About Barefoot Budgeting

About Barefoot Budgeting

Barefoot Budgeting….  So happy you are here, we’re going to get ‘this’ barefoot budgeting thing done together!

Barefoot Budgeting is a way of life, a community. This is a way to make saving less overwhelming, more fun, and work it the way it works for ‘you’.  You won’t find any one way to save is better than another, one size does ‘not’ fit all.

WHAT will we help you with? 

  • How to Spend less on groceries, health and beauty, home goods, clothing, pet foods, services, heating, gas, pretty much if you spend money on it, we’ll talk about how to spend less.
  • How to make more money in simple, do-able ways, opening up your ways of thinking about the value of your talents, knowledge and helping others in the process.
  • Ways to SAVE, ways to put that extra money away, challenges and tips on how to save for holidays, events, vacations, retirement.
  • Budgeting, yes, we’ll talk about THAT word too!
  • MORE… We’ll talk about how to get your family on board, how to get ‘yourself’ on board, DIY’s that can help you save, and more..

HOW we’re going to do this you ask?  

  • Providing you with the Training, Tools and Support to make this happen in a way that works for your unique situation. Many of our posts include videos and / or step by step tutorials, people learn differently so we try to find what works for most.
  • Keeping you updated with new information, tools, resources (lots and lots of resources)
  • Coming Soon………….   Webinars!! 

Giving and Gifting – non profit organizations, schools, community groups, shelters, food pantries.  You will be able to contribute and help so many others with the ways you learn here.  We hope you will take what you learn, pay it forward.


About Barefoot Budgeting the Facebook Group:

One of the most incredibly supportive and helpful resource you will find is to join our Facebook Group Barefoot Budgeting.  It is a closed group intentionally.  This means only group members see our posts, our questions, shares.    If you’re ready to get started click here for our Group tips n tricks.  Not a day goes by where  we don’t hear how this has been the most supportive group found yet, people interact at all hours of the day and night, super helpful and drama/ judgment free (yes, first hint of drama gets deleted pronto!).  In only the first few months of the group people have saved thousands, looking forward to a lifetime of thousands in savings.  I hope you’ll join us click Barefoot Budgeting.

So, kick your shoes off, get comfy and come browse around this website, check out our Facebook Group and ask ask ask questions then come back and ask some more.  We learn from one another.  We grow stronger as a group. We value each and every person, we value YOU.  No person is more valuable than the one who asks and allow others to learn from their journey.

Now a little about ‘Me’.   I won’t often talk about ‘me’ here, mostly because this page is really about ‘you’ and ‘us’.   

Hi there, I’m Kim.  I’m a Mom, Wife, Grandmother.  I was 17 when I graduated high school AND had my daughter AND got married.  No proms or graduation parties for this girl, it was straight into homemaking and diapers.  A year later (your math is right, at 18 yrs old) I’m a single teenage mom and well………………….   yeah, that!  I was on government assistance for food, rent, fuel for many years.  I took a free ‘secretary’ courses to learn a skill and landed a bunch of great fun and rewarding customer service jobs (low paying too).  I struggled a LOT!  No Internet resources in those days either.  I struggled with learning to be a mom, how to cook, and yes, how to budget. How did I do it? With a lot of great emotional support and help from my family and friends. I share on the blog a lot of resources, tools, how to’s to help.  However, the real help is when you ask questions, reach out and let me know what YOU need.  When I share with you, I share from the heart and I really do care, these aren’t just words, I promise.  I’ve got you on this!  I really do! 

I truly am happy you are here and we can get better and grow together!  



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