2017 Coupon Insert Schedule

2017 Coupon Insert Schedule


2017 Coupon Insert Schedule


We are so happy to share this 2017 schedule with you.  Barefoot Budgeting recognizes what separates a good couponer from a great couponer is having a ‘plan’.  Bookmark this page and you’ll know all year what’s going to be happening in your upcoming Sunday papers.   As previews become available for these coupons we will update this post with a link to the preview, so you won’t even need to go looking around, just stop here, click the link to your week and voila… you’ll see your preview of anticipated coupons for that week.

January 2017
1/1/2017 – (2) RedPlum , (2) SmartSource, (1) P&G
1/8/2017 – (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
1/15/17 – (1) SmartSource
1/22/17 – (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G
1/29/17 – (3) (2) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G

February 2017
2/5/2017 – (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
2/12/2017 – (2) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
2/19/2017 –  (1) SmartSource
2/26/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1)SmartSource, (1) P&G

March 2017
3/5/2017 –    (2) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
3/12/2017 –  (2) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
3/19/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
3/26/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G

April 2017
4/2/2017 –    (2) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
4/16/2017 –  No Inserts – Easter Sunday
4/23/2017 –  (1 )RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
4/30/2017 –  (2) RedPlum,(2) SmartSource, (1) P&G

May 2017
5/7/2017 –   (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
5/14/2017 – (3) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
5/21/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1)SmartSource
5/28/2017 –  (1)  P&G, Memorial Day Weekend

June 2017
6/4/2017 –    (2) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
6/11/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
6/18/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1)  SmartSource
6/25/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource

July 2017
7/2/2017 –   (1) P&G Independence Day/ 4th of July Weekend
7/9/2017 –   (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
7/16/2017 –  (1) RedPlum
7/23/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
7/30/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G

August 2017
8/6/2017 –   (3) RedPlum (1) SmartSource
8/13/2017 –  (1) RedPlum,(1) SmartSource, (1)P&G??
8/20/2017 – (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
8/27/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G

September 2017
9/3/2017 –     No Inserts, Labor Day
9/10/2017 –   (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
9/17/2017 –   (1) SmartSource
9/24/2017 –   (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G

October 2017
10/1/2017 –    (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
10/8/2017 –    (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
10/15/2017-   (1) Smart Source
10/22/2017 –   (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
10/29/2017 –   (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource, (1) P&G

November 2017
11/5/2017 –    (3) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
11/12/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
11/19/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
11/26/2017 –  (1) P&G, Thanksgiving

December 2017
12/3/2017 –    (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
12/10/2017 –  (1) RedPlum, (1) SmartSource
12/17/2017 –   No Inserts
12/24/2017 –   No Inserts
12/31/2017 –  (1) P&G

And there you have it!   If you’re new to couponing, be sure to check out our post on learning the lingo, the couponers language.  Looking for printable coupons, we’ve got you covered. Click the Picture just below for a TON of printables!!!!   Then scroll through a whole bunch of posts on ways to up those earning with apps, stockpiling tips and much more.

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Frugal Dolly Shares Some Tips

Frugal Dolly Shares Some Tips

Hey y’all !  Today we’re getting to know a little about Dolly and her frugal shopping tips and routine.  Dolly has been such a massive asset to our Barefoot Budgeting community.  She is hopping on often to share coupons, help with frugal tips and oh, let me tell you, Dolly is the queen of upcycling and organization tips!  You can find her busy helping others over at her community in Orga~Nice on Facebook, stop by to get to know her even better and pick up some fabulous and functional and well, highly affordable decorating and organizing advice and tips!

frugal dolly interview shopper coupon

What size family are you shopping for?  Three Adults.

How long have you been a ‘frugal’ shopper? Four Years.

Do you find some items easier to get deals on than others, what are those?  Shampoo, toothpaste, razors, lotion, paper products, and household cleaners.

