsy for?
Pricing is really dependent on each seller. There is no right or wrong answer. Find a price that you’re comfortable with that you think is fair for both you the seller, and your future customers! Pricing low might guarantee more sales, but pricing higher isn’t bad either – if it took a lot of work and is unique, don’t undervalue yourself!

3 Important Steps To Sell Printables On Etsy

1. Upload to your shop.
Once you’ve set up your Etsy shop, upload your printable to a listing for the price you’ve chosen. Be sure to use nice, well-lit images and for printables, you may want to look into framing them to make them stand out or have a nice background to make your picture stand out from the rest.

2. Make sure to give accurate, detailed descriptions of your product.
This helps you rank high in searches and generate some sales. Include things like color, size, purpose (is it a planner, invitation, etc.?) so that people can find your product easier.

3. Market, market, market.
Pinterest is a great way to market your products, especially on Etsy. Pinterest is a very visual platform and having beautiful pictures of your product in pins is a great way to get some clicks to your shop and products that will hopefully convert into sales! Word of mouth is great too! Tell friends, family, and it’s a good idea to whip up some business cards for your Etsy shop that you can hand out to people you meet if it comes up in conversation.

Check out this video to learn more about how to sell printables on Etsy:

Want to learn to create your own Printables? click here for a step by step DIY.

UPDATE:   We’ve added a new Video tutorial on How to Create Printables for FREE with Canva!!  

What kinds of printables are your favorite? Do you have an Etsy shop? What do you sell? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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  1. Michele Trombley

    I just started my Printables shop GrinandPrint in Etsy and I can’t even get one person to buy. Is it that there are so many shops now? I have a facebook page, instagram, Twitter etc. I utilize all of these including Pinterest. I can’t seem to get someone to even give me any feedback so I know what I am doing wrong. It is so frustrating. I would love to here what others think I’m doing wrong in my shop so I can make some changes. Great read though.

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Do you have a blog? or have you thought of finding blogs in your niche to offer free printables to/ credit to your shop for review on their blog? possibly offer to do some work for a few blogs (a few freebies) in exchange put at bottom of printable (designed by GrinandPrint for Barefoot Budgeting) with your link in print? Also, twitter!! Instagram is really your best form of media for printables in my opinion but touching on them all and don’t give up. I’ve heard that the more you have in your shop and great key words (check your competition) are also great ways to increase views 🙂 Keep in touch if you think I can be of any assistance with any of these.

  2. Amy

    I LOVE selling printables! They sell the best out of a variety of things in my Etsy shop. Thanks for the great post and information!

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Printables are really fabulous! I love the great variety of things I find on Etsy from crafts, clothes, jewels, artwork in the form of photos, paintings, printables, etc.. and the functional side of Etsy which is where I find myself shopping most often! The possibilities are limited only by the imagination and creativity of our hearts!

  3. Taris Kendricks

    I never even heard of Etsy until I came across your blog. All you are doing is selling printables. I will definitly try this. I need another source of income. Awesome Information. !!

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Taris, Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm!! I love hearing from you. This is absolutely a great way to earn passive income! Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

  4. Lori @ Saved by the Mommy

    I had made a few printables on my blog. I really enjoy creating them. I have seen other people who sell theirs, but I always wondered if they are actually making any money from it.

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Lori, Thank you for stopping by! The answer is oh heck yeah!! Keeping in mind they are only having to create once in most cases and sell over and over and well, over and over again. Yes, there are shop fees, however digital products have very low to no overhead costs. Let us know if you try it and how you do!!

  5. Rachel Catherine

    This is such a cute idea. I always wonder though why people don’t just make their own printables versus buying them.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Well, lucky for the people selling them there are still a great many buyers out there! But like you said, there’s a lot to be saved by making their own and with a little practice it can be as good if not better (because they did it themselves!)

  6. Mardene Carr

    This is great news for all those people who can do crafts well. Nobody would want to buy my printables…LOL

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Practice makes perfect, right?!! WE all colored outside the lines when we were kids, then we practiced. I’m still practicing LOTS lol!!! The Etsy skill level is incredible and so inspiring!

