Ways to Stash Your Cash that are Genius!

Ways to Stash Your Cash that are Genius!

Ways to Stash Your Cash

Do you prefer to keep your savings in cash?  I know to some financial institutions, that is a no-no, but for many people, they feel much more confident knowing that they have plenty of cash on hand in case of emergency.  We like to keep cash on hand at home in small amounts.  I reached out to a few creative friends and asked where they keep their stash in a safe hide away.  

stash your cash

If you are looking for some creative ways to stash your cash at home, check out this awesome list we put together for you. Some of them are simple and expected, while others are quite unique and will keep even you from wanting to touch that money unless absolutely necessary.

Safe.  Okay, not totally creative or unique, but it’s always good to keep your money locked up in a safe right?  That is especially true if your safe cannot easily be carried out.  Only space for a small safe, try bolting it to a cement wall in your basement or be sure it’s secured tightly to studs.  if it can’t be lifted and run with you stand a higher chance of a quick get away for the intended theif.  (click pic below for details

digital safe

Freezer.  Place your cash in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer underneath some of your frozen meat or other frozen foods.  Even better, place that plastic bag inside a bag of veggies.  Curious if burglars eat veggies? 

(tip: great place to hide leftover Halloween candy from the kids too! ) 

Birds Eye Steamfresh Superfood Blends, Barley & Kale, 10 Ounce (Frozen)

In a bottle in your toilet tank.  Put your cash into an old water bottle or other waterproof container and place it inside the back of the toilet tank.  


In an envelope taped to the bottom of a cat litter box.  My initial reaction to hearing this ideas was….What kind of burglar is going to go looking at your cat box? A cat burglar?  In all honesty, this is genius!! Even cat owners don’t like litter box chores!  


Tampon boxes.  Tell me if you have heard this one before.  There are people who store their extra cash in full tampon boxes in their bathroom.  I love it!  Chances are a burglar isn’t going to think about digging through feminine hygiene products in an effort to find cash.  Try placing in an envelope and placing in bottom of box.  

Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons, Regular Absorbency, Unscented, 50 Count


Cleaning supplies.  Place your money in a sealed ziploc type bag and then take an old, empty bottle of cleaning solution (not a clear bottle though) and place your money into it, then fill it with water.  Place this bottle at the back of your cleaning supply cabinet.  This is great for wipes containers too.  

Clorox Control Bleach Packs, Regular, 12 Count


Old pants pockets.  Do you have a pair of pants that you no longer wear? Ever put on an old winter coat only to find money? Same idea.  Place money into the pockets of these pants and fold them up and place them in the bottom of your drawer so that they look like any other pair of pants in there.  It is unlikely that a burglar will have time to go through all of the pockets of your clothes.  


Do you like to keep cash on hand?  How do you stash your cash?  

Looking for ways to make more money so you have more to stash?  Check out any of these posts here!  

More ways to Save too here.  


hide your money


Before you click away into your life’s responsibilities and crazies, I wanted to let you know how very much it means to me to have you here, stopping by, checking out what fun and creative ways we come up to save, earn and stash together!  I love having you here and can’t wait to have you stop by again soon.  Until we meet again………………………….



How to Feel Fancy On a Budget

How to Feel Fancy On a Budget


Fancy on a Budget sound too good to be true?  The misconception about budgets is alarming.  Many view budgets as limits on ways that they can spend their money….but, please, humor me and try thinking of budgets a different way.  To me, budgets are a way to pay for all the necessities in life and still have money left over the fun things, the “fancies”, if you will.  Budgeting is planning what you will do with your money. Simple. Smart. Sensible. Planning.

 feel fancy on a budget

So, how does one feel fancy on a budget?

  • Treat yourself to an at-home spa day.  Yes, it’s a thing.  and It. Is. Amazing.  Being able to spa at home is awesome.  No waiting lines, no awkward conversations, no stranger touching my feet…I get to pamper myself, in the comfort of my own home, for little to nothing.  How does one have an at-home spa day?  Give yourself a pedicure.  (Instant $30 savings every month!)  Soak in a bubble bath, grab a bottle of wine and a good book, and take your time relaxing.  No time limits at an at-home spa day!  You can relax all day long if you want!

home spa pedicure

  • Buy yourself fresh flowers.  I never realized the power of fresh flowers growing up, until one dreary day, I stumbled upon a bouquet of flowers discounted down to $5.  I bought them, took them home and they lived for another week, lighting up the room with their colors and fragrance.  Instant game changer for me.  Flowers are a must for any occasion.  Not only are they fancy, they are elegant and beautiful and add such a touch of class.  Stop by the local market and buy the discount bouquet.  They have so much life left in them to share with you!

fabulous for less

  • Buy Organic Fruit.  I know what you are thinking…what does organic fruit have to do with feeling fancy?  EVERYTHING.  I love berries..They are full of flavor and are so bright and beautiful.  Organic can be super expensive, I get that.  However, tip to stay on budget?  Find out the days that your local market marks down their fruits.  You can get them super cheap and discounted and eat organic fruit like a king or a queen for several days!

organic fruits

  • Utilize your library.  Some of the fanciest, most educated and classy people I know and admire are book lovers.  But..let’s face it, books are expensive and not all that practical to buy.  Instead of dropping $50 plus on books, head on over to the public library and check out what they have.  Looking to enhance your table manners?  There’s a book for that.  Want to learn about the different teas of the world?  Study it up.  Being fancy doesn’t always mean materialistic.  It can also mean being smart and well-educated about things in the world as well.

  • Buy cloth napkins to use at home.  Nothing screams fancy like cloth napkins that you can reuse at home.  They are practical, cost saving and nice looking.  Setting at the dinner table and unfolding your cloth napkin into your lap before eating?  100% fancy.

