Pokémon GO: Free Fun For Families

By now, you’ve surely heard of the mobile game called Pokémon GO. It’s sweeping the nation, and for good reason too! It’s an augmented reality game that requires you to do some walking and exploring to play, and it’s a great way for families to spend some time together as well. Here are some great ideas for using Pokémon GO as free fun for your family this year.

Pokemon GO is a great source of FREE fun for families! See how it can bring your family together!

Schedule a Pokémon GO family day.
Decide on a day where the entire family can go hunt some Pokémon! Make sure you have your phones charged, extra battery packs, and some snacks and water to bring along, especially if you’ll be hunting Pokémon in the heat! Look up some Pokémon hot spots ahead of time by using the app PokeRadar (Apple only) if you want to find and pinpoint some Pokémon.

Compare your catches at the end of each day.
It’s likely that you’ll be spending some time apart during the week, and if you’re playing Pokémon GO during that time, it can be a fun activity to come home at the end of the day and share your recent catches with each other! This is a great conversation for the dinner table too, but if you’ll be pulling electronics out during the chat, you could always save it for after dinner if you have a no electronics at the dinner table rule!

Use it as exercise.
Pokémon GO requires lots of walking for many features of the game and it’s a great way to schedule some long walks into your weekly routine. Keep the kids from experiencing the dreaded summer boredom by keeping them out and about exploring all that Pokémon GO has to offer. Not only can you walk your neighborhood and local businesses to catch Pokémon, but you can also find some “hotspots” where people drop lures often to help you catch more Pokemon and hang out there. Sometimes they’re in parks so if you have older kids playing the game, your younger kids can play on the playground as well.

Make new friends!
There are lots of Pokemon GO players of all ages, and it can be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends for the whole family. Between local and regional Pokémon GO groups on Facebook and just meeting people in Pokemon spots like Pokestops or Gyms, you’ll likely meet a few people. Some groups are even scheduling Pokemon Play Dates where the parents can hunt Pokémon in parks and the kids can play in the meantime!

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So, there you have it! Pokémon GO: free fun for families in the modern world! Have you started playing Pokémon GO with your family yet? What team are you on?


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