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Are you expecting a baby anytime soon?  I highly suggest registering somewhere so that your baby shower guests, family or friends can shop for you without worrying that they are buying the wrong thing or too much of something you may have had given to you from a friend.  

affordable baby registries

Best Baby Registries On A Budget 

All expectant parents should absolutely sign up for a baby registry.  Not only does it help those who are buying you gifts know what you need and want, but many baby registries offer awesome freebies, discounts and other benefits that help as you transition into having a new baby at home!

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Amazon.  Okay, I’m sure you were expecting this one, but Amazon really does have a great baby registry.  Oftentimes (check for availability) they offer a welcome package with $25+ worth of goodies with it.  Items such as wipes, a bottle, pacifiers, and more.  Another great thing about an Amazon membership is for anyone who happens to live out of the area and is shopping for you.  They can easily have the gift sent right to your door.  There is also the benefit of free 2 day shipping for Prime members.

Amazon baby registry


Target.  Target has one of the best baby registries out there.  You sign up for their registry and then you are rewarded with a welcome bag of goodies and awesome coupons ($50 value).  Then, if you still have items left on your registry after the baby is born, you will get a 15% discount on those items! The sheer number of Target stores is great too for those shoppers who like to go in store. I love Target anyway, so maybe I am biased, but this is my favorite baby registry.

affordable baby registry


Babies R Us.  You really can’t create a “Best Baby Registry” list without mentioning Babies R Us, can you? Babies R Us has been around for a long time and people love the familiarity with it.  Shipping is free on orders of $19 or more and they have great prices.  Plus, there are many physical locations for those that don’t like to shop online.

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Kohls.  While Kohls doesn’t have everyday baby stuff like diapers, food, etc., they still make the list of best baby registries because they have such cute stuff and you can find some great deals at Kohls especially when you shop sales and use their coupons. One of Kohls’ best baby registry features though is that they have a generous 365 day return policy.  This is great for those gifts that you get that are for older babies, since you likely won’t be opening it right away.

budget friendly baby registries

Did you sign up for a baby registry when you were expecting?  Which ones did you sign up for and what did you love or hate about them? 

budget friendly baby registries

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  1. Sigrid Says

    This is a nice list. I do love gift registries! We have utilized gift registries for our eldest twice and we are so happy that we did, especially during her 7th birthday. She got all she wanted and more! 🙂

    • Barefoot Budgeting

      My mom did a gift registry for herself one year for Christmas. Was the EASIEST shopping experience ever! I think everyone should have a gift registry then I could randomly gift someone throughout the year!!! Your daughter must have been thrilled that year!! Sigrid, thank you so very much for being here. I truly love hearing from you, it really does mean so much to me! xo


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