Create More Financial Abundance In Your Life

Create More Financial Abundance in Your Life Now.

Life can be hard, especially when we feel like we’re always pinching pennies and can’t enjoy the things we really want to do because we don’t have the funds. Then we play the blame game, you know it, the one where we blame everyone else for our troubles. It’s our boss’s fault that we didn’t get that promotion we deserved, it’s our parents fault because they didn’t teach us how to budget better, our spouse’s fault because they don’t make more, we just have too much bad luck. Sound familiar?

What if I told you that it has nothing to do with luck or other people, but your own energy? And that’s something completely within your control. You see, money is energy. It’s just something that we use to do and get the things we want. When we increase our financial energy, we open ourselves up to more opportunities and increase our financial flow.  This whole concept is new to me too, however I am finding it is starting to work and I just love including you on my journey, which now includes ways to create more financial abundance in our lives.

How To Create More Financial Abundance In Your Life - read these tips for making good decisions and creating more financial abundance in your life!

Here are some tips to help you increase your positive money flow:

Are you a victim or a creator? Victims tend to feel as if other people and/or situations are acting against them and they can’t do anything about it. They feel under attack and out of control. Victims tend to be defensive, submissive or even passive-aggressive in a conflict. They are focused on what they DON’T want, so their problems tend to multiply.

Creators are focused on what they DO want. They still face the same problems, but their focus is on problem solving and the ultimate outcome. Victims want to get rid of or get away from their problems. Creators want to bring into being (manifest) the outcome they desire. While a victim’s actions result in temporary and reactive solutions; creators produce satisfying and sustainable results over time.

Take out the trash – Physical Clearing. Get rid of ALL the possessions that don’t make you feel like a million bucks. Clean up your house by going through each room and looking for things that don’t make you happy. If something is broken, fix it or get rid of it. By keeping it, you are subconsciously telling yourself that you’re not worthy of good things. Be brutal with your wardrobe, get rid of things that don’t fit or you don’t like (sell them, donate or repurpose) Even delete toxic friends from your phone and Facebook!  I know, drama can be exciting and entertaining, but not so much when it’s taking energy away from your goals.

Deal with your crap – Emotional Clearing. It’s impossible to create an outrageously successful life when you’re carrying around lots of emotional baggage that is constantly sabotaging you. It’s time to forgive anyone or anything that is holding you back and let it go. Make a list of everyone who has hurt you and make the choice to release yourself from their hold by forgiving them. I practice this ongoing, no need for this negative brain clutter! It saps my energy and takes focus away from the good I am intended to receive in life.

Get clear about what you really want. This is not the time to be realistic. GO FOR IT!! In your wildest dreams, what would you wish for? You are allowed to have the biggest and shiniest of everything! Be specific. Asking for “more money” and finding a dollar under your car seat is not exactly what you’re going for. If you want a big raise, how big? If you want a new house, what does it look like? (this is where you may want to make a vision board)

Take Inspired Action. NOTHING happens until you take action! If your goal is so big that it’s causing anxiety and fear, causing you to procrastinate – just take one tiny baby step towards it. Break your goal down into manageable tasks then take one tiny baby step each day towards it. You will eventually get there. It won’t happen overnight, but if you continue to take action, you’ll reach your goal in no time.  Keep your goals close by at all times so you can look at them (list or photo) when you feel like you’re losing focus.


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