What sources do you get your coupons from (printable, inserts, magazines, load to card)?  Inserts, Internet sites, clipping services occasionally, load to card (store apps), friends and neighbors.

On average how much time a week do you spend organizing your shopping trips for savings?  Not nearly enough. 2-3 hours is the goal.

What was your FAVORITE shopping haul?  My first huge haul. Gillette had a $6 off any 3 coupon with no restrictions and it lasted a month… Razors.shave gel. More razors. Shave lotion. A gazillion razors and Walmart paid me.

Do you know approximately how much you save either percentage or $$ a week/month or year?  I aim for over 60 percent…but more usually around 75ish.

Favorite App(s)? Favado. Ibotta. Checkout 51.

Any advice you would offer anyone new starting out?  Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s not a marathon. There will always be deals. Share with people.

How has Barefoot Budgeting helped you with improving your savings? BB has been my #1 “go to” since the day I found it. Easy to understand the concepts…the YouTube vids are concise, but most of all the friendships and community there is so giving. There are no ” stupid questions” and everyone wants to help!

Would you recommend Barefoot Budgeting to friends and family? I HAVE recommended and will continue to…


Dolly has one of the kindest souls I have met.  Last year in our Barefoot Budgeting Community we started talking about ‘The Purse Project’ and she totally stepped up to the plate on this one.  Dolly rallied others to help, donate, and participate in collecting items to donate and share with women across the communities.  Not only did she coordinate items inside, but also the purses to put all these girly goodies into!!  This is just one picture, but let me tell you, there was a LOT more, much more!  Although many participated in various ways, if it was not for Dolly this never would have happened.  I will forever have that memory of how our Barefoot Budgeting Community came together under Dolly’s rally and cheering!

dolly interview frugal purse project

Thank you so very much Dolly for taking the time to interview with us and sharing your heart so unconditionally with so many.  Don’t forget, you can get to know Dolly better and learn more about her awesomely fun upcycling and organization tips over at Orga~Nice.

While we all realize saving is essential in today’s economy, sometimes obstacles get in the way.  Our community of supportive people are there to help you learn, grow and spend much less.  With patience and time you’ll be able to start putting some of your expense money into savings.  We’re all here to help, no one person has had to travel this journey alone in our group. If you’re looking for help, look no longer. Come join us at Barefoot Budgeting on Facebook.  

Don’t forget to check out our other frugal shopper interview with Megan and ways to earn on your own with Hillary of LuLaRoe, Heather from Natural Paws Pet Care and Taylor of Nerdy Foodie Mom and Money Making Blog Course creator.

Say Hi to Dolly below in the comments and if you have any questions, let us know.

Frugal Shopper Interview With Megan

Frugal Shopper Interview With Megan

Please take a few minutes to ‘Meet Megan’.  Megan has been a huge part of the Barefoot Budgeting Community since day one.  She’s also an admin in the group and well, an all around go to person for thousands who have questions.  I could not do this without her!  I asked Megan to be one of our first Frugal Shopper Interviews and phew, was relieved when she said YES!  As you can see, and you’ll read, she has a crazy busy life, and lives on a pretty tight budget feeding a good sized family (not everyone’s in this picture below either).  Thank You Megan for taking time to share with us here!

interview a frugal shopper Megan coupon tips

What size family are you shopping for?  I have a full house! Lol. I shop for my fiancé, my four year old son, 6 month old daughter, my in-laws, and myself. That’s right,.4 adults and two kids!

How long have you been a ‘frugal’ shopper?  We found out I was pregnant with my daughter last September around 5 weeks. I had two semesters left of school and I was already a stay at home mom and wanted to continue to be. I thought couponing would be the answer to save enough on necessities which would afford me to stay home longer.

Do you find some items easier to get deals on than others, what are those?  Absolutely! ! The easiest items for me are toothpaste, body wash, and shampoo and conditioner!! Those three items ill never pay for again!