  • Order appetizers at high-end restaurants.  How often have you wanted to eat at a restaurant but have felt it is out of your price point?  Try this trick instead.  Don’t NOT visit a restaurant just because you feel that you can’t afford it…look and find ways that you can visit it instead.  Pull up their menu online before going and study it.  Do they have appetizers that you can try instead of paying full price for a meal?  Better yet, do they have some sort of happy hour where you can go and save even more money?  There is nothing wrong with going to a restaurant and having an appetizer only.  It’s a win/win for you buy getting to eat there, enjoying some delicious food and saving money as well!

eating gourmet on a budget


Staying within budget and feeling fancy at the same time is doable on so many levels.  Being fancy can mean so many different things.  Understand what fancy means to you, and then decide on how you can work it into your budget.  If your love of life and all things fancy involves pets, then think of how you can fit more “pet time” into your budget.  Look at volunteering your time at a shelter for more interaction (free!) or look into fostering animals in your home, where the shelter provides and pays for the food and equipment needed. (also free!)

When it comes to feeling fancy on a budget the sky is truly the limit.  Set your sights high and reach for that fancy pie in the sky!

Before y’all go.. I just want you to know how very happy it makes me to see you stop by, take a moment out of your busy lives to hang with Barefoot Budgeting even for just a moment.  I truly appreciate YOU !!


feel fancy on a budget


8 Ways to Stock your Gift Closet on a Budget

8 Ways to Stock your Gift Closet on a Budget

 We all have one…the gift closet.  That one space, or closet,  in your house that is stocked and ready to go with gifts and presents for any occasion, at any random moment needed.  Get invited to a last-minute house-warming party?  Head to the gift closet.  Have a birthday party that you failed to remember?  Yep, you guessed it..start looking through your stockpile of gifts that you’ve accumulated over the years.  Every once in a while, you may notice that the gift closet starts to get a little low due to you taking out gifts, without thinking about replenishing.  Break that habit now!  Don’t deplete your gifts without understanding that you have to find new ways to replenish that stockpile!  Did you know that it is possible to keep your gift closet stocked for super cheap, throughout the entire year?  Gift giving on a budget is totally possible. Check out these 10 tips to stock your gift closet on a budget.

 gift closet

8 Ways to Stock your Gift Closet on a Budget


  1.  Buy after the holidays.  Once the holidays are over, hit those sale aisles!  Look for items that may not be holiday related like candles, soaps, coffee mug sets..grabbing those items for 75% off or more and giving them as gifts at a later time is a fantastic way to ensure that your gift closet is stocked and ready at any given moment.
  2. Add gifts you don’t want.  Sounds harsh, but think of it as just finding a new home for the gifts that serve no purpose for you in your house.  Just because you don’t have a need or a want for a gift, doesn’t mean that it won’t be the perfect gift for someone else.  Put it in the gift closet and pass it on when the time is right.
  3. Use Reward Points.  Does your credit or store rewards card offer rewards points, but only to certain stores?  If you don’t see an item you need or want, and those rewards points are on the verge of expiring, use them by buying up some fun gifts…for free!  Spend those points, you earned them!
  4. Frequent the thrift stores.  Who says all gifts have to be brand new?  If you see an awesome deal on something unique at the thrift store, chances are it’s at a huge discount rather than paying new. I’ve spotted brand new in thrift stores too.  Keep your eye out.
  5. Sign up for giveaways through various online sites.  What’s the harm?  Who knows what you might win!  Depending on the gift, and how often you win, you may be able to get a nice little stockpile of some pretty cool items to add to your gift closet.  Did you know many bloggers offer give aways throughout the year and the chances are higher of you winning than in something like Publishers Clearing House or other National contests.  Keep an eye on my pinterest boards for these, I save them there frequently.
  6. Buy all year-long.  Don’t limit yourself to stocking up your gift closet to only one time per year.  To be efficient in saving money, one must be on the look-out for a great deal throughout each and every shopping trip.  Making purchases throughout the year is what allows for the gift-closet to stay full of highly discounted and fun items.
  7. Think small.  Not all gifts have to be huge in size, right?  What about stocking stuffers and fun little “just because” gifts throughout the year?  Keep those fun samples of items that you get in the mail or along the way at certain stores.  A perfume sample?  Sample bottle of lotion?  Those are all great items to keep for later gifts as well!
  8. Consider buying multi-packaged items and breaking them into multiple presents.  You get more bang for your buck, and no one knows the difference.  If there is a coffee mug set on clearance, then split that gift up to be two separate gifts.  Wrap them in separate boxes, and bam!  You just got two gifts, for the price of one – plus, you made that purchase on clearance, saving you even more money!

If you notice that your gift closet is getting low, don’t stress.  Take inventory on the typical items that you have, but are starting to run low on, and begin searching for those items.  It may take time, but it is easy to get it built back up with little effort.  Focus your energy on having fun looking for items to put in the closet, while saving a bunch of money doing it.  Stock that gift closet to save time, and money, for you!

Earnings Tip:  Many of these items you can find on clearance and thrift stores are hot seasonal sellers on ebay too!

Do you have a gift closet? Drawer?

Thanks bunches for dropping by today.  I love having you here. i enjoy sharing ideas, hearing yours and learning more about smart, simple, sensible ways to save and earn.

A Romantic Valentine’s Day When You Are Flat Broke

A Romantic Valentine’s Day When You Are Flat Broke

How to Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day When You Are Flat Broke

The cool part about going thrifty for Valentine’s Day is that you’ll get to celebrate by doing something unique, memorable and outside-the-box. Skip the flowers and candy and opt for true romance and intimacy instead. Some of my favorite memories aren’t about the gifts at all.  They’re about the experience!

valentine's day on a budget

We can fantasize about diamonds and roses every day of the week but you and I both know that’s not realistic and well, just crazy!  Also, think about it, it’s kind of boring.  There are many times in life when we need to be cost conscious. Don’t let that deter you from celebrating this special day. I love finding ways to capture the holiday and spend time together while saving money; being smart doesn’t make you cheap.

