How To Form A Post On Instagram

There are lots of different reasons why you might want to build and grow an account on Instagram. Whether you’re looking to reel in additional business through the huge social media network, wanting to gain exposure for a blog, or even just want to start branding for your brand, Instagram is a great tool to utilize for all of the above! These tips will help you form a post on Instagram that will be engaging and hopefully help you grow!

How to form a post on Instagram and get the best results with your photos!

1. Quality photos!
These are the most important part of any post on Instagram, the meat and potatoes if you will! Having nice quality photos on your feed can make all the difference in your growth. Avoid low lighting situations and blurry photos whenever you can! Try to keep a nice, clean, cohesive feed. If you consistently post quality photos, people will be drawn to your account and want to follow you!

2. Captions!
Make sure you are using engaging and interesting captions. Put some thought into every caption before you post so you aren’t making one up on the spot and really sit down and think about what your followers want to hear from you! If they tend to engage more with personal posts, include something personal in each post to show your personality and keep them engaged.

3. Hashtags.
This can’t be emphasized enough! Hashtags are what can really get your posts on Instagram to the next level. Utilizing hashtags that are relevant to your niche and target audience are very important. Remember, you can use 30 hashtags per picture (that includes both in the caption and any comments you leave – 30 total) so don’t be afraid to use all of them! More hashtags means your picture shows up in more feeds and therefore brings you more exposure.

4. Create a schedule.
Posting at optimal times is crucial to your engagement. For instance, if you post something when most people are at school or working, you likely won’t get as much engagement as you would if you posted something around the time people are normally finishing dinner and relaxing to check Instagram. Test out different times, find what works for you and your post types, and stick with it! If you find a time that works extremely well, don’t skip it! You’ll waste valuable real estate space on Instagram by doing so.

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Here is a helpful checklist for forming a post on Instagram that you can pin and refer to any time you need to! What are you planning on creating an Instagram account for? Do you have goals in mind for utilizing Instagram in your business/blog plan? and remember, drop me your Instagram in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow you.

Instagram Post Checklist: if you're planning on growing your Instagram account, these tips are super helpful and this checklist is a great place to start!

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