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Join me today in welcoming Taylor from Nerdy Foodie Mom and Money Making Blog Creator ! We are going to take some time here to talk about how you absolutely can make a realistic income blogging. First, a little known fyi about Barefoot Budgeting is Taylor has been a large force behind the scenes on the blog for almost a year.  She has been my mentor, my teacher, my blogging kid.. LOL… o.k., so that’s an inside joke I have not even shared with her yet!  I have a daughter, a step daughter, a work daughter and now a blog daughter!  Yeah, Taylor has unknowingly been adopted to my family of ‘daughters’ !  (well, she knows now!!).  Please take some time to check out this Q&A. Be sure to leave some time to visit the links to Taylor’s blog and OH MY, her beautiful Etsy Shop!!    ps.yes, you can make money blogging!  Let’s hear a little bit about how.

nerdy foodie mom the money making blog interview


Hi Taylor, Thank you for Hanging out and answering some questions tonight.  What is the name of you Blog (business) ?
My blog is called Nerdy Foodie Mom and part of my business is teaching others how to make money from a blog – I run a course called The Money Making Blog where I teach the ins and outs of blogging and earning. (Bonus: my course is on SALE until Black Friday!)

I also use my blog in conjuction with my Etsy shop to promote my designer printables like this one!



Taylor, would you share a little about yourself with our readers please?
I’m a young mom to a fiesty and brilliant little girl and an adorable baby boy. I’m originally from Arizona but living in New Hampshire now (quite the jump in climate!) and I absolutely love to do anything outdoors and crochet in my free time. I’ll mostly try any outdoor activity at least once!

Taylor and Family Blog Interview Money Making Blog Coure

How did you decide to start blogging?
I decided to start blogging because I had pretty severe postpartum depression after I had my daughter and wanted an outlet for all my thoughts and feelings. It quickly evolved from there into an obsession and then eventually my career!     (read more about Taylor’s story here)

How long have you been blogging?
In January, I will have been blogging for 3 years total and full time for 2.5 years!

Is it really possible for someone make money blogging?
Yes, absolutely! There are bloggers that earn 6 figures a year with their blogs and it’s absolutely possible for anyone to do. This isn’t something where if you didn’t get in to the blogging scene early enough, it’s too late. In my opinion, everything is marketable and if you have the drive to succeed, you will!

I’m going to hop back in here for a minute, cause well I just have to back up what Taylor is saying here.  Check out her income report from August 2015! Click Right here and WOW for early days of blogging!

What are ‘some’ ways bloggers can earn money?
Bloggers can earn money by doing sponsored content and working with popular brands, ad revenue, and affiliate marketing! I go more in depth about all of those things in my course, but affiliate marketing is so vast and there are endless opportunities to market any kind of product you want – whether it’s digital or not!

What resources would your recommend for someone wanting to start blogging?
For someone wanting to start blogging, I highly recommend diving into a free platform (like first and seeing if it’s something they want to commit to and enjoy. This will allow them to learn the basic ins and out of the WordPress interface in case they ever want to become more serious, too! Of course, social media is a huge tool for blogging tool – so I always recommend people to create social media accounts for their blogs too!

When you’re ready to start your blog, sign up here !

Any words of wisdom or advice you’d like to share with someone considering blogging as an income source?
Three years ago, I started this as a way to channel my thoughts. Now, here I am with a career I never imagined and a passion that I never thought I’d follow. I always loved writing growing up, but I never thought it would take me this far! If you set your mind to it, it’s absolutely possible! My biggest advice: don’t wait! Start now! A year from now, you’ll either look back and say “I’m so glad I started this”, or “I wish I would’ve started a year ago!”

Thank You Taylor!! 

