10 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

10 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

There is no sense in wasting the time you have doing meaningless things like surfing the net. If you have spare time, why not make a few extra bucks each week? Here are 10 ways to make money in your spare time:

10 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

#1 Take Pictures of your Receipts

Who knew you could make money just sending in pictures of your receipts. Not only is this a great organizing strategy, but apps like Ibotta and Receipt Hog pay you for taking pictures of your receipts. So, get organizing and start making money.

#2 Work on your Health

You may want to use your spare time to work on your health, your figure, or just getting into shape. Reward yourself for taking care of yourself by using apps like Nexercise, Pact, and Gym Pact pays you in cash and gift cards to be healthy. Here are some more ways to earn while you Walk, run, dance.. check out this link.

#3 Organize your Closet

A rule of thumb when organizing your closet is to get rid of things you haven’t used or word in the last 6 months. This is a great tip for when you’re going through old toys and games your kids no longer use or have an interest in. Instead of donating your unused items, make back some extra money off them. From used clothing stores to selling online, you can make some extra money in your spare time.  Try Ebay, Online Yard Sales, Craigs List.

#4 Do some Pet Sitting

Do you know some people with animals? It is hard to go on vacation or leave town for long periods of time when you have animals to take care of. Pet lovers are always looking for caring individuals to pet sit for them. It’s not as easy to find a kennel for birds, bunnies, hamsters or have someone feed your flock of backyard hens, this is a great way to add some cash in your free time and even build a business.  Advertise in local town pages on Facebook, yard sale pages, and consider creating your own Facebook page or group.

#5 Become a Mystery Shopper

Business owners want to know how they are doing in individual stores. It’s important to get realistic reviews of customer service, products, and store safety. If you like shopping, become a mystery shopper and make a little extra in your spare time giving your opinion.  I personally haven’t done this, however we have some in our Facebook Group that have and are there to help you.  Join here.

#6 Have a Garage Sale Online

Online garage sale sites are becoming the new trend. Instead of getting out all your stuff and hoping it doesn’t rain, you can sell your stuff online for garage sale prices. Look up your city along with online garage sale to find groups in your area just google, they’re everywhere and if not, start your own!

#8 Sell Pictures on Foap

Foap is an easy way to sell gorgeous pictures you take. If you took a cool picture of the sunset, a summery beach picture, or a raindrop on a flower, upload those pictures to Foap and make $5 for every picture you sell!  Did you know you can also sell pictures on Etsy?

#9 Do Chore Threads for Bloggers

Just as businesses pay for marketing of their services, bloggers are willing to pay people to help market their blog. Threads are a way for blogs to see more traffic and increase their revenue. Do a couple threads a day and get paid to do them.

#10 Write a Review of Products

You may not make actual cash reviewing products, but you can earn free or inexpensive products. Don’t wait around for a product review to come your way, however. Pitch the company you want something for and offer an in-depth review for a free product. Once you write the review, you can always sell the product for some cash.

BONUS:  Start a Blog!!  I’ll help you, check out this post and if you have 5-10hrs (flexible) a week or more to give to blogging then this is for you! with a minimal investment you could be earning some extra cash, side gig and even an impressive full time income.  I’m on my way to that goal and well, I am more than happy to share all my resources and help you make this happen!

Instead of sitting around wasting time, make some extra money in your spare time with these 10 tips.

What other ways have you found to make money in your spare time?

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  1. Taris Kendricks

    We all could use some extra money. I wouldn’t mind at all. Thanks.

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Thank You Taris for taking a few minutes to read the post. I feel the same as you! I’ve just discovered a few more ways the past two days and excited to be posting more about it soon. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you achieve your goals.

  2. Barb

    Good info. on making extra money! I could use it!

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Thank you for stopping by! So glad you found some info helpful for yourself and family 🙂

  3. Amanda

    Good suggestions here for anyone to get started 🙂 I have always wondered about being a mystery shopper. It sounds pretty fun and easy 🙂

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I was with a friend one day as she did one of her ‘phone’ shopping mystery shopping trips.. she was a real pro, but because she’s been doing this for a while they pay her more, give her nice ‘home’ phone shopping jobs too. it’s not hard but they really take their information seriously so they can improve ‘real’ shoppers experiences. I think you’d be great at it!!

  4. krystal

    I think I need to look into pet sitting. I think it would be so MUCH fun! Blogging is also a good source of extra income for me.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I haven’t started monetizing yet. My affiliate links right now are those of others. This first year of blogging is all about paying it forward and paying it back while I learn and meet new people. I’m in no rush to get to the finish line (no such thing, right?) I’m looking forward to starting to monetize after the first of the year and be looking to all of you for tips and ideas 🙂 ……………… however paying it forward will always be on the top of the list.

  5. Heather McMechan

    Just downloaded the receipt apps. Great advice for budgeting and watching my wallet.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Super excited to be hearing about how much you’ll be putting back in your pocket !!

  6. Christine H.

    I hadn’t thought about some of these ideas. I like the idea of online garage sales. I’ve seen items for sale in local Facebook community groups now and then, but a virtual garage sale is a good way to get your items sold without some of the work involved in a traditional garage sale.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      In my area online yard sales are a big deal year round, especially in the winter when no one is going to have a yard sale in 2ft of snow!

  7. Brittany Fryman

    This is a great list of ideas! As a SAHM I’m always looking for ways to contribute to the family income without feeling like I need to become an at home marketing distributor (think It Works!, Jamberry, Mary Kay). I’m pinning this for reference.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Be sure to check out our other posts on ways to earn. I really try to keep them all as realistic as possible for as many people as possible. Piecing a bunch of incomes together these days are where it’s at. ps… I have more ways to earn often, so please come back or ask if there’s something you’d like to hear more on 🙂

  8. Toughcookiemommy

    These are some great ways to make a little extra money. After all, we could all use some extra cash in our weekly budgets to make ends meet.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I know I could!! I wish there were more days in the week too so I could fit more in!

  9. Amanda Love

    These are great ideas! I really think it’s nice to earn a little extra on top of your main income so that you can save more and just use the extra money for spending.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I like putting it all in a savings account for those ‘special’ occasions when I’d like to gift something to someone who could use a smile 🙂

  10. Pam

    These are really great tips. I would love to do a little pet sitting to help others out that are in a bind. I know online garage sales are really quite the thing now. My sister was really able to sell a lot of her belonging and make a decent amount when she was getting ready to move.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Pet sitting is a great way for pet owners (aka moms n dads of furbabies) feel more comfortable about beign away for periods of time while helping us earn extra cash. Garage Sales online or live are well, just plain fun and profitable. The items you sell are worth ‘zero’ to you if you’re selling them so it’s 100% profit!! Thx so very much for stopping by!

  11. Paula

    There are lots of great ideas here – I’d love to be a mystery shopper! It sounds like a fun way to make a little money on the side.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      We have a few members of our Facebook Community that are mystery shoppers and love it! Some of the gigs pay really well too 🙂 Thank you bunches for taking time to check these out.

  12. Melanie

    These are excellent tips. I definitely love the one about online garage sales. I’m going to have to clean out my closet.

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      Just be aware there are so many awesome finds on these sites that you may fill that closet up just as quick if not quicker than you clean yours out! I did interview several top sellers in my area for this post so you should have great luck using these tips 🙂