Couponing At Walgreens 101

Have you heard about all the awesome deals and savings you can score at Walgreens? Perhaps you’ve seen someone walk away with a huge haul of goodies that they paid next to nothing for! Today, we’re going to discuss couponing at Walgreens and how you can walk away with the same deals, so buckle down for couponing at Walgreens 101!

Couponing At Walgreens 101 - have you ever tried your hand at couponing at Walgreens? It's a great way to save money on everyday household items and there are so many ways to save, they make it easy!

First, sign up for a Balance Rewards Card. This is the best way to start your couponing at Walgreens and score some great deals. Every purchase you make adds points to your card, and eventually you can redeem those points for savings! You earn 10 points per $1 spent, 500 points for each prescription purchase, and when you get to 5,000 points, you’ll save $5 on your purchase! Keep your eye out for sales that include higher point redemptions – sometimes you’ll find some that offer a few thousand points just for purchasing that item!

Next, you can sign up for Balance Rewards For Healthy Choices. You can connect your activity tracker like Fitbit and even apps like MyFitnessPal and earn rewards for setting and meeting goals based on health! Each mile you walk or run earns you 20 points alone, so they’ll definitely add up quickly if you’re staying active. Things like weighing yourself, checking blood pressure, and taking steps to quitting smoking can all help you earn more points. In turn, these points will come in handy while couponing at Walgreens because you’ll be able to save even more just for making these healthy choices!

After you’ve set up your Balance Rewards Card, you can visit the website and “clip” your coupons. Say goodbye to the days of hauling around paper coupons and binders at Walgreens! Just visit the website, load up the coupons you want to take advantage of, and scan your card at the register to redeem! Of course, you can always take paper coupons too, but clipping online can save you a lot of time!

In addition to clipping coupons online, there are a few other ways that couponing at Walgreens can be done online. Following their social media accounts is a great way to find social media exclusive deals that you might otherwise miss out on. Social media exclusive deals will often feature higher point earnings and allow you to stock up on those points quicker, saving you more money! Their website also features online-only deals fairly often, so make sure you check those out before heading into the store!

Have you ever been couponing at Walgreens? What are your favorite ways to save there?

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