The Ultimate Brag Bag! Only 99cents !!

The Ultimate Brag Bag! Only 99cents !!

Now This is the Ultimate Brag Bag!! 

I’ve given gifts like this in the past with all positive reviews!

Imagine these are Party Favors?!!  Showers, Weddings, Birthdays ? Gift Bags, Giving Bags, I could fill this post up with all the great ideas you could use these for and the price, well less than some grocery stores! And this one is all Customized by your favorite photo or picture of your favorite artwork!
Order your Custom Shopping Bag for $.99 from York Photo.

ultimate brag bag

Get Yours Here

Inbox Dollars ~ Effortless Way to Earn & Save!

Inbox Dollars ~ Effortless Way to Earn & Save!

Inbox Dollars ~ Effortless Way to Earn & Save!


If you haven’t been with me very long, you may have missed me preaching the benefits of using Inbox Dollars.  O.K., so yeah, you can earn money, yes, real live money as in cash from surveys, watching videos, playing games, more.  It’s the MORE that excites the heck out of me!  Did you know you can earn 10cents for each and every single coupon you print and redeem with Inbox Dollars?  Well, YES oh YES you CAN and wow, watch the savings in your groceries, drugstore purchases too.  The MORE part? Well, You also watch your earnings grow 10 cents at a time!

Sign up below, no kidding.. try it out! I used this little trick in my very early days of saving and still do!


If you need a little help, just check out our handydandy little tutorial here!

O.K., so If you haven’t rushed off to sign up yet, I’m telling you.. If you use coupons, you are CRAZY if you don’t!  10cents a week is $5.20 a year in savings.  Use more coupons (heck, print and share a few with friends!!) and watch that amount grow!!  Imagine if you used 20 coupons a week.   (not hard, I assure you!) that’s $2 a week, over $100 in earning a year PLUS a boatload of savings!

So, What are you waiting for ?  click this photo or this >>link<<  and well… let me know how much you save AND earn next month!

TIP: Combine this with daily fun at Swagbucks and well….. WOW, watch those savings and earnings stack up in super fun and easy ways!

inbox dollars earn using coupons video survey games

$20 in Target Gift Cards, Just $10!

$20 in Target Gift Cards, Just $10!

target gift card raise

Have you ever ordered a gift card from before?  Raise is a gift card website where you can score already discounted gift cards and right now, new customers can get a $20 Target gift card for just $10!  Here’s how:

  • Sign up for a new account with this link. (you will get a $5 sign up credit, but that won’t apply to this deal)
  • Shop for Target gift cards (must equal $20 or more)
  • Use promo code NEWTARGET10 at checkout.

This deal is valid for new customers only and your total must be over $20 for this deal to work.

*there seems to be a lot of smaller cards available, but you can grab a bunch of those to equal the $20 mark.

$15 Chuck E. Cheese Gift Card, just $10!!

chuck e. cheese groupon

Are you hoping to take your kiddos to Chuck E. Cheese soon?  I know when my big kids were younger, they were always asking to go see the “mouse”.  It’s so expensive though, so when we did go, we were determined to save as much as possible which meant lots of coupons!

If you are planning to head to Chuck E. Cheese soon, gather all the coupons that you can AND grab this awesome new Groupon deal!! Score a $15 Chuck E. Cheese gift card for just $10!

Coupons Re-Set in Three, Two… Get em NOW!  Re-Designed ‘HUGE’ List

Coupons Re-Set in Three, Two… Get em NOW! Re-Designed ‘HUGE’ List

Coupons Re-Set in Three, Two…

Get em NOW! 

Re-Designed ‘HUGE’ List

February is a short month and coming to a close before we know it. You want to be sure to get all your printable coupons before they re-set.  There are multiple ways and places to get the printables from.  You can (and I hope you do) use my handy dandy side bar (see just to the right on computer) or lower icons (if you’re on a phone bottom of post) to click n print.

february 2017 printable coupons

Compared to other savings and earnings blogs, we are relatively new here and well, recently started adding more features to help you save right here on this blog.  The larger the audience we have, the more features we are able to add for you, it kinda sorta works that way.  All last year we were self supporting.  Meaning, ME.. Kim… paid for the blog, the pics, giveaways, fees, etc. out of my own pocket.  I’m hoping to start earning enough to cover expenses as well as to help donate more to help kids in our Facebook Community during the 2017 Holidays.  So, your support printing coupons shared here is greatly appreciated.  Here’s a brief post of how I’m sharing so far (the year is young).

I’m A LITTLE, o.k. a lotta nervous with this.. I’ve never done a post formatted this way, so really.. if you have any feedback feel free to SHOUT it out to me!

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25% of all Barefoot Budgeting Affiliate Income on Coupons printed from this link will be gifted to helping Children at Christmas!

print coupons now here

BONUS:  All Sign ups (simple as that) for Swagbucks, I will be contributing 50cents plus for each sign up to the Donate for Kids at Christmas mentioned above or here in this post.

This is a through the end of month offer.  If the resonse if good I’ll extend. 

Through End of February YOU also earn a $5 bonus!

swagbucks bonus

Sign up Here NOW.