Baby Halloween Costumes You’ll Oooh and Ahh Over!

Baby Halloween Costumes You’ll Oooh and Ahh Over!

Baby Halloween Costumes You’ll Oooh and Ahh Over!

Still stuck on the perfect Baby Halloween Costumes you like ? I don’t blame you, there are just so many crazy adorable choices.  Oh, the pictures!!!  baby halloween costumes

This Dragon costume is a perfect option for going out on a cooler night. And don’t tell any Game of Thrones fans, this one is much cuter!  Mother of Dragons sorry lady but these little creatures win over here!

infant halloween costume



I can’t get over how adorable this Monkey costume is, I mean look at the tail!!  My very first stuffed animal was a monkey, I still have a fond memories of these fun little jungle babies.

infant monkey costume



If you are looking for unique, then this Garden Gnome is the one. Oh, I can almost see this one with my friend’s new grandson haha.. I wonder if she’ll notice this.  Kristen, you know how I admire your garden gnomes every summer!!  You had to know I’d think of you when I saw this one!

garden gnome


Some monsters are scary, but this Monster is sweet as can be.  Don’t even tell me your little one isn’t a little monster from time to time!  Your secret is out!



Decorate the stroller like a pot, and let your little Lobster hold a spoon.  Hahaha , this so reminds me of one of the first year baby pics of my grandson!  Nicole, do you know the pic I’m thinking of? Reno in the stock pot, ohhhh tell him to stop growing older on me!

lobster costume for baby


This Lion costume would be great matched with a tiger and a bear or for a wizard of oz theme.  Jessica, I thought of Jackson in this one or is he more a little monster (wink wink) ?  Happy Trick or Treat our newest little grandson!

infant lion costume


If I were a new mom, I think I’d have to buy one for each day of the week!  I just don’t know how I could chose from all the adorable costumes there are!

Are DIY costumes more your thing?  Oh Baby, check these cutiepatooties out!

Have kids just a little older, we have these DIY’s for Halloween too.

Furbabies heading out trick or treating or showing off in a parade this year?

Of course, the festivities aren’t complete without a few decorations to set the spirit in tune!

I’m just a little excited about Halloween this year, can you tell ?


Plus Size Halloween Costumes for the Ladies

Plus Size Halloween Costumes for the Ladies

Plus Size Halloween Costumes for the Ladies

Attention Curvy Girls!  Plus Size Halloween Costumes are HOT!  Ugly fat girl costumes are a thing of the past and curvy girl love is in!  Trick or Treat! It’s up to you.

Plus size Halloween Costumes


Cruella Deville! Cruella Deville! If she doesn’t scare you.. No evil thing will!  Lock up the dogs! She’s an evil but very Halloween worthy character.

plus size halloween costumes


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope. It’s just a super cute wonder woman plus size costume


This Atlantis Goddess costume is perfect for going out on a chilly evening.

curvy girl halloween costume


If you are trying to win a costume contest, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Witch.

curvy girl witch costume


Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of hair net to match your hair to this Poodle Skirt costume.

plus size poodle skirt


The Gothic Ghost costume is spooky, but won’t scare the kids! May scare off a few neighbors if you wear it out the next day though!

plus size gothic costume


Did you guess? Yup, Im a curvy mamma and news flash, I LOVE Halloween!  These are just a few of my favorites and I just can’t decide which one?  HELP!!!

Looking for some more ideas for Halloween, feeling a little homemade is in your holiday? check out these DIY Halloween decoration ideas.   



Easy Homemade Costumes for Adults

Easy Homemade Costumes for Adults

Easy Homemade Costumes for Adults

Easy Homemade Costumes on your to do list this year?  These are great for adults a.k.a. the big kids the in the house!

frugal halloween costume

Are you tired of repeating everyone else’s Halloween Ideas every year? Looking for something fun and easy ? Going to a party or do you just enjoy dressing up with the kids for the candy fetching activities?!  These are super easy and you guessed it, affordable DIY’s for your Holiday this year.

