Couponing At CVS 101

If you’re diving into the world of couponing, you’re probably wondering all the places you can save and cut costs. Couponing at CVS is a great way to score household items and more, and if you play your cards (or coupons) right, you’ll be walking out with some HUGE savings! In this article, we’re going to talk about couponing at CVS and some of the best ways to save there so you can take advantage of them!

Couponing at CVS 101 - learn how to save money by couponing at CVS!

1. Stock up when you can!
The key to couponing at CVS and saving money on drugstore items is to buy them at stock-up price and have a little stockpile. You don’t want to wait until you run out of these things and buy them at full price, so when you find a great price on something, buy enough to last you a while!

2. Get a CVS card.
Your CVS card is the beacon of savings! Here, you’ll earn ExtraSavings and ExtraBucks Rewards! Your ExtraSavings will include things like personalized coupons online, on your receipt, and at the ExtraCare Coupon Center (located in store), also referred to as the Red Box. The ExtraSavings will automatically display myWeekly Ad sale prices for you to check each week, and you’ll earn additional savings through emails when you add your email address to your account!

Now – ExtraBucks! What are they? They’re similar to gift certificates in that they are usually $1-$10 and they print at the bottom of your CVS receipt. The best part? You can use them the same day, so if you split your purchases into 2 separate transactions, you can use your ECBs on the next purchase to save some money! Otherwise, you can save them for later (usually need to be used in 30 days). The ExtraCare Bucks are like cash, so take care of them!

Bonus: You can sign up for the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program which allows you to get $5 ECB for every 10 prescriptions you fill. If you’re already filling them, you’re missing out on free money – so be sure to sign up! Additionally, if you purchase a lot of beauty products from CVS, join the ExtraCare Beauty Club and you can earn $5 for every $50 you spend in the beauty department and $3 on your birthday every year! (Even if you’re not a huge makeup buyer, things like shampoo are included in this, so definitely sign up!)

3. Don’t forget to scan your card!
Don’t forget to stop by the ExtraCare Coupon Center before and after every shopping trip! Simply scan your card and you’ll get printed coupons from the machine that will help you maximize your savings and make couponing at CVS a breeze! Either use the coupons on that trip or save them for later! Also, make sure to use your card on every purchase because every three months, you’ll earn 2% of what you spent in ExtraCare Bucks!

A seldom publicized tip: Some (many but not all) CVS stores have an ‘Early Activation’ of sales. What this means is you  can shop on Saturday night (check your store for if they do this and what time, times vary by participating stores, it is usually after 4pm) for deals starting on Sunday.  You can shop two sales cycles at once.  Now That’s Saving Time and Money!

By combining all of these things (sales, coupons, ECBs), and sticking to your list of things you need, you’ll be able to get some huge savings with your couponing at CVS journeys! What other questions do you have about couponing at CVS?

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