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This week, I have another app to share with you to help you earn cash back on your everyday purchases and more! This week, learn how to use SavingStar to build that Christmas or savings fund up by watching the video tutorial below and reading through these best practices tips!

Learn how to use SavingStar to build that Christmas or savings fund up by watching this video tutorial and reading through these best practices tips!

1. Do your shopping anywhere!
While most other apps require you to shop in store, SavingStar allows you to earn rebates on your purchases online as well! You can check out the featured stores on the webpage for SavingStar where it also tells you what percentage you’re eligible to earn back for each store. For example, you can earn 2% cash back at Kohl’s shopping online and 10% cash back by purchasing a special someone a bouquet of flowers at ProFlowers!

2. Take advantage of rocket deals!
One of the new features SavingStar has included is a little rocket symbol next to some of the “One or Many” offers. If you see a rocket next to the offer, check it out to see what it says. You might be eligible to earn something like $2 towards a $12 spending limit on certain offers just by watching a video! Easy money!

3. Earn your way!
Once you reach the minimum payment threshold of $5, you can redeem it for gift cards, PayPal cash, or even have it donated to charity if you’re feeling generous! This is a great way to teach kids about giving back to their communities as well if you decide to donate to charity, especially if they have smart phones!

4. One or Many Offers!
One or Many offers through SavingStar are great because you can actually purchase the required amount of items over multiple shopping trips if you need to for budget reasons. As long as you submit the receipt before the end date of the offer, you’re golden!

5. My Favorite Part I Saved for Last!
Most grocery and drugstores participate in SavingStar, therefore you do NOT need to scan receipts!  You sign up and link your store loyalty cards, be sure to add all offers on the SavingStar app and they will automatically credit to your SavingStar account.

Once you’ve participated in these offers and your refund is added you’ll get occasional (sometimes frequent) emails to let you know you’ve been credited.  In those emails are FREE offers, be sure to check!

note:  you do not need a smartphone to use this, you can use SavingStar from your computer also!

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