Lipsense Review: Is It Worth It?

Lipsense Review: Is It Worth It?


Before we move on to Taylor’s review. I wanted to let you know, I am NOT being compensated in any way to share this info.  Megan and I go way back and Taylor has been a trusted part of the Barefoot Contributor TEAM for a year now.  I felt it was only fair to ask a trustworthy yet unbiased reviewer to check this product out before I posted.  I mean, I totally unconditionally trust Megan, I just wanted to be fair as fair can be.  Keep it on the up and up, you know!  The views in this post are REAL.  I’m so excited to introduce Taylor below ~

Hey guys, it’s Taylor from Nerdy Foodie Mom helping Kim out today here on Barefoot Budgeting. She asked me several weeks ago if I’d like to do a review of Lipsense for her blog! I did a complete start to finish tutorial and video review that you can see below, but I also wanted to share some other information with you here in this post!

Check out this lipsense review and tutorial to see if this trendy new makeup product is worth the splurge!

Check out that thumbnail image, right? Watch the video to find out how I really feel about Lipsense!

After doing this video, I wore Lipsense overnight and woke up the next morning to see that it had hardly faded. Not only does it not fade or smudge, but the lip gloss is so moisturizing that I’m using it daily! Next on my list to get are Hazelnut and Blackberry (because everyone needs a black lippie that doesn’t smudge or rub off)! If you’re interested in more video reviews, leave us a comment below or on the Barefoot Budgeting YouTube channel to let us know!

Have you ever tried Lipsense? What were your thoughts? 

If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, you can find some here from the wonderful Megan!

Just one more note if you’re skeptical about pricing check out this (below).

lipsense review price comparison

Curious about becoming a Lipsense Work at Home mom, earning FREE product, unlimited income and flexible hours? Stay Tuned. We have a follow up post here!

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