What sources do you get your coupons from (printable, inserts, magazines, load to card)?  I buy four enterprise newspapers every week (one for each adult in my home). That’s 99% of my coupon source. Ill occasionally order more from a coupon service, and ill also print if its a super high value coupon or something we use or need.  I also use all the store apps, load to card coupons.

On average how much time a week do you spend organizing your shopping trips for savings?  Honestly not enough, some weeks are better than others. But typically an hour on Sunday organizing my coupons, and an hour or so Monday making out my game plan. Other than that I watch groups on Facebook for any hot deals so I don’t miss out! Its hard with kids, and life is busy, but it can be done I promise!

What was your FAVORITE shopping haul?  It wasn’t one haul per say, but my favorite was buying all super clearance toys at target for my sons birthday and Christmas. He is all set for both and I spent less than $50.00!!

Do you know approximately how much you save either percentage or $$ a week/month or year?  I honestly don’t, but CVS told me I saved $2,600 last year (90% of my couponing is done here). Maybe I should try and track better this year!

What’s your favorite App(s)?  I have two. They are Flipp and Ibotta.  ALL the store apps!

What advice would you offer to a new ‘frugal’ shopper ?  My best advice to any new frugal shopper is to be patient and ask questions! Read store policies, watch others, ask in groups. It can be rough in the beginning, but stick with it because the payoff is so worth it!

Recently in our Barefoot Budgeting group a member of our community reached out for help on finding some great deals to put together gifts for female military returning home.  While she did not directly ask for any items to be donated, Megan stepped up in a big way and showed her appreciation for our military and support of our country and these wonderful women!  Big Salute to Megan!!  Here is part of what was sent for assisting in that project. megan frugal interview military donation

Again, Thank you Megan for all you do in the Barefoot Budgeting Community! We understand lots of people feel there just isn’t enough time or they can’t do it.  Trust us when we say you CAN and with our help we will get you there.  Each person learns in their own way and at their own pace. No one size fits all here. We each develops our own style along the way.  Come on over and give us a chance to help you too.  Join our Barefoot Budgeting Community here.

Ways To Save Without Coupons

Ways To Save Without Coupons

If you’ve hit a rough patch or just have goals for savings, but no time for couponing, have no fear! There are lots of ways to save without coupons and today we’re going to talk about some of the easiest ways to rack up some savings! Couponing can take a lot of time, and if you’re just not ready to commit to that yet, these are great ways to save that take a little less time and are still worth doing!

Ways To Save Without Coupons - tips for saving money without having to use coupons!

1. Phone apps.
There are lots of phone apps that will allow you to save money and earn cash back on purchases that you’re already making! Check Ibotta for rebates (scan your receipts and unlock cash back rewards) and WalMart has an app too! Using the WalMart app, you can scan your receipt after each shopping trip and if the items you’ve bought are listed cheaper elsewhere, WalMart will give you money back in the form of WalMart gift cards. There are lots of apps like this, so just find a few that you like to use and use them regularly. Typically it involves scanning your receipt, and sometimes the items you bought so sitting down after each shopping trip to take a few minutes and do this can really add up. Walmart savings tips can be found here.

2. Gardening!
Gardening is a fantastic way to save without coupons. You likely won’t find many coupons for produce, but by growing your own, you’ll be saving a lot! Starter plants and seeds take an initial investment (although usually not very expensive) and the money you save over the course of the gardening season will be worth it! If you have a big enough space, you could even sell some of your produce locally to earn some extra bucks.

3. Yard sales.
Ever want to buy some decor for your house but don’t want to pay top dollar? Scout out some local yard sales to see if you can find some decor that you like. Typically, people are willing to let their stuff go at a yard sale for extremely cheap! This is a great way to save on decor without using coupons.  You can score some great kitchen items too (my favorite stock pot is worth around $100 got at a yard sale for $2!)

