Easy DIY Canvas Art ~ Heart ~ Thumbprint

Heart Art Thumbprint Canvas   I bet you had no idea I have an inner craft side! I have a secret art side too!  I can't help myself sometimes and well, I'm trying to curb my 'craft budget' habit (it's been known to get out of control).  This is a super affordable...

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How To Create Printables

By now, you've probably noticed that printables are trending! Nearly every time you visit Pinterest, you'll probably see some kind of printable whether it's a list, a chore chart, or even just an artsy printable for decoration! We've talked about how to sell...

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How To Set Up A Pinterest Account

Are you behind the times on Pinterest? That's okay, lots of us are! Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks, but it can be a little confusing at first, especially when you're learning to set up a Pinterest account. In this article (and video),...

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How To Create A Facebook Group

Facebook groups are wonderful to share information on common interests.  Some of my best experiences and relationship with "virtual friends" have come from within Facebook groups. Groups are relatively easy to set up, and can be a great builder for your brand. To get...

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Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Craft Business

Have you ever thought about turning your hobby into a business? Lots of people are taking their passions in crafting and turning them into very successful businesses, allowing them to have more wiggle room in their budget all year long! If you're thinking about...

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