Ways to Stash Your Cash that are Genius!

Ways to Stash Your Cash that are Genius!

Ways to Stash Your Cash

Do you prefer to keep your savings in cash?  I know to some financial institutions, that is a no-no, but for many people, they feel much more confident knowing that they have plenty of cash on hand in case of emergency.  We like to keep cash on hand at home in small amounts.  I reached out to a few creative friends and asked where they keep their stash in a safe hide away.  

stash your cash

If you are looking for some creative ways to stash your cash at home, check out this awesome list we put together for you. Some of them are simple and expected, while others are quite unique and will keep even you from wanting to touch that money unless absolutely necessary.

Safe.  Okay, not totally creative or unique, but it’s always good to keep your money locked up in a safe right?  That is especially true if your safe cannot easily be carried out.  Only space for a small safe, try bolting it to a cement wall in your basement or be sure it’s secured tightly to studs.  if it can’t be lifted and run with you stand a higher chance of a quick get away for the intended theif.  (click pic below for details

digital safe

Freezer.  Place your cash in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer underneath some of your frozen meat or other frozen foods.  Even better, place that plastic bag inside a bag of veggies.  Curious if burglars eat veggies? 

(tip: great place to hide leftover Halloween candy from the kids too! ) 

Birds Eye Steamfresh Superfood Blends, Barley & Kale, 10 Ounce (Frozen)

In a bottle in your toilet tank.  Put your cash into an old water bottle or other waterproof container and place it inside the back of the toilet tank.  


In an envelope taped to the bottom of a cat litter box.  My initial reaction to hearing this ideas was….What kind of burglar is going to go looking at your cat box? A cat burglar?  In all honesty, this is genius!! Even cat owners don’t like litter box chores!  


Tampon boxes.  Tell me if you have heard this one before.  There are people who store their extra cash in full tampon boxes in their bathroom.  I love it!  Chances are a burglar isn’t going to think about digging through feminine hygiene products in an effort to find cash.  Try placing in an envelope and placing in bottom of box.  

Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons, Regular Absorbency, Unscented, 50 Count


Cleaning supplies.  Place your money in a sealed ziploc type bag and then take an old, empty bottle of cleaning solution (not a clear bottle though) and place your money into it, then fill it with water.  Place this bottle at the back of your cleaning supply cabinet.  This is great for wipes containers too.  

Clorox Control Bleach Packs, Regular, 12 Count


Old pants pockets.  Do you have a pair of pants that you no longer wear? Ever put on an old winter coat only to find money? Same idea.  Place money into the pockets of these pants and fold them up and place them in the bottom of your drawer so that they look like any other pair of pants in there.  It is unlikely that a burglar will have time to go through all of the pockets of your clothes.  


Do you like to keep cash on hand?  How do you stash your cash?  

Looking for ways to make more money so you have more to stash?  Check out any of these posts here!  

More ways to Save too here.  


hide your money


Before you click away into your life’s responsibilities and crazies, I wanted to let you know how very much it means to me to have you here, stopping by, checking out what fun and creative ways we come up to save, earn and stash together!  I love having you here and can’t wait to have you stop by again soon.  Until we meet again………………………….



How to Feel Fancy On a Budget

How to Feel Fancy On a Budget


Fancy on a Budget sound too good to be true?  The misconception about budgets is alarming.  Many view budgets as limits on ways that they can spend their money….but, please, humor me and try thinking of budgets a different way.  To me, budgets are a way to pay for all the necessities in life and still have money left over the fun things, the “fancies”, if you will.  Budgeting is planning what you will do with your money. Simple. Smart. Sensible. Planning.

 feel fancy on a budget

So, how does one feel fancy on a budget?

  • Treat yourself to an at-home spa day.  Yes, it’s a thing.  and It. Is. Amazing.  Being able to spa at home is awesome.  No waiting lines, no awkward conversations, no stranger touching my feet…I get to pamper myself, in the comfort of my own home, for little to nothing.  How does one have an at-home spa day?  Give yourself a pedicure.  (Instant $30 savings every month!)  Soak in a bubble bath, grab a bottle of wine and a good book, and take your time relaxing.  No time limits at an at-home spa day!  You can relax all day long if you want!

