How To Rock An Online Yard Sale

Have you been wanting to earn some extra cash this year? There’s lots of ways to do so, but hosting an online yard sale is by far one of the most convenient! There are many ways to go about hosting an online yard sale and today we’ll discuss how to do so as well as some tips for best practices, so keep reading!

How To ROCK An Online Yard Sale - thinking about purging some of your extra stuff to earn money this year? It's a great way to build a savings and you can do it online!

1. List your items in albums.
If you’re going to list all your items on a buy/sell/trade type page on Facebook, it’s generally better to list them all in a single album rather than congesting the page or group with individual pictures for each of your items. If you’re selling a lot, this is definitely the best way to go. Keep in mind that each group will have its own set of rules – so make sure to search the group for either a pinned post at the top, files in the files section discussing the rules, or a list of rules in the group description.

2. ALWAYS meet in a public place!
When somebody decides to buy your items, pick a well-lit (daytime is best) public location to meet in for drop off and exchange. Never invite someone to your house as you don’t know the person. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this case, so meeting in public is a must! If you can’t decide on a public location, a safe bet is a local police station.

3. Sell to whomever the rules say you should sell to.
Typically in a buy/sell/trade online yard sale group, there will be rules concerning how to sell your items. Some groups prefer that you sell to the first person who expresses interest (and follows through), but if they end up passing, you can move on to the next person. Some groups will allow you to address your sale as first come, first serve. Just make sure you’re following the rules so your posts don’t get removed so you can successfully complete your online yard sale!

4. Be thorough.
As a seller, you should be communicating anything that is wrong or defective with the item you’re selling. If it’s something like furniture that needs to be cleaned, express that in your original post so somebody doesn’t come to pick up the item and ultimately decide against it because of the condition. Also include the location in each of your pictures so people know where they’re going to need to travel to get the item. As a buyer, if you want to negotiate price, comment that you’re interested and then send a personal message to negotiate.

5. Price your items fairly.
This is an online yard sale, but it should run very similarly to an in-person yard sale! Price your items accordingly to increase your sales and earnings, and remember that people searching online yard sale groups are looking for a bargain. Be willing to negotiate your prices fairly. Remember, a negotiated sale is better than no sale!

(for tips on hosting a ‘live’ yard sale, check out these tips)

A great tip for repeat customers and well, just a nice thing to do is to drop a line to the purchaser after the sale and thank them for purchasing from you.  As a buyer you want to feel appreciated and not only getting a great deal but that you chose the right person to buy from, a quick note goes a long way in establishing relationships.

You could also set up your own online yard sale group or page with tips found here.

Most importantly, follow the rules and be courteous to other sellers and buyers. If an issue arises, tag the admin of the Facebook group you’re trying to sell in and they should handle it accordingly. Happy selling!

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