Get The Word Out! What We Can Do to Help YOU Today!

Get The Word Out! What We Can Do to Help YOU Today!


So, you want to Grow your Brand ? Get exposure to your products? Get the word out about a project, community event, or help your organization?  We’re growing daily and are here to help you grow too.

Barefoot Budgeting Prices!

Do you have an interest in working with Barefoot Budgeting Blog and our Social Media circles? Let’s Chat.  We are open to negotiation, as well as ideas (although we’ve got plenty!), and hearing about becoming a Brand Ambassador with you. Have a product or service to review or want us to cultivate a story line for your product? We’ve got a creative team here ready when you are.  More importantly we are dedicated to customer service and helping others. 

Price Estimates:

Be a guest writer on Barefoot Budgeting: $10.00/per article. This includes a spot on the Barefoot Budgeting site which the article will remain ‘forever’ and I will do all of the marketing on Social Media sites.  Articles will be reviewed for appropriate content prior to publishing.  Any edits will be ‘suggested’ only.  I will not change your content.  All Guest posts will include links to your site or place of business.

Publish a Sponsored article on Barefoot Budgeting: $25.00/per article. This includes a spot on Barefoot Budgeting blog which will remain forever. You chose the post date. A link to your blog, product, service. I will do marketing/ promotion on Social Media sites for seven days.

Repeat social media promotion for any above. $10.00. This is 7 days of one social media source per day.  This will include a tag(s) and/ or hashtag(s) of your choice.

Barefoot Budgeting writes a sponsored post for you: $75.00/per article. You provide the product or photos and specifications of product.  You can provide any information about the product or service you want highlighted and we will write a 300-500+ word article . This will include 7 days of social media promotion/ marketing.  The post remains on Barefoot Budgeting forever or until you request the post to be removed for business purposes (business closed/ service discontinued/ product no longer available). You can chose your own publishing days.

Reviews are paid only: $50 post and picture(s). Reviews to include short video are $75.  Barefoot Budgeting will source to it’s many review writers to review the product independently and give only fair and honest reviews.  Product must be provided by you free of any charges with a minimum value of $25.  The Fee for reviews is for administrative and writing as well as one week or social media promotion.  If you require more than one week, we can negotiate the rate based on your goals.  Reviews will be published on date of your choice.  Any negative findings will be discussed with you prior to publishing to resolve any questions or concerns.  If you wish to run a give-away with your review, please contact me for additional guidelines.

Barefoot Budgeting accepts payments via PayPal, Check or Cash.  All payments are received in full prior to publishing or writing.  All sales are final, once payment is received the article will then be published.

Our fees are low by design.  This is a ‘budgeting’ blog and our goal is to help our readers save and earn in sensible ways.  We feel our commitment to the same extends to our sponsors as well.

We appreciate you considering us to help you achieve your goals.  Please reach out with any questions.

We look forward to accomplishing great things together and forming wonderful relationships with both our readers and our sponsors.

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