6 Ways to Make Money With Your Activity Tracker

Do you have an activity tracker?  Watching those steps increase with each movement is a great feeling!  Do you know what else is a great feeling?  Knowing that each step is bringing you more money!!  That’s right.  You can earn money with your activity tracker!

6 ways to make money with your activity tracker

Whether you have a FitBit, a Vivofit or another activity tracker, you can use them to make money in several different ways!

Check out these 6 ways to make money with your activity tracker:

  1. Earn Walgreens Balance Rewards Points.  Are you a Walgreens Balance Rewards Member?  If so, here’s how you can earn rewards points with your activity tracker.     (plus many other rewards, check out our Walgreens post here)
    • Sign into your account and click on Account Home
    • Find the “Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices” button and click “Earn Points”
    • Next, connect your activity tracker and earn points as you move!
  2. Have you seen Higi stations around your grocery store or pharmacy?  My Rite Aid has one.  Higi stations are health stations that help you monitor your Blood Pressure, weight and more!  Higi will award you with 1 point for every 100 steps you take.  These points can be redeemed for discounts and/or freebies on health supplements and activewear and gear.  You can earn bonuses by entering drawings or doing challenges with other users.  (learn more about Rite Aid shopping here)
  3. Earn Achievement points.  Visit AchieveMint.com and register for a new account.  Connect your account to your fitness tracker and earn points for your activities.  Once you earn 50,000, you can change it in for a $50 gift card.
  4. Join DietBet.  I see IG profiles constantly talking about DietBet.  Have you heard of it yet?  You can sign up for DietBet and join groups of people who are essentially in a betting pool.  For example, if there are 10 players in your pool and you all bet $10.  How much you win is determined by how many people have reached the 4% weight loss goal at the end of 4 weeks.  As long as you lose 4% by the end of a four week time period the worst that can happen is you get your money back, if you are the only one that has reached the goal, you get $100.
  5. Connect on Shop Your Way.  The Sears/Kmart Rewards program, Shop Your Way Rewards will reward you with a $5 credit for every 14 miles walked!  Learn all about SYWR here!
  6. Sign up for Pact. Pact is very similar to Dietbet in that it is like a betting pool.  Pact claims that users are rewarded with up to $5 per week.
BONUS:  Earn Playing Pokémon GO!!!   Seriously, all that fun is adding up to mega steps on your activity tracker!  Be sure you have your activity tracker on at all times!  You may want to buy one for everyone in the family and sign them up for the above 6 ways to earn with you.
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  1. Lisa

    I already signed up for walgreens. I did not know that Kmart does that too. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

      I think we’ll see more and more stores hop on this trend! It’s crazy NOT to sign up and take advantage of the FREE money and rewards, let alone the health benefits xo Thank you so much for checking this out, look forward to sharing more together.