home spa pedicure

  • Buy yourself fresh flowers.  I never realized the power of fresh flowers growing up, until one dreary day, I stumbled upon a bouquet of flowers discounted down to $5.  I bought them, took them home and they lived for another week, lighting up the room with their colors and fragrance.  Instant game changer for me.  Flowers are a must for any occasion.  Not only are they fancy, they are elegant and beautiful and add such a touch of class.  Stop by the local market and buy the discount bouquet.  They have so much life left in them to share with you!

fabulous for less

  • Buy Organic Fruit.  I know what you are thinking…what does organic fruit have to do with feeling fancy?  EVERYTHING.  I love berries..They are full of flavor and are so bright and beautiful.  Organic can be super expensive, I get that.  However, tip to stay on budget?  Find out the days that your local market marks down their fruits.  You can get them super cheap and discounted and eat organic fruit like a king or a queen for several days!

organic fruits

  • Utilize your library.  Some of the fanciest, most educated and classy people I know and admire are book lovers.  But..let’s face it, books are expensive and not all that practical to buy.  Instead of dropping $50 plus on books, head on over to the public library and check out what they have.  Looking to enhance your table manners?  There’s a book for that.  Want to learn about the different teas of the world?  Study it up.  Being fancy doesn’t always mean materialistic.  It can also mean being smart and well-educated about things in the world as well.

  • Buy cloth napkins to use at home.  Nothing screams fancy like cloth napkins that you can reuse at home.  They are practical, cost saving and nice looking.  Setting at the dinner table and unfolding your cloth napkin into your lap before eating?  100% fancy.

  • Order appetizers at high-end restaurants.  How often have you wanted to eat at a restaurant but have felt it is out of your price point?  Try this trick instead.  Don’t NOT visit a restaurant just because you feel that you can’t afford it…look and find ways that you can visit it instead.  Pull up their menu online before going and study it.  Do they have appetizers that you can try instead of paying full price for a meal?  Better yet, do they have some sort of happy hour where you can go and save even more money?  There is nothing wrong with going to a restaurant and having an appetizer only.  It’s a win/win for you buy getting to eat there, enjoying some delicious food and saving money as well!

eating gourmet on a budget


Staying within budget and feeling fancy at the same time is doable on so many levels.  Being fancy can mean so many different things.  Understand what fancy means to you, and then decide on how you can work it into your budget.  If your love of life and all things fancy involves pets, then think of how you can fit more “pet time” into your budget.  Look at volunteering your time at a shelter for more interaction (free!) or look into fostering animals in your home, where the shelter provides and pays for the food and equipment needed. (also free!)

When it comes to feeling fancy on a budget the sky is truly the limit.  Set your sights high and reach for that fancy pie in the sky!

Before y’all go.. I just want you to know how very happy it makes me to see you stop by, take a moment out of your busy lives to hang with Barefoot Budgeting even for just a moment.  I truly appreciate YOU !!


feel fancy on a budget


8 Ways to Stock your Gift Closet on a Budget

8 Ways to Stock your Gift Closet on a Budget

 We all have one…the gift closet.  That one space, or closet,  in your house that is stocked and ready to go with gifts and presents for any occasion, at any random moment needed.  Get invited to a last-minute house-warming party?  Head to the gift closet.  Have a birthday party that you failed to remember?  Yep, you guessed it..start looking through your stockpile of gifts that you’ve accumulated over the years.  Every once in a while, you may notice that the gift closet starts to get a little low due to you taking out gifts, without thinking about replenishing.  Break that habit now!  Don’t deplete your gifts without understanding that you have to find new ways to replenish that stockpile!  Did you know that it is possible to keep your gift closet stocked for super cheap, throughout the entire year?  Gift giving on a budget is totally possible. Check out these 10 tips to stock your gift closet on a budget.