Valentine’s Day is the time you get to tell them how much you care. It never was meant to be extravagant nor does it require gifts with a hefty price tag. I think you’ll be surprised to find that with a little creative effort, you can have a memorable Valentine’s Day whether you have money to spend or not. The gesture and sentiment will last a lot longer than those flowers or diamonds, I promise!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas to help you have a romantic Valentine’s Day whether you’re flat broke or simply trying to save a few bucks:

Classic Candlelight Dinner: Don’t underestimate how romantic this can be. It doesn’t matter what the meal is but knowing someone cares enough to prepare the table and prepare a meal goes straight to the heart, especially if you’re not the one who usually does the cooking. Trust me, they know how much work goes into throwing it all together and will appreciate it. Candlelight sets the mood for a romantic evening ahead.  No Budget or time for a big dinner, a candle lit breakfast or desert can be just as romantic when shared with someone you care deeply about.  

romantic candle light

Picnic Fun:  Picnics are cute, thoughtful and fun and almost always are a big hit. Take it to the park if the weather permits or rearrange the livingroom for a picnic surprise. Serve up picnic foods, a bottle of wine or sparkling water and focus on connecting through relaxation and good conversation. 

romance on a budget

Play Hooky: What better gift than to let your spouse off the hook and skip work for the day. Take the day together to do something you normally miss out on because you’re at work, binge watch your favorite show or just stay comfy cozy in bed all day. This will be the most fun; and may end up being an annual tradition. I dare you to call in!

romantic play

Have Fun on Purpose: Oftentimes we get so busy doing life that we forget to take the time to unwind and simply have fun. Try something new or spend time doing something you enjoy and never get enough time for; whatever it is, do it together. Video games, hiking and city tours are great choices even if it’s not really your type of thing.

romantic date with dog

Dance the Night Away: Turn your living room into a dance floor. Print freebie Valentine décor online (it’s okay, you can be cheesy on Valentine’s Day), adjust the lighting and turn on some mood music. Dancing can be energizing, stress relieving, both sensual and intimate. Even if you’re not great at it, it’s a wonderful opportunity to practice with your spouse in the comfort of your own home. Don’t knock it till you try it! 


Find the Free Stuff: Most major cities have plenty of free stuff to do within your community all year long; take advantage of it. Print Valentine’s cards online for free, write a heartfelt love letter or poem, pick some wildflowers or renew your vows at a Valentine’s Day group event (common on this day of the year). Spend a little extra time learning about your city and I’ll promise you’ll find a hidden gem or two in there.

free night life

Still need some great FREE ideas?  Check out our post here.  30 Ways to not spend a dime are listed for you there!

Our favorite holidays are highly commercialized; don’t be misled into believing you need to buy more things just to show someone you care. Your time and attention will always be the best gift of all!


Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

Yes, it’s that time of year.  Funny how we have babies year ’round but it’s about this time of the year when it seems we’re all about planning for all those fun events and occasions.  The best way to save is to have a plan.  There’s another way too!  Have some tricks up your sleeve, some good creative ideas to try out.  I love crafting and well, showers are just so much fun to craft n create for.  You just can’t help but see all the great ideas and getting the urge to get your craft on.  i was looking through some ideas and well, these are sooooooooo adorable yet super budget friendly!!  We know showers can get out of hand with costs quickly, so planning, some elbow grease (aka diy ideas) can go a long way to stretching the budget.


baby shower favors on a budget


Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

  • Pedicure In A Jar .  So, these… well these would be great for a wedding shower, girls party favor and yes, even holiday gifts!  Keep your eye out for sales at drugstores, etc..  I’ve got to tell you, I’ve gotten many of these items for FREE.


pedicure in a jar favors



  • Cotton Candy Cones .  How sweet and colorful do these look!  Not a sweets fan, use those bath scrunchies in pastel colors for the cotton candy filler!  These are another multi purpose gift idea.  Would be great for local fairs too!!


cotton candy shower favors


  • Teacup Succulents .  Going for an elegant, classy, garden party theme?  These are your pick!  You can pick up teacups pretty much anywhere like dollar stores as well as thrift stores and yard sales for pennies.  No need to go matchy matchy either.  Want to really save?  Plan ahead and start splitting some of your own plants to multiply for the occasion.   I am in LOVE with these!


tea cup shower favors


  • Duck Mason Jars .  Who doesn’t love ducks at a baby shower?!  Pretty much no one, they scream baby shower.  Get your craft on and in just a short time elevate those rubber duck wonders into favors fit for royalty!


ducklings baby shower favor



sugar scrub shower favor



pop favors crush



bottle shower favors



lip balm shower favors



pink princess party favor



Hershey's shower favor

Makes you kinda sorta want to have a baby, ha?  O.K., so maybe maybe not.  If you loooooooooooove making party favors but it’ just out of your age group right now.  Like me, most of my friends are having grandkids these days.  Many of the girls i work with are just too young to be thinking baby just yet.  If you’re one of those but still have the urge to get your craft on… you can totally make and sell these and others as a service on Etsy, online yard sale (aka buy/ sell ) pages or even start your own facebook page to sell your crafts.  Shower gifts are a hot item, especially this time of the year.  You’d be saving someone a TON of time and a good deal of money if your frugal and watch your budget, stock up on supplies during off season sales.  I can see this absolutely being a great side hustle for many!

Don’t forget to get registered for your baby ‘wish list’.  Check out these great registries with benefits here.

I saw this on Amazon this morning and it was listed as Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but still pretty affordable considering all the ways it can help you stay organized.

So, what are some favorite Shower favors you’ve gotten or made in the past?

affordable baby shower favors


10 Money Smart Things to do with your Tax Refund

10 Money Smart Things to do with your Tax Refund


Tax season is knocking on everyone’s door.  Baiting some of us to spend it all in once place, on something wild and crazy.  Vacations?  New car?  Outdoor swimming pool for your home?  While those are all amazing and awesome sounding ideas, they don’t necessarily mean that they are the best money decisions to make.

what to do with tax refund

10 Money Smart Things to do with your Tax Refund

We all have wants.  No one is impervious to that emotion…Some spend money on clothes, some on homes and some on yummy food…each of us have our “loves” in life.  While splurging here and there may be fun, there’s a time and place for everything.  Tax return time can be a really hard time to find that stop button on purchasing those wants…but, it is possible.  If you need a little brain fuel on ways to use that return wisely, here are a few suggestions for 10 Money Smart Things to Do with your Tax Return.

