How To Create A Facebook Group


Facebook groups are wonderful to share information on common interests.  Some of my best experiences and relationship with “virtual friends” have come from within Facebook groups.

Groups are relatively easy to set up, and can be a great builder for your brand.

To get set up, first select “Create Group” from the left sidebar of your Facebook page.

Then, enter in your information.  You’ll need to choose your name, add at least one person, and select your privacy settings to proceed.

Create New Group

After that is set up, you can select an icon for your group.  This is just a way to give it more character.  The icon will show up on members Facebook pages next to the group name.  There are a lot of options, so try to choose something that is in line with your group theme!

Choose Icon

Once you have your icon and name set, it’s time to start adding information about your group!

You’ll definitely want to have your description filled out.  Really let people know what the group is about and what information they can stand to gain by being active in the group.  You can also add a cover photo here.  Get creative – sometimes the visual aspect is everything.

Group Information

Once your group starts to grow, you may want to have another administrator of the group.  This designation allows the member to have all the posting, setting editing, adding/blocking/deleting/moderating capabilities that you have.

Just simply right click on the settings button of the member, and select “Make Admin”.

How TO Make Admin

Now you’re ready to start posting content!

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