1- If you need a last-minute costume, then this Pineapple Costume is perfect.

easy diy pineapple costume

2- You can make these no sew Care Bear Costumes for the entire family. O.K., this may be my favorite in this post. Am I allowed to have favorites in my own posts?

diy carebear costume


3- If you already have black suits laying around, turn them into Blues Brother Costumes. Or check out the thrift stores.

blues brothers costume

4- This Tube Man Costume will be the hit of any party you go to. Don’t know that I want to see you driving down the road wearing this though!

tube man costume


5- You can make this Raining Men Costume with an umbrella, rain boots and photos of some of your favorite heartthrobs. Or Change it up a bit and have it raining Cats and Dogs !  Either way, you really can pull this one off for pretty much FREE!

raining cats and dogs

What are some of your favorite past costumes?  I think mine was a homemade clown costume I wore back in the very early 80’s , not the scary kind of clown either haha!

Looking for some costume ideas for your baby ?  We’ve got you covered.

How about for the kids costumes this year?

Furbabies?  Got that for you too!

and well, how could I forget the decorations?!

5 Budget Friendly Homemade Baby Halloween Costumes

5 Budget Friendly Homemade Baby Halloween Costumes

5 Homemade / DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Oh These Baby Halloween Costumes !!! I’m having so much fun with Halloween this year! Sometimes we just need to break out of the reality of our lives and live in the SILLY! That’s how I’m feeling lately.  I need a break from real life drama and looking for some fun, smiles, giggles and belly laughs.  Not much more fun than seeing babies in their first year or two of Halloween costumes!  No need to break the bank either friends!



1- This Baby Cow Costume even has udders! It doesn’t get cuter than that!

2- Your baby can be any color chicken you desire, when you make their Chicken Costume.

3- This Max Costume is from one of my very favorite child books, Where The Wild Things Are.

max halloween costume

4- It will be hard not to just eat your baby up when they are wearing a Donut Costume.

5- If you need something quick, this Where’s Waldo Costume takes less than an hour to make.

OH, I do hope you have pictures to share after Halloween!  Drop me a line and maybe we can do a baby photo show off post!

Looking for some more Halloween Inspiration?  Check out our posts on Halloween Decor   

or our post on Halloween Kids Costumes (too cute!)

and we didn’t forget your fubabies!!

What will it be for you this year? Trick ?? or Treat ??

Repurpose Household Items For A More Organized Home

Repurpose Household Items For A More Organized Home

Repurpose Household Items For A More Organized Home

I bet y’all could repurpose household items right now. Why aren’t you? Hmmm, maybe you just need a little nudge to your imagination ? Most of these are so super easy and well, can you say FRUGAL?!   Being a good budgeter is much more than knowing where your money is coming from and going to.  It’s about making wise decisions with where you truly ‘need’ to spend.  Upcycling items into useful and decorative home items are a great way to reduce your footprint as well as save a LOT of moolah honey!  Keep your eye on supply costs by borrowing or sharing with friends. Buy paints in ‘mistake’ sections of stores. Post in yard sale sites ISO (in search of).  So, what are you thinking you may want to try your hand at? Here’s some fun and penny pincher ideas for you to check out.


repurpose household items for more organization


1- Coffee tables are so over priced. With this DIY you can turn some old crates into a coffee table. I see these at yard sales and you guessed it, curbside for trash pick up too.  Built in storage or seasonal decor makes this  huge plus over plain  coffee tables.

repurpose crates into coffee table


2- Phone cords all over the place are annoying. Solve the issue by making a cell phone charging
holder out of a lotion bottle
.  I could seriously use this at work too!  Maybe make a bunch and give them out as office holiday treats ??

upcycle plastic bottle


3- Turn plastic flower pots into high end decor with this simple how to!  I love almost any outdoor diy and well, what a fancy schmancy place would this be to hide-a-key.

easy diy planter


4- A vintage crate can become a magazine holder in just a few steps.  Hang one up in a family area for fashionable place to cut down on table top clutter. Are you thinking where I’m thinking?

magazine holder upcycle repurpose


5- You can turn an old TV cabinet into a beautiful and functional kitchen cabinet. Style and Function makes this a hands down winner in almost any home or every room in every home ! Ever wonder how those home shows get those customized designer looks? They repurpose, upcycle, diy!!

diy tv stand repurposed


6- If you have an old guitar case laying around you can make a gorgeous jewelry holder.  This!!  I love what a rock’n piece of wall art this makes while serving as a super efficient organizer.  I am thinking WOW as a spice rack in the kitchen.  Now that would make a custom look !

easy diy guitar case shelf

See that Adorable Trendy pineapple in the right hand corner above?  Pick up a plastic or wooden one and paint it yourself. Voila!

repurposed household items

If you loved these all as much as I did be sure to check out our first upcycle / repurpose post!