  1.  Pay yourself first.  Decide an amount between 10-20%.  Pick a number, any number.  Whatever you choose, that is money that you pay yourself first.  Ways to pay yourself could be adding to your retirement fund, your savings fund or even just straight into your checking.  Regardless, you pay yourself first.
  2. Prepare for the unexpected.  While calling something an “emergency fund” can seem a little daunting…it’s important to have one.  Life happens and is sometimes out of our control.  By putting a portion of your tax return away for a potential need later, it is a great way to stress less when something may happen.
  3. Buy a need.  You read it right..a need, not a want.  Is your home in need of a new appliance or repairs?  What better time to make those purchases then when you have some excess cash flow coming. Not enough in the return for your ‘need’ then put a percentage of the return away to save for that purchase and contribute weekly towards making it happen.
  4. Reduce that mortgage loan.  Take a look at how much you still owe on your current home and think about applying a portion of your tax return to lesson that debt.  Even an extra payment or two towards the principal is a smart and responsible way to use those funds and ends up saving you interest along the way as well.
  5. Invest in your passion.  Have you been thinking long and hard about branching out on your own, and feel that after all your preparation and planning, you are ready to do so?  Then invest in yourself and your future with your tax refund.  What an amazing gift to be able to give to yourself.  The gift of owning and running your own business.  I earned myself this blog a couple of years ago for pennies but have invested much more with small bonuses like tax refunds. Interested?  Learn more here.
  6. Be patient.  Who says that you have to do anything at all with your tax refund right when you receive it?  Don’t pressure yourself into making a decision, if you aren’t 100% behind that choice.  There is time to evaluate your needs and decide at a later date.
  7. Educate yourself.  Love to learn and want to improve your resume for your future career?  Use that tax return to take a few courses and get back into school.  Get ahead by using that refund!
  8. Tune-up that car.  Putting off needed improvements for your vehicle may end up doing some expensive damage in the long run.  Take it to a garage and have ’em spiff it up.  If your car is paid off, taking care of it needs to be a priority.  No one wants to be back in the land of car loans due to a car breaking down!
  9. Make your health a priority.  Start buying healthier food and eating better and get a few pieces of workout equipment for your home.  Investing in your health seems like an extremely smart idea on how to spend your tax return!
  10. Set up a scholarship fund.  Do you want to give back to your old Alma mater?  Set up a scholarship fund for students within a certain degree or for those about to graduate high-school.  It can be a one time scholarship or a reoccurring, depending on the amount.   GIVE back.  Giving to any community cause or something for the greater good is always a good idea.  Start a change jar specifically for just giving going forward.  Your tax refund is a good time to start better habits.  

TIPmake a list of what you plan to do withour tax return ‘before’ it hits your account.  Once or twice review the list, make sure it’s a list you can financially live with.  Once you finalize your priorities than hang it up and stick to it!  

Whatever your choice, choose wisely.  Tax return time only happens once a year.  Spending wisely with your return this year has potential to keep helping you out throughout the entire year by saving money along the way.  Fight the urge to spend on the wants, before you address the needs.  While it may be hard, it is a huge relief in knowing that you are taking care of yourself and your future in a responsible way.

Tip 2 Check out these 10 questions to ask yourself before spending.  

Tip 3:  STOP watching TV!  Those ads are geared to make you want to spend!  I DVR everything and fast forward through those ads, it’s probably saved me thousands.

What are your tax refund plans?

Thank you bunches for stopping by today to read.  It means the world to us here to share our thoughts with you.  We’re looking forward to having you back again real soon.

Budget Friendly Wedding Shower Favors

Budget Friendly Wedding Shower Favors

Budget friendly wedding shower favors can be harder to come by than you think.  They take time and planning and catching all the right sales at the right time.  Giving thanks to your guests is so absolutely important, like THE most important part of planning a shower if you ask me!  I know guests expect little and many would say ‘nah, not important’ but it’s the little things that count and this is one of them.  Planning ahead is the best way to get it together financially, the more time the better.  However, the favor ideas I’m sharing here can be done without too much time invested so you can get to the real festivities!

affordable wedding favors


Budget Friendly Wedding Shower Favors

  • Mini Wine Bottle Favors   These can be done with wine, champagne and yes, even juice or soda, even water.  However, the wine or champagne screams celebration!  Print up some labels a perfectly placed ribbon and voila! Instant Bling!

wedding favors wine or champagne

  • Confetti Favor  how fun are these? !  Seriously, fill with your wedding colors and ask guests to bring to the wedding to toss at the newly wed couple!  You could even hold on these and hand out in a basket on the big day!!

confetti favors

  • Bundt Cake Salt Scrub  Now this says Glam!  and how great will they look all placed on a table for handing out?!!

diy sugar scrub favor

  • Honey Test Tube Favors   Are you a honey fan?  I’ll take it, especially if it’s grown locally.  These are just so elegant and classy looking, don’t you think?


  • Washi Tape Candy Jar Favors  Candy absolutely adds color, and while they’re delish favors they also add decor splash without having to purchase extra decorations!  I’m a huge fan of decorating with a purpose!

candy jar favors

  • S’More Wedding Favors  I never imagined s’mores could look so elegant until I saw this idea!  I love love love me ‘smore love favors!

s'more favors

Have you started planning on the little details yet? 

Big and small, they all matter.  Oh, I hear you, there’s not enough time in the day to do it all.  Plan as well as you can and enlist the help of friends and family.

I have a little bonus for you too. Once you’ve gotten your craft on and a little bit of confidence making favors, you could.. oh yes, you could even list favors for sale in Etsy and online yard sale or your own facebook page. We’d love to hear all about your budget friendly wedding shower favors and other ideas to save.

Have you or has your bride registered yet? Check out our budget friendly Bridal Registries.

Thank you bunches for stopping by our blog today, it really does mean a lot to me.  If you’re looking for an amazingly supportive and kind group of frugal and budget friendly like minded people, stop by and get to know us in our facebook group.  We’d love to have you there as much as we love having you here.

What’s the best favor you’ve ever received at a wedding shower?  Worst ?

budget friendly wedding favors


7 Ways to Make Money From Your Smartphone

7 Ways to Make Money From Your Smartphone

Make money from your smartphone ? What? Yes indeed you can.  Most People these days casually walk around without a purse or a wallet.  Seriously, how often do see someone without their phones. So why not just earn money from it.  All you need is working Wi-Fi connection and you are set for business! There are so many different ways to do this.  You guessed it, I was thinking hey.. what a great idea for a post! So today I’m sharing this great list of 7 ways that actually work to make easy money from your smartphone.



SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: You can find small businesses or retailers who might need this service, you help them with managing and promoting their business online, this requires a minimum of 3 hours a day but you can also make a reasonable amount of income from it and do it conveniently with your smart phone. Think Facebook posts and interaction or Virtual assistant tasks like things we talk about in this post here.  



MICRO TASKS: This is a good one! Performing micro tasks is easy and takes up lesser time, you can get paid to play online games, search the web, watch videos online , shop online and you would be surprised at how many people actually make reasonable income from this especially shopping online and referring your friends to shop with a referral link, you get points that are also exchanged with gift card and cash, I like that is it quick and can be done in less than 15 minutes now imagine if you cut 3 hours out of the so many hours you spend online browsing through Facebook /Instagram and invest that into making extra cash for yourself. If you would like to try this out Swagbucks is a great place to start.  You can read more about my top pick, Swagbucks right here. 

Done reading about Swagbucks or want to jump right in and try it today? Click here.

earn money on your smartphone


MOBILE APPS: You probably didn’t know this right? It is so great indeed that some of the apps that we use on a daily basis could actually help us make money online as well, like the apps for banking, podcasts, and so many more clarity money is a good one where you sign up for an account on the app and they help you with negotiation and lowering of your bills, they ask for your permission to apply coupons and so many deals you initially were not aware of and eventually you get to keep 66% of your savings. There are so many other apps you can use like Ebates, Job2shop, Paribus and lots more.  I love Ibotta and SavingStar for my every day purchases too.


PAID SURVEYS: You can get paid to take surveys online, there are a lot of businesses, companies and retailers who have put out surveys out there to get the opinion of the public on their product and a lot of these are paid opportunities, in most cases you receive points for every survey completed and this can be exchanged into gift cards and cash depending on the survey you use, if you are looking to get into this Panel PayDay is a great place to start. Here’s a handful of surveys I’ve listed as my favorites right now.


EASY SHIFT: This is an application method that keeps tabs on different product movements and gathers information used by so many companies. You can earn about $2 to $15 per task and you receive Payments through PayPal. Download app and start earning here.


FIELD AGENTS: Brands like Target and Tyson are always looking to hire field agents to check things like availability in stores, display compliance and a few other tasks and all this is managed through an app on your smart phone.


GIGWALK: This is an app where you are paid to verify landmarks, streets, roads, shops and it works well with iPhones and a lot of android smart phones too, it pretty easy all you have to do is move around and take pictures of these places for verification. Find out even more here.


What strategy are you using to make money from your smart phone?  Let me know what has worked for you in the comment section below.


Creative Uses for Free Toothbrushes

Creative Uses for Free Toothbrushes


Do you have an abundance of toothbrushes at your house?  If you have been following this site or our Facebook group for much time at all, you probably know how much I love my free toothbrushes (free anything!) and how easy it is to score them!  If you have taken advantage of that, or plan to in the future, check out all of these awesome uses for toothbrushes.

uses for toothbrush

Creative Uses for Free Toothbrushes

Cleaning tools.  Toothbrushes are one of the best tools for cleaning appliances and fixtures.  I always keep one handy for cleaning around faucets.  There are few other tools that can get into the nooks and crannies like a toothbrush.


Laundry tool.  This is a little along the same lines as cleaning tools, but I always keep a toothbrush in my laundry cabinet as they are great for spot cleaning stains.


Grout cleaner.  Grout is a pain to clean, everyone knows that.  Everyone needs to have their own grout tool and a toothbrush works perfect for that.


Manicure tool.  If you work outside or in your garden, you know how hard it can be to clean your hands afterward.  Keep an extra soft bristled toothbrush on hand for cleaning around and under your nails.  It works great!


Help with your hair dye.  If you do at home hair dyes, a toothbrush can be your best friend!  You can use it for running the dye through the strands of your hair. It’s especially great for covering greys and for root touch ups.


Unique Paintbrush.  Add one of your free toothbrushes into your kid’s art case for a unique, textured paint brush.


Jewelry Cleaner.  You don’t need a fancy brush to clean your jewelry.  Just put your jewelry cleaning solution onto the toothbrush and scrub gently.  It works great!


Hair Tool Care. When I learned about the awesome ways that toothbrushes can be used with my haircare tools, I was thrilled! In all honesty, if I didn’t have plenty of free toothbrushes around, I would pay for one for these. These are my favorites: 1)  Use it to clean your hairbrush.  Use the toothbrush to pull up all of that hair that seems determined to stick in the bristles. 2) Use the toothbrush to clean out the vent in your hairdryer.


Keyboard work.  Toothbrushes are awesome for cleaning your keyboard.  Make sure you use a DRY toothbrush for this one of course, and use it to get all of those little bits of stuff that falls into the cracks around the keys.  

Toys.  Have you ever tried to clean a toy truck or a game that had food stuck in the small grooves, wheels or other smaller parts.  A little bit of warm water and soap should loosen that dried up food goo enough to wipe out or rinse out once you loosen it a bit with a toothbrush.

Cake Decorating.  Yup, I said Cake! Frost as usual then put your toothbrush in warm water and drag across icing for a unique decorative effect.

toothbrush uses

And if you haven’t already done this before.  


Donate to Shelter.  I know, you’ve heard this one before.  However one can never encourage donating enough, can we?  Donate to a Family Shelter, Veterans Shelter, Transitional Shelter.  If you don’t know where to donate or drop off, contact your local police department and they will point you in the right direction.

School.  Some schools keep extra home type items.  They are often the first line of assistance for kids in need.

Gifting Bags.  Similar to shelter gifting.  You put together a bag (like a ziploc) of necessities.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, bandaids, soap, deoderant, change for a bus or train ride, even warm socks or gloves.  These can be brought to local veterans groups, shelters or handed out in your travels if you happen to come across people who are homeless and need a helping hand.

Looking for ideas for that FREE Mouthwash you scored?  or how about those stacks of FREE toothpaste sitting in your stock pile?!

Before we part, I wanted to let you know just how special it is to me that you took a moment to spend with us here on the blog today.  Your stopping by from time to time really does mean so very much and we’d love to see more of you.  Thank you bunches for being part of our sensible (and fun) ways to save and earn.

