How To Optimize Your Pinterest Account

How To Optimize Your Pinterest Account

Whether you’re a virtual assistant, a blogger, or a business owner, there are tons of reasons why you might want to optimize your Pinterest account. Before diving into business and blogging, you might’ve previously only thought of Pinterest a personal social media platform and a great tool for finding recipes and DIY projects! While it’s true that Pinterest is great for both of those reasons, it’s also great from a marketing standpoint, especially if you take gorgeous pictures. In this article, you’ll learn a few key tips for optimizing your account to grow your brand or business!

Optimize your Pinterest account to grow your brand or business with these easy actionable tips!

Clean up your boards!

This is priority. Having a ton of Pinterest boards that never get used does you absolutely no good and just clogs up your profile with things that don’t really add any value to your brand. You can either relocate all the pins on the boards you don’t want anymore and then delete them, or simply make them secret so they don’t show up on your profile anymore. Regardless, make sure not to clog up your profile with boards you don’t use or want for your brand.

Add board descriptions.

Board descriptions are essential to optimizing your Pinterest account. You should be including detailed descriptions of what your followers and potential followers can expect to find on that board including keywords. A great way to find keywords to add to your board descriptions is to search yourself! For example, if you are optimizing a Christmas board, type “Christmas” into the search bar (but don’t press enter yet) and see what other key terms pop up underneath. You’ll probably see a few search terms like “Christmas recipes”, “Christmas gift ideas”, or “Christmas decorations”. Include those top keyword phrases in your boards to help your search traffic!

Pin things with high quality photos.

The truth about Pinterest is that it’s a visual search engine. It’s much like Google in that people go to search for things there, except they aren’t looking for the best written word description for their search – they’re looking for stunning photos! Pin high quality photos as often as you can, including when you pin other people’s content. This will absolutely encourage people to follow you if they see you are pinning high quality content on a consistent basis.B

Once you’ve cleaned up your boards and given them keyword descriptions, staying consistent with high quality content will rock your brand straight to the top! After you optimize your Pinterest, you should see a rise in growth and a trend that follows!

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  1. Angela Tolsma

    I take high quality image for my blog and do keyword descriptions for them but I refuse to write on my image. I can’t decide in my blog can be utilize on pinterest. Would you agree or disagree? I am just not sure how I would go about doing it.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Writing on your photo allows for the readers to see if there’s more behind the pic they may want to click and see, it entices them with a good title and comforts, inspires or makes them laugh with a wonderful quote. However, it is ‘your’ blog, your vision and if you are gaining blog views and engaging in new virtual relationships without pictures, then Bravo!!! Well Done!

  2. Amanda @ Old House to New Homea

    Great tips! I really need to clean my boards up! I am in a bunch of dud group boards that need to go!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I won’t lie, it’s hard work! BUT, within minutes of my board covers and optimization I gained a handful of new followers and my pinterest clicks went up and continue to do so (according to the Pinterest analytics). There are some great VA’s out there you can hire to help you also if you get overwhelmed! so happy you stopped by.