Adorable Dog Costumes for Halloween

Adorable Dog Costumes for Halloween

Adorable and Funny Dog Costumes for Halloween

I couldn’t resist doing a post about Adorable dog costumes this year, just had to!  I am in love with my furbabies and friends in my barefoot budgeting group have shared their past Halloween costumes with great joy!  So many of you take your pups trick or treating with your and your kids on the fun candy walk and it’s an all out trend on pinterest and well, have you seen the stores with sections dedicated just to this all out fun!  I’ve even seen Pet fundraisers with Halloween parades, how cute is that?!!

adorable dog costumes

I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter costume for a dog than this Lion

dog lion costume

If you are a Disney fan, dress your dog up as Mickey.

dog mickey mouse costume

Or if man’s best friend is a girl, Minnie!

dog minnie mouse costume

Your dog could win the costume contest wearing this Cowboy outfit.

dog cowboy costume

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope! It’s just Superdog!!!

superdog superman dog costume

What Halloween isn’t complete without the Caped Crusader!  Superman fans love this Batman. 

dog batman costume

Seriously, how much fun is it to Trick or Treat with your whole family, furry ones and all!  Spending quality fun family time is such a great activity and way to get unplugged, out of the house and share some fun memories.  What are your kids (furry and non furry) wearing this year?

Check Out our other fun Halloween Idea posts here:

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations (all frugal!)  

5 EASY DIY Kids Halloween Costumes (yup, frugal!) 

Minion Twinkie Treats 

Hey, hop around on some of our other posts, we’re always adding in more realistic ways to save and earn.  Thanks bunches for stopping by!



One Month Meal Plan, New Budget Goals!

One Month Meal Plan, New Budget Goals!

One Month Meal Plan, New Budget Goals!


Phew, I just finished up my first ever One month meal plan . Barefoot Budgeting is on a Meal Plan Kick yet AGAIN.  Not really. I’ve been sticking with it, just so busy I haven’t gotten back here on the blog to let you know how it’s going.  Here are the top reason why ‘I’ meal plan and I believe if you want to save money, time, sanity, even eat healthier you should too!!

1 month meal plan on a budget

If you’ve been following me on Facebook for the past two years you know I was out of work for a year. Well, technically I was under employed, I was fortunate enough to get back part time hours a few months after being laid off. That lasted for a year until I could find full time employment almost exactly one year later.  NO, I didn’t collect unemployment either. Those are my personal reasons, however it motivated me to keep on track that year.  However, meal planning kept my budget in check during that time.

Here we are today and well, I fell off the bandwagon in a big way back several months ago when I started back to work full time.  I’m working longer days and my life filled up with extra commitments.  My grocery bill was an all time embarrassment!!! I’m almost afraid to go back and look but I recall spending $150 one week in the spring!  I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry or eat ice cream and cake!

WHY Meal Plan, here are my reasons.
  • You will save money if you have a plan, I promise, it almost mysteriously happens.
  • You will save hours of cooking or rifling through your freezer or making last minute stops to the market.
  • You will waste much less in spoiled foods or items in the waaaaaaaaaaaaay back of your freezer/cupboards/shelves.
  • You will have more time to spend reading my blog!!!  Or spending with your family and friends. Or reading my blog!

There are lots of tips n tricks you’ll learn along the way, but I like to just start with what we like to eat and plan on making it.  I prepare some ahead of time on weekends.  Trust me, I’m no cook so this is all easy stuff.

Tip:  If you’re really new at this, jot down what meals you had this past week or two that you recall.  I bet you remember having pasta twice or pizza twice, along that idea.  Write that on your plan now!  See, you already have a couple or more days filled in! 

I’m going to share my meal plan first then tell you how much I actually spent for this past month. YES. I went to the grocery store once ONLY for the 99.9% of it!  I even waited to post this so I could be sure of my total.

apologies galore here.. wrapping it all into one pretty month calendar is no easy feat for me, so the ‘look’ isn’t as pretty as the savings!

one month meal plan on a budget

Let’s talk about my version of Prep 

So for Prep, keep in mind like I said above, I am NOT a COOK!  I’m also out of the house more than 60hrs a week, so this is pretty danged simple!  As I’m unpacking my groceries I’m doing this. For REAL! No sense putting it away to take it out again and again. I’m cheap with my time too!