What do you score for free? Any tips for multipurpose uses?


Best Baby Registries

Best Baby Registries


Are you expecting a baby anytime soon?  I highly suggest registering somewhere so that your baby shower guests, family or friends can shop for you without worrying that they are buying the wrong thing or too much of something you may have had given to you from a friend.  

affordable baby registries

Best Baby Registries On A Budget 

All expectant parents should absolutely sign up for a baby registry.  Not only does it help those who are buying you gifts know what you need and want, but many baby registries offer awesome freebies, discounts and other benefits that help as you transition into having a new baby at home!

i love you to the moon and back wall art

Amazon.  Okay, I’m sure you were expecting this one, but Amazon really does have a great baby registry.  Oftentimes (check for availability) they offer a welcome package with $25+ worth of goodies with it.  Items such as wipes, a bottle, pacifiers, and more.  Another great thing about an Amazon membership is for anyone who happens to live out of the area and is shopping for you.  They can easily have the gift sent right to your door.  There is also the benefit of free 2 day shipping for Prime members.

Amazon baby registry


Target.  Target has one of the best baby registries out there.  You sign up for their registry and then you are rewarded with a welcome bag of goodies and awesome coupons ($50 value).  Then, if you still have items left on your registry after the baby is born, you will get a 15% discount on those items! The sheer number of Target stores is great too for those shoppers who like to go in store. I love Target anyway, so maybe I am biased, but this is my favorite baby registry.

affordable baby registry


Babies R Us.  You really can’t create a “Best Baby Registry” list without mentioning Babies R Us, can you? Babies R Us has been around for a long time and people love the familiarity with it.  Shipping is free on orders of $19 or more and they have great prices.  Plus, there are many physical locations for those that don’t like to shop online.

baby registries


Kohls.  While Kohls doesn’t have everyday baby stuff like diapers, food, etc., they still make the list of best baby registries because they have such cute stuff and you can find some great deals at Kohls especially when you shop sales and use their coupons. One of Kohls’ best baby registry features though is that they have a generous 365 day return policy.  This is great for those gifts that you get that are for older babies, since you likely won’t be opening it right away.

budget friendly baby registries

Did you sign up for a baby registry when you were expecting?  Which ones did you sign up for and what did you love or hate about them? 

budget friendly baby registries

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Spending Money

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Spending Money

The urge to spend always seems to heighten at the start of the new year.  Why is that? Is it the excitement of a fresh start to the year,  full of opportunities and possibilities?  Is it the looming tax return that you are anticipating…already planning on how to spend it before you get it?

 money smart questions before spending

10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Spending Money

The urge to spend always seems to heighten at the start of the new year.  Why is that? Is it the excitement of a fresh start to the year,  full of opportunities and possibilities?  Is it the looming tax return that you are anticipating…already planning on how to spend it before you get it?

Let’s not deny the obvious..buying things invokes a feeling of happiness, even if only temporary.  Did you buy a new purse for the upcoming summer months?  Fly high on that purchase, my dear..that purchase may soon lose its sparkle and that feeling of wanting to buy the next big trend will be knocking at the door.  Don’t worry.  Each and every one of us are guilty of that.  The good news?  There are ways to help one figure out whether a purchase is a need, a want or if there is truly enough cash flow in your account to even be realistically thinking about making a purchase as all.

Anytime the urge to spend money hits, try asking yourself these 10 questions to better understand the need to spend money:


  • What emotion am I feeling right now?  Maybe, just maybe, you are an emotional spender.  Loving life?  Let those dollars fly!  Feeling blue?  Buying a new pair of shoes sounds like an awesome pick me up in your mind.  Boil it down and ask yourself how you are feeling at that moment.  You may be surprised in how your mood influences your spending.

emotional shopping


  • Do I really need this item?  It’s a hard question to ask, but necessary.  Do you really need another pair of boots?  Maybe, maybe not.  Only you can ask, and answer, that question honestly.




  • How many hours did I have to work to pay for this purchase?  I LOVE asking this question to myself.  It really helps put things in perspective.  If you have your eye on a TV, look at the purchase price and divide your hourly wage into that.  You will then have factual information to know that you worked X amount of hours to be able to buy that TV.  Was it worth it?  Try thinking about it this way: If you were offered a brand new TV valued at $1,000 and someone said you can work for the TV for 75 hours of actual ‘work’ would you do that extra on top of your regular job? Well, for me the answer is oh heck NO!  I’ll wait another year or two or have a yard sale to earn the extra cash.


working hard for your money


  • Could I save money by buying this elsewhere?  Refuse to settle for the first price you see.  Shop around, pull out your phone, tablet or laptop and price compare.  Challenge yourself to find the item cheaper elsewhere.  Save that money!


price comare


  • Is the money to cover this in my account?  Seems common sense, but some people don’t honestly know the balance in their account.  If you don’t have the money, you can not buy it.


bank account balance


  • What is the lifespan of the item I want to buy?  Do you really want to buy that $75 bottle of wine, but know that it won’t last as long as you need it to based on the price you have to pay?  Those are things to consider!


life expectancy of television


  • Where else could I use this money?  Do you have monthly required bills such as utilities, rent, mortgage, insurance?  Make certain those bills are paid first before buying any other fun items!

save for house


  • Can I borrow this item from someone else instead of buy it?  Great question to ask when looking at one-use potential items such as tools or other equipment.  Do you really only need to use the staple gun for one project that will take about 10 minutes and then so no future needs or use for it past that?  Message some friends and family and see if anyone has one that you can borrow for the day instead of purchasing something that will be one and done. Heck we teach our kids to share, we can set a great example here!