  7. arin

    this is so informative! i just bought so much stuff for my wedding on etsy and thought how much money these people are making off me! LOL

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Oh, I bet you’re going to have a Gorgeous wedding!!! The talent on Etsy is incredible!

  8. Teresa

    So helpful! I have considered selling printables before, but I didn’t know the steps to take. Now I know! Great advice.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Super Excited you may try this, be certain to share when you do so we can ‘favorite’ your Etsy Shop! Glad we could help inspire you to share your creativity and earn some money 🙂

  9. jill conyers

    I don’t have an etsy shop but I have friends that do really well with theirs.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      How lucky you are to have such creative friends! Thanks bunches for stopping by to give this post a few minutes of your busy day 🙂

  10. Whitney S.

    This is such great advice and a great idea!! I think marketing is probably of the most important things for getting your work out there!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Absolutely and I have so many ideas for marketing these from Facebook to Blogs, even school fundraisers!! Yup, order online and a portion of sales goes to the school project!

  11. CourtneyLynne

    What great advice!!! I always thought it would be fun to own a etsy shop!!! I always find the cutest things, especially printables on the site

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Printables are my new Etsy Addiction! I need to ask for gift cards for Christmas !!

  12. HilLesha

    My mom has been wanting to open a store on etsy. I’ll have to share the link to your post with her!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Etsy is a generational wonder! Making printables has no age barriers, well, nothing really does anymore. Can’t wait to hear if your mom makes the Etsy Printable ranks, let us know and we’ll add her to our favorites <3

  13. Rachel

    I’ve never even thought about this. It is such a simple concept. It seems like everyone could make their own, but I guess not.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I really hope to help more people make their own, even if it’s for making a beautiful binder cover or a themed wall hanging! We’ll be featuring some ‘how to’s’ in the fall. Something to keep our minds learning on those long winter nights.

  14. Koninika

    I have not used etsy much but this looks like a great tutorial! Simple and easy to follow!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      OH, I get so so much inspiration and joy looking at the creative works in Etsy! I seriously need to pry my eyes off the site!

  15. Stacey

    Your steps make the process seem more possible than I had first thought! I don’t use stickers a bunch but if I ever start, I think making and selling them is the route I’d take!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I was just thinking of stickers today… really, I was! I was thinking how much happier my daily planner would look with beautiful stickers !

  16. Cassandra

    Thanks for all these tips. I have a friend who makes handmade items that’s been looking into Etsy.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Oh Please, feel free to share with your friends! We have some more Etsy surprises up our sleeves coming this fall 🙂

  17. Dawn McAlexander

    I have never considered selling printables. That sounds like a great way to make some money. I have heard of Etsy, but I haven’t dealt with them. Let me know how it goes.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Selling printables couldn’t be easier. You create and it sells over and over again, no shipping, no mailing, just making money! And making a LOT of people happy!

  18. Teresa

    I used to sell handmade items on ETSY – it is hit or miss really. Sometimes things wet quick and then other times – crickets.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      That’s what I really like about loading printables for sale. You don’t need to keep a constant watch to ‘ship’ and rush to the post office! Create and one item could sell over and over and well, you get the idea 🙂

  19. Wendy

    I’ve never used a printable much less created one! I am in awe of those who are creative enough for this.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I’m in awe too, aren’t people amazing with the beauty they create! I’ve got a ‘how to’ post coming up soon and you may find it fun to try 🙂

  20. Stephanie

    I’ve never thought about selling digital printables on Etsy, this is a great guide! I always thought Etsy was for more physical products, this is a great alternative 🙂

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      This really is passive income at it’s finest in my opinion!

  21. Heather McMechan

    I’m not as a crafty, but will forward on to a few friends who do have great ideas and should get on etsy.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I have more fun Etsy ideas coming too, hopefully we’ll hit on one that inspires you to try.

  22. Heather

    I absolutely love printables! I use them for my home management binder and everything else related to my life. I love to design them too, but I can’t seem to find the time to really sit and make the ideas I have in my head! Great advice here.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Winter is coming, there will be more night time hours for ‘creating’ 🙂 I just love planning my winter creativity projects but leaving room for something I have a whim to try too.