  • 5lb ground beef, fry up.  Divide. 1lb portion add taco seasonings, 1lb portion add mexican tomatoes (x2) 1lb plan (x2)  in the freezer it goes.
  • Boil a box of Tri Color Pasta while Hamburg is cooking.  Start a large (triple or larger) batch of pasta sauce, will freeze in 4 batches when doe.
  • Turn on oven and cook that first whole chicken. The 2nd goes in freezer.
  • Cut any veggies I’m using this week. I use this little gadget i bought about 8 or more years ago.
  • Lg Green Peppers cut up, put in freezer. These came from garden.
  • Pasta is done cooking, strain (don’t rinse) add some veggies while it’s cooling then make a large batch of pasta salad for the week!
  • Mix up the makings for a quiche, set aside.  Once chicken is out of oven, throw two quiches in oven, freeze when done n cooled.
  • This time of year at home we’ve got a lot of savings growing in our yard. That also means a lot of work, so I’ll be saving a ton on fruit (think we’ll be eating peaches n blueberries all month long!)
  • Shred some zucchini, freeze in 3 cup batches or put in container to cook throughout the week (zucchini bread).  Wash cucumbers to get ready for making pickles this week.  Pick peaches. Can most, keep a handful for snacks.

So, snacks are home made zucchini bread, brownies made in cupcake liners (better i think for freezing), peaches, peach muffins/ cupcakes.

Salads are primarily made right from the backyard.  While we have a good sized garden, we also still use these handy grow boxes for backdoor gardening too.  

Last Meal Plan Post at the grocery store I spent $150! YIKES!!  I put myself in the budgeting doghouse!  I had to seriously take a look at where I was going wrong.  For the past two months i’ve tried to drastically cut back on any time I spend in any store. Thus, a one month mega (for me) plan.  Surprise, it was much easier than I imagined!!  Oh, how much did I spend for the month (including 20lbs of sugar and 2 gallons of vinegar for canning!) $180!!  Much of that will last all year thanks to canning and gardening!

FYI: We do have our own backyard poultry, so eggs are free! So, I was super excited to get my mom’s quiche recipe nailed down!  It is awesome!  I’m working on posting the recipe soon for y’all!!

I also spent some time working on some meals in Mason Jars plus more, I hope that’ll help cut expenses too and well, keep it interesting and fun!  I hope you’ll have time to check some of them out!

I have to confess while I am not a kitchen guru or even enjoy cooking very much, I had a ton of fun doing this post for y’all and I’m getting pumped to get back on track all around with budgeting my expenses, time and maybe even healthier eating habits.

As for savings, dont’ feel discouraged cause well, I’ve got another secret. I did NOT use a single coupon.  I shopped sale only, I loaded ALL load to card deals on my store card. I checked the day old section, managers specials and my back yard.  I checked my pantry, fridge and freezer for what I ‘needed’ not wanted.  I comitted to the meal plan ‘before’ Ieft the house and like Santa Claus, I made my list and checked it twice.

Now, until next time, I am up to my armpits in canning jars.   Time for me to get back to work on the garden harvest! 


 one month meal plan on a budget

Twinkie Minion Mummy

Twinkie Minion Mummy

Twinkie Minion Mummy


Seriously for all ages Yummy Twinkie Minion Mummy Tummy Yumminess!

Have you figured it out yet? I’m kind of sorta, kinda,  o.k. all out excited about Halloween this every year!  I have to stop myself from making too many of these cause well, TWINKIES!