About Taylor’s course; if you are in my Barefoot Budgeting Facebook Group you know I am incredibly frugal and do NOT spend money needlessly and when I do spend it, I spend wisely and with intent that it has GREAT value to me.  I was in line first day this course went on sale! I know Taylor, I know she is going to give much more value to this course than even highlighted.  She is a ‘giver’ by nature and this is a huge plus in a course. YOU WILL make money (a realistic income)  if you do the work and you won’t have to do it alone.  I’ll be there to help you network, cheer you on and with things I’ve learned along my journey.  However, more importantly, Taylor will be there to teach you, guide you and coach you into having a profitable work at home, work at the beach, poolside or campground business.  Check out what this fabulous course is all about here.

money making blog course

Have you ever thought of having a Blog? Let’s chat about it in the comments below.



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  1. courtney

    This was so interesting. SO nice to get to know Taylor a bit better.

    La Belle Sirene 

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      So happy you were able to stop by and visit with Taylor for a few 🙂

  2. Dylan Cutler

    Great questions and answers. I am curious if you believe one can make a good income food blogging without advertisements (only sponsored content or ebooks). Thanks 🙂

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      OH Dylan, Yes I do!! With great content, proper marketing and building solid relationships, the potential is unlimited. You can click over to Nerdy Foodie Mom and send her a message with more detailed questions, in particular about her course, which is INCREDIBLE by the way!

  3. Shane

    Wow I had no idea you could make such great money as a VA! Im looking to take my blog full time so this was very helpful

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      VA’s are GOLD! We have quite a few posts on various topics to help you develop your VA skills as well! Social Media Manager, Pinterest tips, videos with Screen Cast, etc… Enjoy and all my best for much success to you!

  4. michenn

    Awww I love when people do guest posts on blogs and I especially love when the topic is about making income from blogging. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I couldn’t help myself on this one! We will be doing many ‘getting to know more’ about people in various self employed roles over the months ahead!! Taylor was of course, such a catch for this !

  5. Lisa

    great insight. I realized quickly you have to be patient! I love that you offer a course on that!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      The course really is fabulous! I can’t wait to have more join us on our journey with Taylor!

  6. Girl

    I started my website/blog as a means to express myself, to document my mental health recovery journey and to hopefully monetise and have it as an income source.

    I didn’t start out thinking I was a “blogger” per se. But I like to create – with words and with visuals. So my blog and social media channels allow me to do just that.

    I have yet to monetise, but what stood out for me was Taylor saying: “This isn’t something where if you didn’t get in to the blogging scene early enough, it’s too late. In my opinion, everything is marketable and if you have the drive to succeed, you will!”

    Thank you for this post!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      YOU my friend are an inspiration with your posts!! I believe there is so much potential for you to monetize while staying true to your mission and passion!! I truly enjoy your insight!

  7. Lisa

    Wow, this is such a helpful post! I really feel like I’ve gotten so much out of this, esp as a blogger. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      So happy to hear you gained some benefit from this brief interview/ get to know Taylor and her course post. Please stop back any time and absolutely visit Taylor on her blog!

  8. Jennifer

    Great interview! I’m glad to know blogging helped Taylor with her PPD. I had PPD after I had my baby last year. I, too, started blogging and it helped me a lot!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      So wonderful to find someone you connect with on a personal level when blogging. While I don’t homeschool I enjoy your blog for ‘adult’ learning tips as well and well, just overall enjoyment. Thank you so much for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to get to know Taylor.

  9. Janine Good

    This is a great perspective! Blogging is hard work and many need the guidance to start in the right direction.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I am totally one of the many (that need guidance) LOL!! and lots… Taylor has been a true blogging angel!

  10. Breyona Sharpnack

    I just started blogging and I am learning a lot from other bloggers. I am still taking baby steps but once I start making money it will be a plus

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Baby steps are really the best way for a strong foundation! Stay in touch, maybe we can learn from one another through this sometimes crazy adventure!

  11. Sassy

    What a great interview, thank you so much for sharing all the helpful tips! I truly believe that it is possible to make this passion a living, and it makes me happy to hear success stories.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I believe too. Nothing comes without hard work, but passion is the real key… love of what you do, a willingness to put in all that hard work out of a strong belief in what we do! I love watching your success story unfold too!!