 gift closet

8 Ways to Stock your Gift Closet on a Budget


  1.  Buy after the holidays.  Once the holidays are over, hit those sale aisles!  Look for items that may not be holiday related like candles, soaps, coffee mug sets..grabbing those items for 75% off or more and giving them as gifts at a later time is a fantastic way to ensure that your gift closet is stocked and ready at any given moment.
  2. Add gifts you don’t want.  Sounds harsh, but think of it as just finding a new home for the gifts that serve no purpose for you in your house.  Just because you don’t have a need or a want for a gift, doesn’t mean that it won’t be the perfect gift for someone else.  Put it in the gift closet and pass it on when the time is right.
  3. Use Reward Points.  Does your credit or store rewards card offer rewards points, but only to certain stores?  If you don’t see an item you need or want, and those rewards points are on the verge of expiring, use them by buying up some fun gifts…for free!  Spend those points, you earned them!
  4. Frequent the thrift stores.  Who says all gifts have to be brand new?  If you see an awesome deal on something unique at the thrift store, chances are it’s at a huge discount rather than paying new. I’ve spotted brand new in thrift stores too.  Keep your eye out.
  5. Sign up for giveaways through various online sites.  What’s the harm?  Who knows what you might win!  Depending on the gift, and how often you win, you may be able to get a nice little stockpile of some pretty cool items to add to your gift closet.  Did you know many bloggers offer give aways throughout the year and the chances are higher of you winning than in something like Publishers Clearing House or other National contests.  Keep an eye on my pinterest boards for these, I save them there frequently.
  6. Buy all year-long.  Don’t limit yourself to stocking up your gift closet to only one time per year.  To be efficient in saving money, one must be on the look-out for a great deal throughout each and every shopping trip.  Making purchases throughout the year is what allows for the gift-closet to stay full of highly discounted and fun items.
  7. Think small.  Not all gifts have to be huge in size, right?  What about stocking stuffers and fun little “just because” gifts throughout the year?  Keep those fun samples of items that you get in the mail or along the way at certain stores.  A perfume sample?  Sample bottle of lotion?  Those are all great items to keep for later gifts as well!
  8. Consider buying multi-packaged items and breaking them into multiple presents.  You get more bang for your buck, and no one knows the difference.  If there is a coffee mug set on clearance, then split that gift up to be two separate gifts.  Wrap them in separate boxes, and bam!  You just got two gifts, for the price of one – plus, you made that purchase on clearance, saving you even more money!

If you notice that your gift closet is getting low, don’t stress.  Take inventory on the typical items that you have, but are starting to run low on, and begin searching for those items.  It may take time, but it is easy to get it built back up with little effort.  Focus your energy on having fun looking for items to put in the closet, while saving a bunch of money doing it.  Stock that gift closet to save time, and money, for you!

Earnings Tip:  Many of these items you can find on clearance and thrift stores are hot seasonal sellers on ebay too!

Do you have a gift closet? Drawer?

Thanks bunches for dropping by today.  I love having you here. i enjoy sharing ideas, hearing yours and learning more about smart, simple, sensible ways to save and earn.

A Romantic Valentine’s Day When You Are Flat Broke

A Romantic Valentine’s Day When You Are Flat Broke

How to Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day When You Are Flat Broke

The cool part about going thrifty for Valentine’s Day is that you’ll get to celebrate by doing something unique, memorable and outside-the-box. Skip the flowers and candy and opt for true romance and intimacy instead. Some of my favorite memories aren’t about the gifts at all.  They’re about the experience!

valentine's day on a budget

We can fantasize about diamonds and roses every day of the week but you and I both know that’s not realistic and well, just crazy!  Also, think about it, it’s kind of boring.  There are many times in life when we need to be cost conscious. Don’t let that deter you from celebrating this special day. I love finding ways to capture the holiday and spend time together while saving money; being smart doesn’t make you cheap.

Valentine’s Day is the time you get to tell them how much you care. It never was meant to be extravagant nor does it require gifts with a hefty price tag. I think you’ll be surprised to find that with a little creative effort, you can have a memorable Valentine’s Day whether you have money to spend or not. The gesture and sentiment will last a lot longer than those flowers or diamonds, I promise!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas to help you have a romantic Valentine’s Day whether you’re flat broke or simply trying to save a few bucks:

Classic Candlelight Dinner: Don’t underestimate how romantic this can be. It doesn’t matter what the meal is but knowing someone cares enough to prepare the table and prepare a meal goes straight to the heart, especially if you’re not the one who usually does the cooking. Trust me, they know how much work goes into throwing it all together and will appreciate it. Candlelight sets the mood for a romantic evening ahead.  No Budget or time for a big dinner, a candle lit breakfast or desert can be just as romantic when shared with someone you care deeply about.  

romantic candle light

Picnic Fun:  Picnics are cute, thoughtful and fun and almost always are a big hit. Take it to the park if the weather permits or rearrange the livingroom for a picnic surprise. Serve up picnic foods, a bottle of wine or sparkling water and focus on connecting through relaxation and good conversation. 