Y’all know I’m frugal too, so these are not going to break the budget and make a huge impact.  I get treats like this super affordable all the time and it doesn’t get more fun than Twinkies on Halloween. Hint: If you get them on sale early yes, you can freeze these too and defrost when you’re ready to decorate. 

twinkie minion mummy

twinkie minion mummy
Twinkie Minion Mummy

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 10
  • 1 box Twinkies
  • 1 bag Ghiradelli white chocolate melting chips
  • 1 bag small edible eyes
  • 1 tube black cookie icing
  • 1 disposable piping bag
  • 1 wax paper lined cookie sheet

  1. Unwrap the twinkies and place them on the cookie sheets, set aside

    Melt the chocolate and then coat 1/2 of the twinkie and then place the tray into the fridge so the chocolate can harden about 30 minutes

  2. Once the chocolate is harden, turn the twinkie upside down and dip about 1/4 of the top into the chocolate for the "head bandage" 
  3. Using the black icing, draw a line in the middle of the opening between the two dipped parts

    Place an eye onto the center of the black line

  4. Place back into the fridge for another 10 minutes

    While the twinkies are hardening, scoop the rest of chocolate into a disposable bag

    Cut the tip of the bag so that small lines of white chocolate come out

  5. Pull out the cookie sheet with the twinkies and take the piping bag and drizzle back and forth with the chocolate to give the mummy the wrap effect
  6. Let sit for 30 minutes to harden before enjoying

Because I want you to have the BEST Halloween ever, I’ve also put together some Halloween costume ideas for your kiddos and fun n spooky decoration ideas!    I’m oohing and ahhhing all over these Most Epic Halloween Stairways and Entryways in Amber’s recent Halloween post.

Looking for budget friendly and fun costume ideas for your favorite kiddos? Check out these super cute easy and afordable diy costume ideas.



5 Easy DIY Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

5 DIY / Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

Looking for some inspiration for kids halloween costumes? Look no further, these are just toooooo cute!  The Elmo costume brings back vivid memories of the Big Bird Costumes my mom and Aunt Claire made for my sister Alicia and my cousin Cheryl. They were super adorable.  My mom and aunts were all so creative and spent hours together making things, helping one another.  I know kids love the store bought and I get it, it makes a lot of sense.  However, making at least one costume for your child in their younger years will bring a lifetime of memories to you both.  O.K., I am seriously calling out to my Alicia and Cheryl if they find a picture of that costume, please send me a copy so I can add to this post!!

We looked through a bunch of great ideas and narrowed down to some of the more affordable and fairly easy to make costumes for you to either make or gain some inspiration from.  Remember, colors can be changed to suit your son or daughter’s personality !  I’d love to see the Jelly Fish in a whole rainbow of colors!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

This Jellyfish Costume is a real head turner AND really easy to make.  Check out those sequins!  Bling !!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids


Even if you can’t sew, you can make this easy Lion Costume.  Raise your hand all you non-sewers like me!!  I want to cuddle this one to pieces!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

The Little Bandit Costume is great for a boy or a girl. Do you have a little bandit who’ll be looking like this with the candy on Halloween?

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

I see this and I want to bust out a Sesame song!  Your child will look like they belong on Sesame Street with this no sew Elmo Costume.

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

You can use footie PJ’s. or a green shirt and pants to turn your child into a Ninja Turtle Costume. Footies are the best, aren’t they?!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids


easy diy halloween costumes for kids

Do you have favorite childhood Halloween memories.  Funny, I always forget how much fun I had growing up ar ound Halloween time.  When I was a kid, it was so different than now.  We stayed out for hours, I mean hours and hours! There were some years if you hustled ! Oh, the mischief too.  Then there was the get home, empty out the loot and trade candies!  O.K., i’ll stop.  You get the idea, yup, my favorite holiday!

If you missed it, we’ve done a fun diy Halloween decorations round up of ideas too!


5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 

I don’t know about you, when I was a kid and even as an adult, one of my top two favorite holidays has long been Halloween.  Maybe it’s the fun or getting to be someone else for a day, night or well, there’s the candy too! Since we’ve moved I see few trick or treaters but still have vivid memories of the days I trick or treated in my old neighborhood in Dedham. Oh the anticipation and yes, the mischief!  These ideas are fun, on point for an awesome frugal DIY Halloween.  I just know you’ll find one or all of them perfect for your trick or treaters or just for yourself like me!  This year I’m really digging the skeletons, check out my Pinterest board ‘Halloween’, you’ll see what I mean haha!

easy diy halloween decorations

1- You can use any color ribbon you have laying around to make this Skeleton Wreath.

2- This Paper Bat Tree deserves a spot right on the middle of your dining room table.

3- These Giant Tentacles are made using just pool noodles, egg cartons and burlap.

diy halloween tentacle

4- The secret to these Hanging Spiders, is a just a simple helium filled balloon.

5- Grab some old and messy Barbies from the Goodwill or a yard sale and make Zombie Barbies.