  12. Sondra Barker

    Great advice! And I’d also love to check out her Etsy shop as I do love some nice prints!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      OH, I was definitely all oooh and ahhh at the Etsy shop! (linked in above post). Taylor is most certainly multi talented, which adds even more value to her ability to show bloggers multiple ways to earn. Thank you so very much for checking this out.

  13. Heather Denniston

    This is always reassuring to hear. It is more common than not that I think Bloggers burn out and give up. Thanks for sharing a success story.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      You are most welcome. I do think many give up, it’s understandable without the needed resources and even more important the support systems in place. I have slowly been growing my ‘tribe’ with great care and thought to be sure they benefit as much if not more than I do. I started this journey as a way to ‘give’ and help others, it keeps me grounded. All the people on my team have the same values, which helps us keep one another going.

  14. Shelby Bromley

    Great interview! I checked out Taylor’s blogs. I love the advice given.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      She really is such a great fit for Barefoot Budgeting and our needs/niche. She offers realistic and real life advice on blogging and making money. No hidden angles, which is just another reason why I have loved having her as part of my life this past year!

  15. Jan

    The sentence where it says that if you haven’t started to blog early, it means it’s (not) too late, really struck me. Thanks for that.
    I’ve not made money directly from my blog yet, but this blog post has given me hope that it’s possible to do so. Many thanks.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I am so happy this resonated with you when you needed to hear it!! It is true. However, you really must LOVE what you’re doing first and always (o.k, there are days I want to put my blog in a time out!! haha). Keep us posted on your success or if you have questions, be sure to stop over and visit with Taylor (link to nerdy foodie mom in the post).

  16. Internationalcaty

    This was a great interview and I loved the questions. Great info on how you can start making money on blogging.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Thank you, I really could have asked Taylor a lot more too haha, but alas the blog interview would have turned into an ebook ! So happy you stopped by.

  17. Rose

    Good tips and nice interview. I have not earned money but have earned gifts in place of. I would like to take my blog eventually to the next level.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I love that you’re being ‘thoughtful’ about earning, not rushing in. A great blog is about giving first! I took my whole first year and made it about just that. Even the affiliate links were from others who had generously helped me learn.

  18. ChellBee

    What an awesome story. It’s so amazing how an outlet can become your passion or way to support you and your family.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I couldn’t agree more. Taylor is quite the inspiration!

  19. Kaylie

    These are great tips! So many people need help with monetizing their blog so this will help out tons of other bloggers! Love reading posts like this. Thank you for sharing.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      We really are hoping to help others learn more about ‘earning’. The objective of my blog is help as many as possible save in various practical and realistic ways as well as earning in the same way. Taylor has been a fabulous asset to this blog and I know she will be to anyone hoping to earn doing this.

  20. Agnes

    Great tips! I am really hoping to monetize my blog even more next year.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Me too! I’m already off to a good start with a lot of help and guidance. This past week was a test drive and we blew it out of the park!

  21. Pamela Arsena

    I am really happy to see this post. There are so many who want to blog but have no idea if a real income is even possible. We are the lucky ones and are truly blessed to do what we love. Here is hoping even more will follow their dreams. Keep up the great work and blessings!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I have been blessed to have Taylor in my life this past year and really felt the time was right to share my ‘secret’ with my friends haha.. I wanted to keep her all to myself at first but well, she’s too good to keep hidden!

  22. leticia carpenter

    there are a lot of good tips in here!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Thank you Leticia. Taylor really has so many wonderful tips and a great way of teaching all levels of bloggers.

  23. Michelle Agnone

    Thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes as a new blogger it can be hard to know which way you should take your business in order to start monetizing.The tips and encouragement were very helpful.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I couldn’t agree more! I really enjoy all Taylor has to offer.

  24. Amber Myers

    What a great interview! That blog course sounds awesome.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      It really is. I’ve only been in for a short time and truly with limited time on my end and I’m already seeing an increase!! Best part is I don’t have to follow ‘one’ set of rules, it’s all custom to the blogger.