How Bloggers Do ‘IT’!

Now this may or may not be news to you, however a great many of the people I talk with and chat with on Facebook or have taught courses to were surprised when I shared with them how income is made in the Internet world (on my teensy part of it).  I’m sure there is a whole lotta mystery I’ve yet to uncover.  I’ll start with these though.  I truly believe an educated consumer is where we all win.  As in any small business, you get to chose where you spend your money and how bloggers do it.  Are you ready?

how bloggers earn money

Before we get started, a quick note:  These are all ways you too could be making money as a blogger!  If you love to write long or short stories, how to topics, have a passion for sharing and are ready to commit a minimum of  5-10 hours a week to blogging, these are just some of the ways you could earn.  (oh, that 5-10 hours… you can plan ahead throughout the year and totally take most of the summer off!)

O.K… enough of me ….  here we go!

Coupons.  As bloggers we are able to sign up for affiliate programs that pay anywhere from 3cents per print upwards of 40cents or more per print session.  (note:  if you print yourself using Inbox you could also earn 10cents per print redeemed and the blogger earns a percentage of what you redeem)

Amazon.  Affiliate programs with Amazon are the most popular.  Bloggers earn percentages based on tiers and the volume they bring in as well as different product categories.  Average is 3% – 7%.

Various retail affiliates.  Most stores like Kohl’s, Sears, Toys R Us, etc.. offer affiliate programs.  Generally a blogger will sign up with a company that coordinates for several companies/stores/services to allow the blogger to select from a large selection of places their reader would want to purchase from.

Freebies and Surveys.  Bloggers earn for each sign up for the survey programs and the freebie samples posts you see.

AdSense.  These are paid per click type ads.   Bloggers get paid for each time you click on an ad that ‘pops’ up (those annoying little buggers!).  They can also earn from purchases made when you click.  Google is making some changes to how they rate blogs with too many pop ups, so you will hopefully as a reader see less of these.  That would be perfectly fine with me too! I’m not a fan of getting trapped into clicking at all.  I feel your pain!

Sponsored posts.  Companies, Organizations will pay you to post a story with pictures (or not) about your experience around their product.  These are tastefully and tactfully done.  Bloggers are ‘influencers’ in the market and brands will pay for you to plant and put the word out about what they have.  They pay well too, the sponsored post opportunities I’ve seen are $100 – $500 per post.  note: you don’t always have to be a blogger to be an ‘influencer’ if you have a large following on Instagram or Twitter, this may be worth looking into!  Me, I don’t know too much about that part yet.

Reviews.  Reviews come in two forms that I’ve seen.  A non paid review, which the blogger will typically receive a product or voucher to purchase product.  They will review product (honest review).  In exchange they receive free product, a giveaway item for their readers (hopefully) sent by company.  Bloggers will generally request that the product be of a certain value to review as it takes time and it’s widely shared across social media.  There are also ‘paid reviews’.  A paid review will still offer the same, a product to review or a stay at a hotel, car rental, etc..  and often, if requested a discount or freebie to offer readers.  They will be ‘paid’ to review item and ‘honestly’.  It’s recommended if the review is unfavorable, that you would contact company first to discuss your findings before posting.  Paid reviews require a commitment to a certain number of social media shares.

e-Courses/ Webinars/ e-books.  These days this is where the money is.  Building your own brand.  Being an authority in your niche.  This takes work, dedication and quality.  A poorly written book with no valuable content could plummet your reviews and hard work.  A great book could increase your authority and sales.  Price point is huge here too.  You really need to know your readers and what they’re able and willing to pay.

Courses vary in length and content.  You could sell a 45 minute course once (hopefully you’ll give your course attendees a video or content to keep forever).  There are also private group courses where assignments are handed out weekly and you receive ongoing support inside the private groups. These you could charge monthly for with a minimum commitment.  There are combination courses also, this one here is a great example.  This course instructor offers a fairly priced program, private group, book, course content and private consult.  People are hungry for knowledge and are willing to pay you a ‘fair’ price to learn from you, don’t let them down.  Over-deliver each and every time if you want to stay competitive in this market!

Consultation and Coaching.  Some bloggers are professionals in certain areas already and started their blogs to share their knowledge and skills.  You could be a professional in coaching someone on how to make great videos or on personal awareness or even health.  These typically offer one free consultation session then a sign up with various commitments to length in services.  You can charge according to your industries standard too, not internet pricing.

Over the past several months, I’ve given great thought and care considering how I want to monetize my blog and without disturbing the relationships I’ve built both here as well as in my favorite community on Facebook, The Barefoot Budgeting Group!!  If you ever feel like you’re duped or unhappy with our information, please reach out, you can contact me here.  This Blog, Website as well as the Facebook Community are made for you!

Just like I mentioned above, this is something YOU can do too!  I won’t overwhelm you with all the details, but seriously if you want to chat then let’s.  In the meantime, if you decide this is something that’s a good fit, hop over and check out this post where you’ll get a great hosting price and a little about where to start!  When you get to that point, you will most certainly get to know more about this program here where you’ll learn all kinds of useful tips, techniques and the real nitty gritty of earning.  This course is the real deal, I’m in it now myself.

I’d love to hear what you think now that you know a whole lot more about where your money is going! (and coming from if you’re a blogger)

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