Don’t Quit Your Day Job Honey! 1st Blog Traffic and Income Report Jan ~ April 2017

I Made How Much? My 1st Blog Traffic and Income Report Jan ~ April 2017.

O.K., so don’t laugh me off the blogosphere.  I’ve spent the past year learning LOTS about blogging, social media and made a TON of mistakes along the way and annoyed the  &%&@  out of quite a few people.  Keep in mind, I’m working 40+ hours at my 9-5 day job (nope, nada, not gonna give you that income haha) as well as you know, LIFE gets crazy.  I’m not making excuses, just being honest about my limitations.

blogging traffic income goals report

Go Ahead Say it!  ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job Honey!’


You want to start a blog?  I’m keeping it real here.

I am NOT a full time blogger ‘yet’ ! Baby Just Watch Me, Cause this Shit is about to get real!

Why? Why on earth would I share with you my income and traffic reports?


  • Well, first for myself.  This a way to keep track, mostly so I’m accountable to my own goals.  We’ve all got em’, right?
  • Second, I share so my readers can see it’s not all the fluff and freebies but hard work.
  • Hard work, but sooooooooooooo real and really possible for all of us!

If you’re reading this, we’re on this ride together.  Most people today are looking for ways to save and earn.  It feels good knowing I’m never alone.  After all, the huge majority (99%) of my blog posts are all about ways to save and earn and how to get there (together of course!).  I’m here to tell you it’s not that hard, but it’s not overnight get rich or save 100% shopping either.  Anyone selling you that line is selling you only that, a line of good old fashioned horse hockey!

Let’s start with my goals for the first few months of the year.


  • Grow Page Views right here on this blog.
  • Grow Facebook (both page and group) following.
  • Grow Pinterest following.
  • Grow Twitter following.
  • Grow YouTube Following.
  • Earn Money through affiliate income.
  • Start and set up an email capture and offer (aka opt in)

Here are my stats for April.


I have a long way to go to reach my overall goals. For now I’m happy with how far I’ve come and will work on monthly goals.  I know I know, Don’t quit your day job honey!

YTD Earnings:


note: as a frugal shopper I also receive cash back and gift cards from places like SavingStar, Ebates, Swagbucks.  I consider those personal savings, not actual earnings. I know some bloggers count these as earnings. I am not counting as blogger income. These were part of my every day lifestyle prior to blogging.  maybe………….. maybe baby… i’ll do a separate post on my monthly savings/earnings from those alone.  Right now I have $66.40 sitting in my SavingStar account. I leave that there for Christmas budget.  I also keep my Swagbucks gift cards until the holidays.  I also have over $50 in my Plenti Points rewards, and $22.20 in Ibotta money. Oh, there’s TopCash Back too haha.  I honestly don’t look too often at the totals on those. I consider them holiday bonuses, money I don’t have to stress about at the end of the year. Let’s just say if I were to guess, I have about $150 sitting in various cash back and rebate sites from personal shopping.

So, How am I going to plot n plan the Honey, it’s time to quit your day job’ part of my goals?  This lady’s got a plan!

  • Yeah, first is a plan!  and friends and goals!
  • Grow all social media using what else, social media.
  • Get that email options together for you so you’re not missing anything great!!
  • Continue to work on kick ass posts that others are wanting to see. (most read post and this video)
  • Complete and introduce my first two webinars (I promise you can afford it)
  • A whole lot more!! Add more videos, more posts you’re needing and wanting, add more valuable products at rock’n prices! and then some!

My Biggest not so secret weapon to learn how to monetize the heck out of all of this is the ever updating and evolving course I enrolled in. We’ll be turning this into The Money Making Blog!   We are going to kick this Day Job thing in the royal rear together!  I’m loving everything I learn here and well, the instructor, Taylor rocks.  She’s got energy, enthusiasm and gets right in there, down and dirty with us to help us succeed!

blog traffic income and goals report

So, those earnings numbers you just read above, kiss them good bye!

ps… the best part is I’m only doing better if I’m helping YOU do better with your savings and earnings goals.

Got questions?  contact me here or in the comments below.









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    so far my internet money have been 125 from surveys and about $2 from affiliate links lol. but this is pretty great. i loved reading about it. i feel like even though I’m being more productive i’m close to hitting a rut. keep up the good work!

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      Being in a rut is REAL and so common. I find it helpful to load my ‘drafts’ up when i’m feeling creative. May’s income report is on track to look better. NOT anywhere near my overall goals but a step in the right direction. I’m hoping by sharing my goals I’ll have to keep away from that ‘rut’. As for making money for yourself, this site is super easy for beginners and you can easily earn $25+ wk in gift cards. Depending on your niche, if you’re a frugal blogger, I’m finding ShopHerMedia (link in post) to be a strong and easy one to use.

  2. Pip

    This is a really good blog post. I’ve been blogging for around 5 months and just learning the ropes. How do you start with Pintrest? I’m new to all this 🙂