  • What will my significant other say?  Do you share a joint account with someone else?  Make certain that the lines of communication are open in regards to purchases, since the money in the account is linked in both of your names!


arguing about money



  • Shall I get the steak, or the lobster?  Let’s face it…sometimes in life, there is a time to splurge and have fun with the money you have earned.  When that time comes, choose wisely and enjoy spending the money in a responsible and fun way of your choice.


champagne taste on beer budget


Have you tried my wait and see method?  When I want something I stalk pricing online, ask around if my friends of Facebook Group think it’s the ‘best deal’ ?  Once I research, determine a fair price to spend then I wait until the price comes up.  By then I’ve usually had time to see if I really even still want or need that item.  I recently did this with a camera purchase.  I waited almost 6 months to buy.  Not just for the best price but also to be sure spending about $500 was really what I was prepared to do with my hard earned money.  Often I want or need a pair of shoes or a new purse, but when I wait it out I determine I could get by with less and that money goes towards something more important like reducing debt or increasing savings.

No matter what questions you need to ask yourself to better understand why you want, or need, to spend money, pay attention to your spending trends to see if you can get a better understanding of your money habits.  By asking a few of these harder questions, it can help in thinking and processing if spending money is truly a need, a want or a habit.

Before you go…………………   I wanted to take just a quick moment more of your time to let you know how much it means to me that you stopped by today and visited our blog.  Your being here really does make a difference.  I love learning new sensible, smart (and fun) ways to save and earn.  Even more, I enjoy sharing these things with you.  Thank you bunches for being here!!



Creative Uses for Free Nail Polish

Creative Uses for Free Nail Polish

So, be honest.  How many bottles of nail polish have you collected since you began couponing?  Probably more than you need, am I right?  I know many couponers can end up with hundreds and hundreds of bottles of polish and let’s face it, no one needs hundreds of bottles of nail polish (unless you are nail tech of course).

Creative Uses for Free Nail Polish


So what can you do with all of this extra nail polish?  Well, you can give them away as gifts like: 

  • Shower Favors (Wedding, Baby)
  • Wedding Welcome Baskets
  • Thank You Gifts for adults of girls birthday party favors.
  • Themed gift jars with nail polish and nail files.

Or, you can donate them:

  • Women’s shelters for  women who probably didn’t think to pack up their pretty things when they got out of their situation.
  • Giving Bags 
  • Senior Centers

Other ideas could include

  • Spa themed girls night!  Mani’s , Pedi’s, Champagne and lots of catching up and laughs.  Each guest keeps the color they chose.

You could sell them:

  • Ebay
  • Yard Sale
  • Online Yard Sales

More Creative Ideas You Say ?

If you have already given a bunch away and you still have a shelf full left over, here are some other creative uses for free nail polish that you may not have tried yet: 

uses for nail polish

Easter Egg paint.  Oh my goodness, you can create some awesome marbled paint designs on Easter Eggs by using nail polish. I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently.  If you want to try it out, be sure to do a Google or Pinterest search to find out how this is done.  It looks pretty easy!

Pantyhose repair.  I learned this one from my grandmother when I was a child.  Clear nail polish makes it easy to stop a run in your pantyhose.  Just put the clear polish over and around the hole in your pantyhose to keep it from growing.

Jewelry redesign.  If you have some old costume jewelry that you no longer wear, consider coloring over the fake gemstone parts with nail polish to give them a whole new look.  Be sure to give it a gloss coat to make it shine.  You can also use it to color in your old costume jewelry chain necklaces and give it a brand new look.

Shoe and vinyl repair.  Nail polish makes a great quick fix for shoe blemishes or small rips in vinyl. Just be sure to use a nail polish of the same color so it’s not noticeable.

Art supplies.  Well, it is paint and it already comes with its own brush.  Add nail polish to your art supply case and use it next time you want to paint crafts.  I have used it before to paint rocks for the garden.

Kindness rocks.  Paint your ‘kindness’ message of encouragement onto your favorite rock and leave it along a pathway or near a water fountain for someone to find along their travels.  Anonymous Love!  

Don’t forget to Check Out our Posts on Uses for Toothpaste and Toothbrushes!  Or Try Out Some New Uses for Mouthwash!  These bring repurposing to a new level!

What is the most unique or just plain cool thing you have done with your extra nail polish?  I love hearing fun, creative uses for it!



How to Become a Virtual Assistant

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant work is the Ultimate!  Ultimate work from home job, side hustle, full time career, stepping stone or even a way to buy your first home, FOR.REAL.!!   How do I know?  I work with a LOT of Virtual Assistants and have gotten to know the in’s and out’s of some (only some) of what they do.  I mean, do you seriously think I’m THAT smart?! See, I told you Virtual Assistants are the Ultimate (Best behind the scenes secret of many many bloggers, offices, internet busineses, etc… )

Working from home can sometimes seem a bit mythical, especially if you’ve primarily heard of work-from-home jobs that are scams. The good news is that a new sort of “industry” is taking the world by storm! Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to work from home and put your own skills to use. If you’ve never heard of a virtual assistant before, keep reading to find out why it’s all the rave!

become a virtual assistant

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who helps a person or business with tasks that they need done. These could be secretarial, administrative, or even highly-skilled marketing duties. There is a space for just about everyone in the virtual assistant industry and if you have skills that would benefit someone else, you’re looking into the right career. Whether you’re assisting businesses, bloggers, or just someone you know, becoming a virtual assistant is a great option for those looking to work from home.

Where can I find virtual assistant jobs?

There are lots of places to find virtual assistant opportunities, but it really depends on what skills you’re trying to utilize. For instance, you can find blogger clients online in various “VA” (virtual assistant) groups. Bloggers typically look for virtual assistants who can help them maintain an editorial schedule, help them with social media management, or help them edit and publish content. Local businesses (or businesses from afar) may be looking for someone to help them grow their online presence, do food/menu photography, or just help them with secretarial duties from home. You can sometimes find virtual assistant jobs on places like Craigslist, but be careful on any sites that don’t offer protection. Upwork is a website that does offer protections for freelancers and virtual assistants, so looking into a platform like that for finding clients is probably your best bet.

What kinds of skills do I need to become a virtual assistant?

A lot of things you can do as a virtual assistant don’t necessarily need formal training. Here are some of the skills that would be helpful for an aspiring virtual assistant:

– Screening and replying to emails
Creating website content
Social media management
– Managing an editorial calendar
– Recipe Creation
– Proofreading
– Graphic design (including creating printables or even website design)
– Podcast editing & production
– Video editing
– Video creation (like Tasty-style recipes)

There are many more skills that lend itself to virtual assisting, but these are some of the most commonly saught after virtual assistant skills.