7 No Sew Fleece Projects

7 No Sew Fleece Projects

7 No Sew Fleece Projects

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share posts like this.  If you know me, I’m so challenged when it comes to sewing machines.  Truly I’ve tried but well, I just don’t have to when it comes to so many fun projects like these!  And let’s not forget those awesome no sew pillows, right?!   Get ready, cause these are going to be the hit at football games, tailgates, sofa games, camping and well, gifts!!!  Fully customize your colors, prints and Oh Emmmm Geeeeee… the sky is the limit!  See, I told you i was excited.  Be sure to check the very end for another little fyi.. I think many of you would love to know.



1 This No-Sew Fleece Blanket is much fancier than any other I’ve seen.


no sew patchwork fleece blanket


2- Does your dog have a blanket? They will love this No-Sew Dog Blanket.


diy no sew dog blanket


3- Your cat will thank you when you make them this No-Sew Cat Bed.


no sew cat bed


4- Your daughters American Girl Doll will love this No-Sew Doll Sleeping Bag.


diy no sew doll blanket


5- Save your crib rails from teething toddlers with this No-Sew Crib Rail Cover.


crib rail teether covers


6- This adorable No-Sew Pouch is perfect for toting around small treasures.


no sew fleece pouch


7- Your dog will be one happy puppy when you make this No-Sew Dog Bed Cover.


diy no sew dog bed cover



no sew fleece projects


Hey, thanks for sticking around and checking the bottom of this post.  So, a friend showed me how to make these years back, so if you have questions please drop me a line, I’ve made like more than you want to know about!!  I’ve passed along this fun skill to a bunch of friends and ……………. oh, did you guess already?  A few of them made out really really well selling them on yard sale pages around the holidays. I mean really well!   And ummm, Etsy?!! Oh yeah, these fun little no sew diy’s have income potential friends!

Can NOT wait to hear all about the colors and prints you crush on and make.  A big favorite is sports teams too.  Yes, these are great ‘guy gifts’ !


Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle

Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle

We’ve been sharing lots of mason jar recipes around here lately like this Mason Jar Berry Trifle and the Mason Jar Pulled Pork Salad too or my favorite so far, the Mason Jar Chicken Taco salad! These mason jar recipes are so much fun to make, they store well, and they’re great for meal planning too! Meal planning is an important part of staying on track with your budget, so these mason jar recipes are super helpful if you’re making a few portions or servings of something and want to store them for the week. They’ll stay fresh, and they look cute and stylish too as an added bonus!

This Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle recipe is sure to be a favorite dessert recipe for years to come!

This mason jar banana cream trifle is one of my favorite desserts to make when I need to use up some bananas that I’ve picked up from a farmer’s market or the supermarket! If you’re the type who often forgets to use bananas until it’s too late, slicing one up for this recipe is my favorite way to avoid food waste!

In this recipe, I used pound cake (check the day old section or box mix!)  and banana cream pudding, however, if you’re looking to keep it low calorie, you could skip the pound cake or use something lighter in place of it. Adding protein powder to your banana cream pudding is an excellent way to add some nutritional value to this as well if you’re looking to be healthier with your snacks and meal planning. In fact, by skipping the pound cake and adding protein, you can transform this from a dessert recipe to a grab-and-go breakfast recipe!

This Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle recipe is sure to be a favorite dessert recipe for years to come!

Note: I used a smaller mason jar for this Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle recipe as I tend to use the quart sized jars for actual meals and the smaller ones for desserts. Feel free to use whatever size you want. If you don’t want to buy an entire box of them from the store, hit up thrift stores like Goodwill to find tons of jars in different shapes, sizes, and colors! You can even use baby food jars and old pickle or relish jars.

If you intend on making a few of these to serve for guests or use as snacks throughout the week, consider finding jars that have lids, otherwise you can use cling wrap to preserve the freshness for a day or two.

Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle

This Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle recipe is sure to be a favorite dessert recipe for years to come!
Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle

This Mason Jar Banana Cream Trifle recipe is sure to be a favorite dessert recipe for years to come!

  • 1-2 slices vanilla pound cake
  • 1 packet banana cream instant pudding
  • 1-2 tbsp whipped cream
  • 1 tbsp crushed graham crackers
  1. Create layers of each ingredient in the order: cake, pudding, whipped cream, (repeat all 3), and then top with sliced bananas and crushed graham crackers! 

Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share on Barefoot Budgeting? Love to hear from you!  Drop me a line in the comments below or Contact me! Let’s Chat!


Can You Afford to Get a Divorce?

Can You Afford to Get a Divorce?

The True Cost of Divorce

Let me preface this post by saying, it makes my heart heavy to post topics like this.  However, I know and love so many of my readers and I realize this is a real concern and true financial burden that weighs on them or loved ones.  I want to try and help you understand the best you can what’s involved with getting divorced.  It’s never an easy choice and it’s always an extremely difficult time in everyone’s life.  My heart goes out to those of you struggling through this decision or process

No one goes into a marriage planning for divorce but the truth is, it happens. Sometimes people change, situations change, or other things occur that cause one or both parties to want out of the marriage.

Divorce is never an easy or fun place to be in but the facts are, it happens to a lot of people. Whatever the reason your marriage isn’t working out, if you’re asking yourself just how much a divorce will cost, you’re probably getting conflicting reports. It’s bad enough you’re going through a breakup in the first place but then to have to pay for it, too… well, that really stings.

You may have heard about big-ticket divorces of celebrities going into the billions but what about the rest of us? What about the ordinary folk? Well, it’s hard to put an accurate number on that but we can give you an idea of what to expect.

First, you need to determine the type of divorce. Will it be mediated? Will you hire a divorce attorney? Are there children involved? Are you arguing over how to split the assets? Next, you need to consider the state you live in and how complicated the divorce is.

How much does divorce really cost?

A mediated divorce can cost between $1,000 and $7,000 on average. If you’re hiring a divorce attorney, the fees vary based on the state you reside in, the attorney you choose, and the complexities of your case but you can expect it to start with at least $5,000 and many divorces go well over $10,000. Hourly rates for a divorce attorney can go from $100/hour to well over $650/hour. The fees also vary according to the services you receive. Some options are:

  • Full representation – The attorney handles everything and you just sign on the lines
  • Partial representation/ limited scope – Your attorney will handle some parts of the divorce (such as child custody or alimony) but not all of it, reducing your fees.
  • Consultation only – You meet with an attorney who gives you advice and/or prepared documents but they do not represent you.


When considering the costs of divorce, you have to look at how long the divorce takes – the longer it goes on, the more expensive – and also the issues that are usually covered in a divorce. These may include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony/ spousal support
  • Division of debts
  • Division of property
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Claims of reimbursement
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

The more of these issues that need to go to trial, the more the divorce will cost you. If you can solve some of these issues in mediation, or if they don’t all apply to you, then you will be able to keep some costs down.

It helps to understand the various stages of the divorce process so you can see where the legal fees are going. Here are the basic stages of a typical divorce litigation:


Stage One – Pleadings

Stage Two – Financial Statements

Stage Three – Motion

Stage Four – Examination/ Cross Examination

Stage Five – Case Conference of Pretrial

Stage Six – Trial

afford divorce finance budget


At the end of the day, there’s much more to it than just the court fees and attorney fees. In addition to these fees (which do make up the bulk of the costs of divorce), you also have to consider things like missed work time due to going to court or meeting with attorneys or mediators.

You may also have to pay refinancing costs, record deed fees, and other expenses based on how you divide property and assets during the divorce. There may be costs for child care as well as for transferring titles to vehicles and other property. Who pays these fees and what portions they pay will also be figured up within the divorce proceedings.

If there are no children involved, the divorce is uncontested, and there are no disagreements over property and assets, you might be able to do your divorce without an attorney, or with limited attorney involved. In this case, you won’t have to spend as much. The cheapest you can expect to get by with a divorce is filing yourself and representing yourself and you will pay only the court fees and potential fees for having your spouse served.

When talking about the true cost of divorce, it’s also important to remember there is more involved than just monetary costs. No matter what the reason for the divorce, it is an emotional process. If you have children, there will be an emotional toll on them as well. Be sure you take the time and the proper steps to seek help with this. You don’t have to go through it alone and there are services available to help you through this difficult time. Stay strong, seek help when needed, and everything will work out in the end.

I recently posted about recovering and healing from a loss,  this certainly fits into this category.  In this post you’ll find how to start looking at your finances, addressing the elephant in the room.