4. Buy only what’s on sale.
When you sit down to meal plan every week, base your grocery list on what’s already on sale. This will allow you to save money every week with little to no effort! If you stick to only your grocery list when you’re shopping, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need and make sure you’re not putting out lots of food waste, and therefore losing money.  Check the flyers for the Buy and Save Sales (eg; buy 5 save $5) and Spend and Save Sales (eg; spend $15, save $5).

5. Buy store brands and check for clearance!
Most grocery stores have a section for clearance items, but some of them tend to be in random places that aren’t easily found. Scout your grocery store for their clearance section and be sure to shop it regularly. In addition to that, store brands are typically cheaper and if you look at the ingredients they’re almost always exactly the same as the more expensive name brands!

6. Check the Drugstores!
Drugstores have grocery departments also and many great deals can be found at these stores, combined with in store sales and rewards you can really get some great deals on items you use regularly.  We have some tips for shopping at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens too.

7. Buy Discount Gift Cards!
Purchasing discount Gift Cards can reap some decent savings.  You buy a gift card to a local drugstore, grocery store and save ‘before’ you even shop.  My favorite site for buying and selling gift cards is Raise.  This isn’t news but I’m always surprised by how many don’t take advantage of simple instant savings.  There are ways you can earn credits on Raise as well allowing you to save even more!  Check out my Raise link and get your bonus today!

All of these are great ways to save without coupons on your weekly or bi-monthly shopping trips! What other ways do you save without coupons? Let’s chat.

How to Save on Meals for a Large Family

How to Save on Meals for a Large Family

How to Save on Meals for a Large Family

Sticking to a budget when you have a large family can seem nearly impossible. With so many mouths to feed, how can you possibly save money on groceries? Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to make your dollars stretch a little further. Here are some tips on how to save on meals for a large family.

how to save on meals for a large family or large group

  1. Come up with a meal plan. One of the biggest mistakes that can break the bank is not having a meal plan in place and then ordering in Chinese or pizza. Take one day of the week to plan out all of your meals and then stick to it. Seriously, I cut my grocery bill by almost half by meal planning!
  2. Go grocery shopping without your kids. When you have children in tow, you are more likely to be convinced to add unnecessary items to your grocery cart.  Have to bring the kids, bring an activity for them to do or have them play a game while shopping ‘find’ the ‘peanut butter’ and check it off their list when they find it.  Finish the list and they’re rewarded with opening a snack from the cart once back in the car.
  3. Consider joining a wholesale savings club, such as Sam’s Club, BJ’s or Costco. You will need to pay a membership cost, but the amount of money that you can save on purchasing high-priced items (such as meat) in bulk will be worth it in the long run.  BJ’s allows for coupons on multi paks.  eg; if you buy a colgate 3pk you can use 3 coupons!
  4. Stock up on canned foods. Canned soups, tuna fish, and beans can all play a role in your meals at a low cost. Since canned foods have a longer lifespan than fresh foods, you can purchase them and use them at a much later time. My favorite canned item to stock on is tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes and tomato paste to make my own sauce at home.  I can never have enough of these, so I buy as large as I can, make large batches of sauce and freeze (yes, back to meal planning #1).
  5. Learn new ways to make pasta. Pasta and rice are very inexpensive and can be a great way to feed a large family. There are also so many different ways you can prepare rice and pasta. Serving it with vegetables and a protein can help you create a well-balanced meal.  Whole Chicken is a great way to get a lot of meals too.  Leftovers easily go into a soup, pot pie, salads.
  6. Think about purchasing wholesale fruits and vegetables. Many people avoid purchasing fruits and vegetables in bulk, but it can help you save money in the long run if you can your vegetables or freeze them. You can even make homemade soups to freeze. The possibilities are endless!  I like to buy from the ‘dinged’ up vegetable and fruits for freezing or preparing.  Green peppers are my favorite, just cut and freeze!  Rinse when you’re ready to use.  As local farm stands if they have an ‘unperfect’ bin somewhere.  You’d be surprised at how many people won’t buy anything but a perfectly red round tomato! Around my town, apples are sold in large quantities this time of year at local garden shops.
  7. Don’t toss your leftovers! There are so many different ways you can use them. If you have a roast turkey, for example, you can make a casserole with the leftovers or make turkey salad sandwiches that your family members can take for lunch.
  8. Consider starting a garden. Aside from the cost of seeds and fertilizer, the vegetables and fruits that you are able to produce in your own backyard are free!  I personally cook enough zucchini baked goods to eat for a year, it’s chaos around here in August!
  9. Make wise choices when eating out. Find out which restaurants are offering specials, use coupons, and consider eating out at lunch instead of dinner to save money. If you like to order pizza, find out what days your favorite pizza parlor offers deals and commit to only ordering on those days. Also, consider eating out for Birthdays and check your local restaurants for ‘Eat Free’ on your Birthday specials.  Sign up for apps at chains like Chili’s and get promo’s.
  10. Buy ‘day old’.  Seriously do you use two loaves at once? So, you’re already eating day old bread, right?  Freeze the bread, rolls.  My daughter taught me a trick, put a paper towel in bag with bread and it keeps it fresher when defrosted, no frosty edges.
  11. Have a baking day once a month.  Cookies, cupcakes, and muffins freeze nicely in freezer bags and make for easy ‘out’ snacks and defrost quickly.  Invest in having a few cupcake tins, they’re worth it!