Who can be a Virtual Assistant?

– Stay at Home Moms and Dads
– Grandparents
– College students
– Part time Side Hustle seekers
– High School and some even younger
– Travelers looking to work from the road
– Military parents who are relocating frequently
– Photographers
– Ghost Writers
– ANYONE who has a computer, wifi access and a commitment to ‘getting it done’.

We hope this guide has been helpful in teaching you about what a virtual assistant is and how you can get your foot in the door to become one! Now that you know more about becoming a virtual assistant, what kinds of questions do you have about virtual assisting? Sound off in the comments below!

Best Wedding Registries That Will Save Guests Money

Best Wedding Registries That Will Save Guests Money

Spring is fast approaching and next comes Summer.  You know what that means, don’t you?  That’s right.  Wedding season will soon be upon us!  Are you getting married this year?  Do you know someone else who is?

best wedding registry


Best Wedding Registries That Won’t Break The Bank 

If you are getting married soon, make sure you sign up for a wedding registry!  It’s a ton of fun to do, plus it helps others shop for a gift for you so they know what you need.  If you don’t even know where to start, the following are some of the best wedding registries that are out there for future brides and grooms to sign up for and take advantage of.


Amazon.  I know you were expecting this one, but c’mon, Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world and it is the largest online retailer by far.  Amazon has a huge selection of items to choose from, free 2 day shipping for Prime members, a generous return policy and, a 20% discount for the happy couple after the big day.


Target.  Target is so much fun to shop at.  I love the colors, the designs, the brands and just about everything else.  It is one of my favorite places to shop for housewares because of all of these reasons and we all know that newlyweds are always being gifted with housewares, so it’s a perfect place to sign up.  Another Target benefit is the availability of brick and mortar stores for those that like to shop in person.  Plus, the lucky couple will get a 15% discount on everything left over on the registry after your big day.


Bed, Bath and Beyond. The sheer number of household items you can get at Bed, Bath and Beyond make this a place where you absolutely must register.  This registry also offers a completion discount for those items not purchased prior to your wedding.


Kohl’s.  Kohl’s is unique in that you can earn rewards!  You will earn 10% rewards on every gift that is bought on your registry.  Plus, they also offer a 15% completion discount on items not bought off of your registry by your wedding day.  You will also earn free gift just for signing up for your registry.  Kohl’s also has the most generous return policy of any other registries on the list.

If you are already married, where did you register for your wedding?  Where did you wish you had?  

Creative Uses for Free Toothpaste

Creative Uses for Free Toothpaste


Who else has a massive stockpile of toothpaste that you have gotten for free from all of your awesome couponing?  In case you aren’t really into couponing, or you are just getting started, toothpaste is one of the easiest things to get for free when using coupons and stacking deals.  My first big couponing score included 5 tubes of free toothpaste and it was then that I was hooked!   

uses for toothpaste

Creative Uses for Free Toothpaste


Anyway (I feel like I got a little off track there), if you too have a good supply of toothpaste, you may be surprised to learn that there are lots of great things that you can use your toothpaste for beyond just brushing your teeth!  Let’s learn all about those creative uses for free toothpaste now and take advantage of our stockpile!


Here are some creative uses for free toothpaste that you probably hadn’t thought of yet.


Polish your silver or chrome.  If you have any white toothpaste (not the gel or mixed kind), this works well for polishing your silver.  Just use a small amount of the paste and use a polishing brush to work it into the item.  Then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel.

Clean your shower door.  Use toothpaste and a damp cloth and rub into a circular motion on your shower door.  This breaks up the hard water stains and “fogging” effect that it creates.

Headlights.  Have you noticed how you car headlights can get foggy?  The mild abrasive of toothpaste will do wonders in breaking this down and getting them shined up like new.  Just wipe down the light so you have no dirt or debris, then put a dab toothpaste onto the headlight, rubbing it evenly throughout the light.  Once you have done the entire light, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Sink cleanup.  Take your toothpaste and one of your free toothbrushes and get to work cleaning all of the nooks and crannies around your sinks and faucets.  They will shine up pretty well once cleaned like this.

Stain remover.  Use regular toothpaste just as you would a laundry stain remover and place a small bit of the paste onto the stain, scrub gently and then wash.

Pimple care.  Many, many people put a dab of toothpaste on the spot where they feel a pimple coming up.  Wear your toothpaste spot fixer overnight and you may wake up blemish free.  I have never tried this one, but would love to hear stories from those of you who have.

Car Headlights.  Yup, that grime that builds up, and the bug debris YUK.  Scrub on, Scrub off with that toothpaste and headlights will be bright as out of the factory!

Car scratches.  (test first on small area of your car as mfg paints have changed over the years).  Place a ‘small’ amount of toothpaste in a rag and ‘gently’ rub in circular motion.  Rinse off with water and scratch will be buffed out.  Key is a small amount and gently.

Sneaker Upgrade.  Got a pair of sneakers with a lot of life left but the white rubber is grey and seen better days.  Rub some toothpaste on in small curcular motion and good as new.. pearly whites for your soul(s).


Let’s not forget the fabulous toothpaste boxes!  


Pencil Holder.  Cut the top off or fold it under.  You can paint, cover in decorative paper or even cover in washi tape and use as a pen and  pencil holder!  or you guessed it, a toothbrush holder!

Mini Planter.  Lay on side, cut long side off, tape ends up snug.  Scoop a bit of peat moss in and use as a seed starter!

Stash Your Cash.  Great hiding place!!

You could use as a small box to wrap a gift in, some candies for a secret santa day at work maybe.  We did that one year. A gift a day, each gift had to equal a dollar or less, the secret Santa remained anonymous the entire time unless caught in the gifting.  Secret Santa is great for paying it forward year round and we’ve got loads of savings ideas for you here and in our facebook community to even make these freebie gifts!

Looking for some tips on how to use that FREE Mouthwash you scored?!  We’ve got some tips for that too!!

BONUS!    Did you know you could get virtually free toothpaste in the Amazon sample boxes?! you get 100% full credit back on your sample box purchase towards your next purchase!  Check this one out here.

FREE Crest 3D White Sample Kit