romance on a budget

Play Hooky: What better gift than to let your spouse off the hook and skip work for the day. Take the day together to do something you normally miss out on because you’re at work, binge watch your favorite show or just stay comfy cozy in bed all day. This will be the most fun; and may end up being an annual tradition. I dare you to call in!

romantic play

Have Fun on Purpose: Oftentimes we get so busy doing life that we forget to take the time to unwind and simply have fun. Try something new or spend time doing something you enjoy and never get enough time for; whatever it is, do it together. Video games, hiking and city tours are great choices even if it’s not really your type of thing.

romantic date with dog

Dance the Night Away: Turn your living room into a dance floor. Print freebie Valentine décor online (it’s okay, you can be cheesy on Valentine’s Day), adjust the lighting and turn on some mood music. Dancing can be energizing, stress relieving, both sensual and intimate. Even if you’re not great at it, it’s a wonderful opportunity to practice with your spouse in the comfort of your own home. Don’t knock it till you try it! 


Find the Free Stuff: Most major cities have plenty of free stuff to do within your community all year long; take advantage of it. Print Valentine’s cards online for free, write a heartfelt love letter or poem, pick some wildflowers or renew your vows at a Valentine’s Day group event (common on this day of the year). Spend a little extra time learning about your city and I’ll promise you’ll find a hidden gem or two in there.

free night life

Still need some great FREE ideas?  Check out our post here.  30 Ways to not spend a dime are listed for you there!

Our favorite holidays are highly commercialized; don’t be misled into believing you need to buy more things just to show someone you care. Your time and attention will always be the best gift of all!


Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

Yes, it’s that time of year.  Funny how we have babies year ’round but it’s about this time of the year when it seems we’re all about planning for all those fun events and occasions.  The best way to save is to have a plan.  There’s another way too!  Have some tricks up your sleeve, some good creative ideas to try out.  I love crafting and well, showers are just so much fun to craft n create for.  You just can’t help but see all the great ideas and getting the urge to get your craft on.  i was looking through some ideas and well, these are sooooooooo adorable yet super budget friendly!!  We know showers can get out of hand with costs quickly, so planning, some elbow grease (aka diy ideas) can go a long way to stretching the budget.


baby shower favors on a budget


Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

  • Pedicure In A Jar .  So, these… well these would be great for a wedding shower, girls party favor and yes, even holiday gifts!  Keep your eye out for sales at drugstores, etc..  I’ve got to tell you, I’ve gotten many of these items for FREE.


pedicure in a jar favors



  • Cotton Candy Cones .  How sweet and colorful do these look!  Not a sweets fan, use those bath scrunchies in pastel colors for the cotton candy filler!  These are another multi purpose gift idea.  Would be great for local fairs too!!


cotton candy shower favors


  • Teacup Succulents .  Going for an elegant, classy, garden party theme?  These are your pick!  You can pick up teacups pretty much anywhere like dollar stores as well as thrift stores and yard sales for pennies.  No need to go matchy matchy either.  Want to really save?  Plan ahead and start splitting some of your own plants to multiply for the occasion.   I am in LOVE with these!


tea cup shower favors


  • Duck Mason Jars .  Who doesn’t love ducks at a baby shower?!  Pretty much no one, they scream baby shower.  Get your craft on and in just a short time elevate those rubber duck wonders into favors fit for royalty!


ducklings baby shower favor



sugar scrub shower favor



pop favors crush



bottle shower favors



lip balm shower favors



pink princess party favor



Hershey's shower favor

Makes you kinda sorta want to have a baby, ha?  O.K., so maybe maybe not.  If you loooooooooooove making party favors but it’ just out of your age group right now.  Like me, most of my friends are having grandkids these days.  Many of the girls i work with are just too young to be thinking baby just yet.  If you’re one of those but still have the urge to get your craft on… you can totally make and sell these and others as a service on Etsy, online yard sale (aka buy/ sell ) pages or even start your own facebook page to sell your crafts.  Shower gifts are a hot item, especially this time of the year.  You’d be saving someone a TON of time and a good deal of money if your frugal and watch your budget, stock up on supplies during off season sales.  I can see this absolutely being a great side hustle for many!

Don’t forget to get registered for your baby ‘wish list’.  Check out these great registries with benefits here.

I saw this on Amazon this morning and it was listed as Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but still pretty affordable considering all the ways it can help you stay organized.

So, what are some favorite Shower favors you’ve gotten or made in the past?

affordable baby shower favors