Happy Birthday Barefoot Budgeting!

I don’t often post in the ‘my blog’ part, probably should more often, ya think?   I thought today was a good time to take a few quick moments to Wish All our Barefoot Budgeting Community a Very Special Happy 1st Birthday.

Happy Birthday Barefoot Budgeting

It was a year ago, I started the Facebook group, more as a way to share deals I was finding and help my friends outside of their own personal ‘feeds’.  On a whim, I shared the group locally and WOW!  As of the time I’m posting we are 2024 beautifully caring people strong!  I love each and every single person in this group!

Over the past year I’ve made more friends than in my 50+ years before.  I’ve hugged many and cried with you at some of the private messages we’ve shared of struggles. I laughed lots at stories you’ve shared.  I actually even learned how to cook a little better (mostly thanks to my daughter Nicole who inherited her grandmother’s Mom/ Claire’s culinary talents!) to improve my meal planning skills.  I’ve learned to ‘listen’ more and be humble when I make mistakes.

I was laid off in January just as I was starting this website, it was hard.  I can’t deny that.  It actually took me a few months to even sit and cry about it.  I won’t even try to explain to you  who are new how incredibly supportive, loving, caring everyone was when I shared this in the group.  I can’t even begin to list the countless blessings this community has brought to my heart, there are many.

Before I even started blogging (this website) I met a few people in the blogging community that embraced my technical challenges (we’ll call it that, o.k.), generously gave freely of their time to help me learn.  I know I was frustrating to help, I use my age as a crutch sometimes.  I tend to overanalyze and I am uncertain of myself too often.  However, they still stuck by me and cheered me on!!   They are now part of our Barefoot Community and I couldn’t have started this adventure without their help and continued support!!   Thank you to Kathy from Fuggs and Foach, Kathleen from How to Shop for Free, Taylor from Nerdy Foodie Mom.  There are a TON more but these people have been with me from the very beginning.  We have two Admins, both are family because this really is all about family.  Thank you to Dolly from Orga-Nice and Megan who also admins other groups and is our Target and diaper genius!!  A very very special Thank you to Karen from Kupon Girl who has been a friend since long before Barefoot Budgeting!  Thank You!

If you haven’t found us on Facebook yet, please stop by, just click here to join Barefoot Budgeting.

So, Cheers and Happy Birthday to YOU!!  Without You and you and you… this community and website would not and could not be what it is evolving into.  Thank you so very much to all ! xoxo

Happy Birthday Barefoot Budgeting

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