  23. Ana De- Jesus

    I don’t have a Etsy shop but I like the idea of utilizing printables. It is a great way of generating extra income!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Is it though? Even for some creative teenagers and college students who could always use some extra income, let alone this would be an amazing project for retired people as well!

  24. Amanda Love

    Printables are great! I haven’t tried selling them before but that’s a great idea. It would be nice to earn a little extra anyway. Thanks for the tips, it’s going to be useful!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      YAY!!! Be sure to let us know about your Etsy shop when you do so we can add you to our favorites!!!

  25. Debra

    I have never really thought about selling them. I do most of mine for free on my blog.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Absolute, FREE is always best. However you could save some ‘special’ for sale ones too. Also, if you give away for free on your blog, you may find some that are different than your niche would do better on Etsy. The sky really is the limit!

  26. Blythe Alpern

    I really love unique and utilitarian printables. I’ve purchased several for my planner and a couple of others to help me keep track of my to-do list and fitness. I always buy them on Etsy. They have the best selection and I love being able to read reviews.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Etsy ROCKS!! I love the reviews too, it helps me also learn about what exactly people love not just about purchasing decisions. A lot of valuable information learning about other’s customers to be had in reading reviews.

  27. Terri Steffes

    I buy but I don’t create. Sometimes I buy off others to use as a giveaway on my site (with their permission of course!)

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I think that’s a fabulous way to share the love!! And what a great way to spread the word about their business as well 🙂

  28. Reesa Lewandowski

    I could get sucked into Etsy for hours. There is so much talent there. I have thought of selling a couple things myself before but just never gotten around to it.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Promise to let us know when you do decide to become and Etsy seller, we’ll definitely add you to our favorites!! I also have some more Etsy tips and ideas up my sleeve coming this fall!

  29. Robin Rue

    I love looking at all the different designs on Etsy. I have purchased a couple before because I simply didn’t have the time or desire to want to design it myself.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Absolutely, I would always still support the beauty of items created on Etsy! Desire plays a big role, I agree. or in my case, time haha

  30. Kecia @ Online Income Mom

    I want to start making my own printables, but get so frustrated when they don’t come out like the beautiful ones I have seen online. I think it would be a great money making method to add to my blog though!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      This absolutely would be a great way to make money on your blog!! Multiple streams of income is where it’s at today. And I believe you CAN make beautiful printables too!! It’s all about practice and then a lightbulb moment when it all comes together 🙂 Thank you so very much for checking out this post.

  31. Heather Lawrence

    I love buying printables but have never thought of making my own. I am sure if I had the right software I could totally do it. Well, I would like to think I could do it! ha ha!!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      You really don’t need the right software, you can do this on Canva or PicMonkey and others as well. The how to post will be coming soon. Can’t wait to see what you can create and sell!! Be sure to let us know… you never know, someone here may want to purchase from you!

  32. karen

    I dont create printables, but you’re kinda inspiring me to try it! I am looking forward to your upcoming post on how to create printables and tips/tricks!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I was super excited too, so much so that I posted this ‘before’ I had the ‘how to’ put together LOL!! The sky is the limit with creativity and so many wonderful ideas to inspire, create and yes, earn on Etsy!

  33. Caitlin + Dani

    This is so lovely – thank you for sharing. We are obsessed with Etsy.. You can find the most unique and creative items on the site. XOXO

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I could get lost in the Etsy art for a day! Wouldn’t it be great if they had a traveling ‘show’ ! So glad you had a minute to check out this post.

  34. Rachel Langer

    I am just not creative enough to do this. I really like seeing the talent of others, though!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      OH, it’s really not hard at all. We’ll be sharing a ‘how to’ on printables coming up soon. I truly believe we ‘all’ have a creative side waiting to be unlocked!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      OH, I looooove how creative all the people of Etsy are too! I love how affordable the printables are as well. Really very beautiful art at an affordable / bargain prices!

  35. Kimberly

    I’ve bought printables off of Etsy and I’ve never thought of selling. That sounds less daunting than I thought!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I know, it’s not hard at all! Let your creative side run wild!!! We have a ‘how to’ on printables coming up real soon too!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I really was surprised to see how easy this could be! Thanks bunches for stopping by to hear more 🙂