Don’t forget, check places like Groupon for eating out, use your Ebates when purchasing your Groupon!  Remember to check your stores for sales, clearance and always load your store apps for added savings.  Add additional apps for savings just makes it all that much better!

These are just a few tips on how to save money on meals for a large family. Why spend more on food than you need to?  How do you feed your crowd?

How To Save BIG With Bath & Body Works

How To Save BIG With Bath & Body Works

If you love all the wonderful scents of Bath & Body Works, you’re probably wondering how to stock up on them without spending loads of money. Thankfully, Bath & Body Works offers a few great ways to save BIG – so today we’ll cover how to do so!

How To Save Money with Bath & Body Works - this works great for stocking up on birthday or Christmas gifts!

1. The Semi-Annual Sale!
This is one of the easiest ways to save BIG with Bath & Body Works. You can easily load up on all your favorite collections during the sales, and they typically release a few new ones around this time too that you’ll be able to stock up on if you decide you like the smell. Often times you’ll find deals like Buy 3, Get 3 Free which is a great way to stock up for all year long – or at least to get you through to the next semi-annual sale!

2. Buying full collections.
You certainly don’t have to buy a full collection of something (meaning the body spray, lotion, shower gel, etc.) however, sometimes buying the full collection can come with a greater deal or reward so it’s totally worth it. Check the signs near your favorite collections before you start loading up your basket to see if it’s worth it to just grab all of it. If you don’t like one of the particular items in the collection but it’s still a great deal, you can always use them as birthday or Christmas gifts!

3. Coupons.
Check places like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Coupons.com for printable Bath & Body Works coupons, and also sign up for their mailing list when you get a chance to receive exclusive deals, offers, and coupons! The coupons can make a huge difference in how much you save, especially if you pair them with ongoing sales.

4. Like them on Facebook!
Bath & Body Works typically posts some pretty great deals on their Facebook that you won’t want to miss. Sometimes they offer free full size items with a purchase, $1 items, or coupons for new scents. Regardless, you definitely want to make sure you’re watching the page!

5. Take your receipt surveys!
Those surveys only take a minute or so out of your day and can reward you with some pretty awesome coupon codes, so save your receipts and take those surveys!

6. Black Friday.
Last but not least, if you love Bath & Body Works and want to get some Christmas gifts, definitely hit the Black Friday sales! Often times you can score some VIP bags and some more great deals, and it’s definitely worth toughing the crowds if you love your Bath & Body Works!

When shopping online remember to use your Ebates or TopCashBack sites for cash back! New users receive a thank you gift also!