How to Make Ends Meet

5 Jobs You Can Do Poolside or at the Beach

5 Jobs You Can Do Poolside     Poolside, Beachside, Park bench... close your eyes and just imagine.  If you are looking to make some extra income or want to start working at home, these jobs can be done with just a laptop and Wi-Fi. There are characteristics...

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Quick Cash Today, 6 Ways You Can Too!

How to Come Up With Quick Cash!   Over in the Barefoot Budgeting Facebook Group we talk lots about ways to save, earn money.  Inevitably discussion comes up about a few of the quick cash ideas I'm sharing below.  Don't be mislead, there is much more potential...

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Suffering a Loss, How to Bounce Back Financially

Suffering a Loss; Help Financially Healing There are times in life when we suffer loss. It’s sadly and realistically part of life. Whether it’s a death of someone close to you, a divorce, or other financial and emotional setback, there are so many ways a loss affects...

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Inbox Dollars ~ Effortless Way to Earn & Save!

Inbox Dollars ~ Effortless Way to Earn & Save! ********** If you haven't been with me very long, you may have missed me preaching the benefits of using Inbox Dollars.  O.K., so yeah, you can earn money, yes, real live money as in cash from surveys, watching...

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Be Rewarded for What You’re Probably Already Doing

Be Rewarded for What You're Probably Already Doing. Sign up with National Consumer Panel and voice your opinions to help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve. Be Rewarded for your efforts! Sign Up...

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Swagbucks Sign Up Bonus, Limited Time! Earning the Easy Way!

Share The Love and Get $5 When You Sign Up For Swagbucks in February! February is a month of love, and getting a $5 bonus from Swagbucks is their way of showing it! Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you’re probably doing online...

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Easy Way to Earn Amazon Gift Cards!

One of our Barefoot Budgeting friends asked a great question yesterday about selling used DVDs and that got me thinking.  Do you have old books, DVDs and gadgets cluttering up your home?  Did you know that there is an easy way to get rid of them and put some spending...

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