Remember, we are here for you, questions, support, or just need to vent, contact me.


6 Homemade Sugar and Salt Scrubs you can DIY, plus bonus!

6 Homemade Sugar and Salt Scrubs you can DIY, plus bonus!

6 Homemade Sugar or Salt Scrubs you can DIY, plus bonus!


For Real, I am totally infatuated with all the wonderful DIY Salt and Sugar Scrubs out there.  These are some I’m loving today.  If you’re thinking of stocking your bathroom for guests, yourself or for making as gifts, you can’t go wrong with these!


1. You can get your chocolate fix without an ounce going to your waistline when you use this Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub.



2. Cranberries are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and they are considered to be beneficial for skin. This Cranberry Salt Scrub is just what your skin needs!



3. Start your morning off right. Start your morning off fresh and bright. Use this Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub.




4. This Coconut Orange Salt Scrub is a game changer when it comes to having smooth skin! Plus it is super easy to make.



5. This Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub is great for your skin and you can eat it.



6. This Sea Salt & Olive Oil Scrub is made with only two ingredients. Adjust the amounts depending on how thick or thin you want it.



BONUS:  This Sea Salt Almond and Lavender Scrub is divine for year round use!  Shared from my dear friend Taylor. Stop over to check her post out and Say Hi from Barefoot Budgeting!!


diy sea salt scrub almond and lavender

Which one(s) are your favorites?  I bet some of you are planning your holiday gift giving right now, I know I am!



Easy Walking Tacos Recipe

Easy Walking Tacos Recipe

Have you ever heard of a “walking taco”? If not, you’re missing out! Walking tacos are a new trend that turns a simple snack into a tasty lunch or fun appetizer for parties and get togethers! Featuring one of the most popular snacks, Doritos, this takes your chips to the next level! Keep reading for a recipe that is sure to rock your world!

This easy walking tacos recipe is a fun and easy appetizer that is great for all kinds of parties!

The Easiest Walking Tacos Recipe

Great for summer celebrations, birthday parties, taco nights, tailgate parties and more!

It’s that time of year again! Soon, school will be starting and summer will be coming to an end. Whether you’re celebrating your last few weeks of freedom with a party or making these as a delicious camping snack, or planning family grab n go meals for sports activities this recipe is sure to be a hit! This is an easy way to elevate a relatively inexpensive snack into a fun version of taco night! The best part about this recipe is that you can easily substitute it with any of your favorite chips to snack on. Great as a meal or dress up a boring snack and make it more interesting, fun, and filling!

This easy walking tacos recipe is a fun and easy appetizer that is great for all kinds of parties!

Pro Tip: Check to see if chips are on sale near you. The individual bags can sometimes cost more because you’re paying for the convenience, but occasionally you’ll be able to find a deal or coupon for them! I find the small ones in dollar type stores for a quarter all the time. 

You can add as many toppings as you’d like to make these walking tacos exactly the way you’d like! You’ll want to make sure you’re making them right before you serve them. This isn’t one of those set it and forget it appetizer recipes! If you leave them sitting for too long, your chips could potentially get soggy – and nobody likes soggy chips!

Now, get your ingredients ready and let’s make this easy walking tacos recipe so you can see what a breeze it is!

Easy Walking Tacos

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This easy walking tacos recipe is a fun and easy appetizer that is great for all kinds of parties!
Easy Walking Tacos

  • 4 Individual Dorito's Bags
  • 1 cup shredded lettuce
  • 1 cup shredded fiesta blend cheese
  • 4 tbsp sour cream
  • 1/2 lb cooked taco seasoned meat of choice
  • 1 cup diced tomato
  • 1 cup diced onion
  • 1 cup diced green and red peppers
  1. Open the bags of chips right before serving to decorate them with the toppings! 

  2. Serve immediately with a fork for easy enjoyment! 

Recipe Notes

Sometimes I prefer buying 'fresh' store bought salsa in refrigerated section near product instead.  It comes in hot and mild.  It's fresh diced tomatoes, onion, cilantro, mild or hot peppers. It's pretty amazing stuff! Perfect shortcut for tacos, salads sandwiches and more.

This recipe is designed for 4 servings but you could easily make as many as you wanted to! 


Looking for another fun and family friendly, easy to transport taco idea, check out this mason jar taco salad recipe right here.